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Boston College 
Alumni News 













Your boy may not be able to have four complete years at 
Boston College because of war conditions. 

Why not give him the advantage of a basic Jesuit training 

Founded in 1939. Directed by the Jesuit Fathers. 400 acre 
campus in the heart of the Berkshire Hills. Four years college 
preparatory course. Accelerated course for seniors. Lower 
school: seventh and eighth grades. Languages, mathematics, 
sciences. Physical fitness training. Football, basketball, hockey, 
baseball, tennis, skiing, squash. 18 hole golf course. Resident 
nurse. Catalogue on request. 

Rev. Maurice V. Dullea, S.J., 
Cranwell Preparatory School, 

410 Lee Road, 
Lenox, Massachusetts. 








S. ' 


The finest milk and cream in town from 
a modern up-to-the-minute plant. 

Dependable home delivery service cov- 
ering every street in Metropolitan Bos- 

Usually we ask you to call Tom Herlihy, '26, 
but he's in the Service now... So, for com- 
plete information, 'phone SOMerset 8180. 










Boston Office 

581 Boylston Street 

KENmore 0185 

North Shore Office 

Manchester, Mass. Telephone 300 





THE BOSTON COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS is published by the Boston College Alumni Association, Chestnut Hill, Massa- 
chusetts, from September to June. Subscription, $1.00 a year, included in Alumni Loyalty Fund Contribution. Adver- 
tising rates on application to the Executive Secretary of the Association. Officers of the Association: Jeremiah W. Mo- 
loney, '21, President; John A. Canavan, '18, First Vice-President; Lt. R. Gaynor Wellings, '23, Second Vice-President; 
Lt. Comdr. William M. Cashin, '18, Treasurer; John C. Holbrow, '24, Secretary; Rt. Rev. Charles A. Finn, S.T.D., '99, 
William J. O'Sullivan, '14, Joseph P. McHugh, '12, Charles A. McCarthy, '22, Daniel L. Kelleher, '23, Alexander L. 
Lashway, '23, Board of Directors; John C. Gill, '31, Executive Secretary*; John J. Hayes, '30, Acting Executive Secre- 
tary; Rev. Francis E. Low, S.J., '11, Faculty Adviser. 
* On leave of absence. 




In the unwonted (and unwanted) quiet of 
corridor and campus the colleges are permitted 
to lapse into moods of reflection that are good 
for the soul. 

Knowledge has a tendency to puff up a man, 
but the hall-mark of wisdom is humility. The 
colleges have learned that they are expendible; 
they are becoming more wise. 

In the national consciousness there is a 
strong front of animosity against the colleges, 
especially the liberal arts colleges. To the mass 
of the people — including many college gradu- 
utes — the colleges are the preserves of the 
privileged. There is on uneasy suspicion that 
they have not done their work well. 

The colleges are confident that since Pearl 
Harbor they have made a magnificent demon- 
stration of patriotism. In an unbelievably short 
time, and with great skill, their activities were 
shaped to meet the national needs. The con- 
tribution in services, if reduced to a financial 
equivalent, would be found to be very great. 

The colleges have been admirably silent on this 

Many colleges have awakened to the real- 
ization that open-minded search for truth is 
not the same as a- paralyzing scepticism. There 
is the firm middle ground between indoctrina- 
tion and doubt. Cartesian doubt was methodic, 
not psychological. 

Catholic colleges — all Catholic education, 
indeed — have held true to their course. They 
have no fundamental transformation tO' make. 
Revelation is a sure guide in education just as 
it is in every sphere of human activity. The 
highest natural development of personality is 
achieved most surely and most swiftly when the 
natural objectives are framed in those mani- 
fested by Revelation. 

In spite of the current eclipse of higher edu- 
cation, there is still embedded in democratic 
thought a deep faith in the power of education. 
On this foundation the colleges will rise again 
after the war to a, position of strength, un- 
equalled in their history. 



(jLlumni TJa 


All roads lead to the Heights, Monday, June 
7, when the graduates return for Alumni Day. 
The traditional Boston College-Holy Cross ball 
game will not be held because Holy Cross has 
dropped baseball this year. However, the Ath- 
letic Association has promised a contest with 
another team. The game begins at 4 o'clock. 

Leading the parade of the classes to Alumni 
Field will be 1918, followed by 1923, 1928, 
1933, and 1938. 

William J. O'Sullivan, '14, chairman of the 
program, has announced that the banquet will 
begin immediately after the game. Because 
of the food situation, reservations must be 
made in advance. 

The annual business meeting follows the 
dinner. Representatives of the anniversary 
groups will report their Class gifts. Father 
Rector will address the gathering. 

The recipient of the William V. McKenny 
Memorial Medal for continuous and outstand- 
ing loyalty will be announced. 

Jeremiah W. Mahoney, '21, will preside. 


The fifth annual dinner of those who grad- 
uated no less than thirty years ago was held 
at the Hotel Kenmore, Monday evening, May 
10. John D. Drum, '90, was the only repre- 
sentative of the earliest class, 1 890. 

Louis A. White, '10, was chairman. Princi- 
pal speakers were Father Rector and Jeremiah 
W. Mahoney, '21, president of the Association. 
About thirty-five attended. 


Rev. Francis J. Coyne, S.J., succeeds Rev. 
Maurice V. Dullea, S.J., as Faculty Director of 
the Athletic Association. 

No statement has been issued as to whether 
football will continue in September. 

Pat O'Brien and representatives of the mo- 
tion picture industry were in Boston this winter 
obtaining material for the life of Major Cava- 
naugh, soon to be filmed. 


The sixty-sixth Commencement exercises 
were held February 28, at the Immaculate 
Conception Church. Two hundred and ninety- 
seven candidates received their degrees. Father 
Leonard Feeney, S.J., addressed the second war 


The officers of this Association are gratified 
by the number of graduates, both in the 
services and at home, who contributed to the 
Loyalty Fund the past year. Your continued 
support of this cause is urged, so that it may 
enable your officers to serve you efficiently. 

Let me again repeat the urgent request of 
Father Rector as reported in the issue of the 
ALUMNI NEWS for June of 1941 : "Let us all 
pray daily that this school to which we are 
deeply devoted may enjoy God's special protec- 
tion during the days ahead." 


The Constitution of your Association, Article 
14, provides that the Committee on Nomina- 
tions and Elections shall consist of delegates 
chosen by each local chapter. 

The majority of the officers of the local 
chapters and a large number of the member- 
ship are now in the service of their country, 
and the chapters have not been in a position 
to choose delegates for membership on the 
Committee. For this reason your Board of Di- 
rectors has voted to suspend this year the hold- 
ing of the annual election. 


In an attempt to help you meet other Boston 
College men, the Alumni Association has sub- 
scribed to the "College Registration Service." 
Centers are being established all over the 
United States and in foreign countries where 
you may register. B. C. men will be able to 
find out just who are in a particular locality. 
As these registration centers increase, you will 
be notifed about them in the NEWS. In addi- 
tion to the United States, centers will be opened 
in Honolulu, London, Algiers, Brisbane and 

Graduates not in the service are also invited 
to register so that service men may meet them. 

The following centers have already been 
opened. Go to them. 

Atlanta, Georgia — Headquarters, American Women's 
Volunteer Service, 215 Peachtree Street. 

Buffalo, New York — Hotel Statler, Niagara Square. 

Dayton, Ohio — Biltmore Hotel, 210 North Main Street. 

Denver, Colorado — Brown Palace Hotel. 

Fresno, California — Hotel Californian. 

Los Angeles — USO Club Offices, Biltmore Hotel, Am- 
bassador Hotel, Union Terminal. 

Louisville, Kentucky — Brown Hotel, Fourth and Broadway. 

Nashville, Tennessee — Hermitage Hotel, 6th Ave. North. 

New Brunswick, New Jersey — Hotel Roger Smith, Liv- 
ingston Avenue. 

New Orleans, Louisiana — Roosevelt Hotel. 

Norfolk, Virginia — Monticello Hotel. 

Old Point Comfort, Virginia — Chamberlain Hotel. 

Providence, R. I. — Providence Biltmore Hotel- 
San Francisco, California — The Palace Hotel. 



U. S. N. R. 
Dean of Law School 


(g£ At the Heights the College is beginning 
to take on the appearance of a deserted vil- 
lage. It is a lonesome spot. In September 
there was an average enrollment of about 1 500 
students. As the year progressed the students 
began to receive letters from the President of 
the United States, mailed from their respective 
draft boards. In December the Marines called 
a group to active duty. At the end of February 
the Class of 1943 graduated, and immediately 
afterwards it entered, almost to a man, the 
various branches of the armed forces. Many 
in the lower classes were called up at this time 
by the Army Reserve. In April another group 
left for the Army Reserve. About a month 
ago the students in the Marine Reserve and the 
Navy Reserve (except those in V-7) received 
notices telling them to be ready to report for 
duty about July 1 . At the present rate there 
will be about 400 students left at the end of 
this school year. 

Is the Army coming to B. C. soon? The au- 
thorities do not know. The facilities of the 
buildings have been inspected. The College 
is on an approved list. But the Army has not 
indicated when it will assign 500 soldiers to 
the Heights. However, the Jesuit Fathers are 
ready whenever the go-ahead signal flashes. 
Their bags have been packed for some months, 
for St. Mary's Hall will be used by the Army 
as a dormitory. 

Where will the Jesuits go? They will remain 
at B. C. teaching the soldiers, and will be 
housed in different buildings, including the 
Business School and the Museum on Hammond 
Street. Other buildings available are the Phi I - 
omatheia Club and the rectory of St. Ignatius's 
parish on Commonwealth Avenue. Only one 
or two rooms will be retained in St. Mary's Hall 
for administrative purposes. 

When forwarding the NEWS 
to a relative in the service place 
a two cent stamp on the en- 

If he is overseas, in the 
Army, write on the envelope, 
"Mailed in conformity with P. O. 
D. Order Number 19687." This 
ruling does not apply to men 
overseas in the Navy, Marines 
or Coast Guard. 

LONG, S.J., U. S. Army. Father Sullivan recently returned on furlough 
from the South Pacific. Father Long is at the Harvard Chaplains School. 



Army Air Corps 

MAJOR JOHN F. DOBBIN, '33, U- S. M. C, winner of the Navy Cross, 
serving Mass on Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, last year. 

Military Record 

In September 1000 were known to be in the 
service; in November, 1 300; in February, 
1900. As this issue goes to press there are 
2700. The total number of graduates and 
students is about 10,000, so one Boston Col- 
lege man out of every four is on active duty. 
Seventeen have died, while eight are missing 
and three are prisoners. 


John J. Gallagher, '41, Cadet, Army Air 
Corps. Killed in airplane accident at Columbus, 
Mississippi, February 23, 1943. 

In the name of the President of the United 
States, the Commander South Pacific Area and 
South Pacific Force, takes pleasure in presenting 
the Silver Star Medal to 

for service at set forth in the following 

"For distinguished service in the line of his 
profession as Commanding Officer of a ma- 
chine gun platoon in action against the Jap- 
anese on August 10, 1942, along the northern 
coast of Guadalcanal. Through severe fire 
by numerous snipers, which wounded him 
three times, Lieutenant Gately led his platoon 
into a position on the enemy's flank. He 
continued to lead his platoon and place his 
weapons in spite of his wounds, and suc- 
ceeded in killing the enemy snipers. His gal- 
lantry and intrepidity set a fine example for 
his troops and were in large measure respon- 
sible for the success of the mission of his 

Signed: W. F. HALSEY, 

Admiral, U. S. Navy. 

Daniel J. Sullivan, '41, Ensign, U S N. R 
Killed in airplane accident at San Mateo, Cal 
ifornia, February 24, 1943. 

Edison F. Sawyer, '33, Private, Army. Diei 
in the Asiatic area, February 23, 1943. 

John F. Coughlin, '38, Sergeant, Army. Diei 
of meningitis in Africa, March 17, 1943. 

Thomas E. McCarthy, ex-'43, Lieutenant 
Army Air Corps. Killed in airplane crash 
May 4, at Casper, Wyoming. 

Richard A. Kelly, '39, Captain U. S. M. C 
Died in the South Pacific area this month. 



George D. Cunning, '37, Private, Army 
Missing in the North Atlantic area since Feb 
ruary 2. The ship on which he was travelin< 
was sunk. He was reporting for duty as 
weather observer at a post in Greenland. 

Arthur V. Cullen, '40, Captain, Army Ai 
Corps. He has been missing over Englam 
since February 5. 

Philip A. Lanzo, Intown, Private, Army. H 
has been missing since February in the Egyp 
tian area. 


Francis A. O'Malley, '39, Lieutenant, U. S 
N. R. 

The following is a summary of all the knowt 
honors Boston College men have received it 
this war: — 

Warren J. Clear, '18, Lieutenant Colonel 
Army. Distinguished Service Medal for "ex 
ceptionally meritorious and distinguished ser 


U. S. Army 


LIEUTENANT JOHN J. LYNCH, '33, U. S. N,, recipient of three decora- 
tions. Picture was taken shortly before Hornet was sunk. 

ices while on an intelligence mission for the 
Inited States government in the Far East, from 
uly, 1941, to April, 1942, while serving as 
Aajor, United States Army." 

Joseph A. Groden, '40, Lieutenant, Navy. 
lited for "exceptionally good judgment in per- 
orming your duties on the U. S. S. Henley in a 
ighly meritorious manner during the attack 
n the U. S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Ter- 
itory of Hawaii, by the Japanese forces on 
)ecember 7, 1941." 

James J. Flood, '40, Major, Army Air Corps, 
lited for services at Pearl Harbor, December 
, 1941. He saved the lives of nine men by 
reventing a bomb from bursting in their midst. 

Walter J. Brickert, ex-'40. Lieutenant, Army 
\ir Corps. Received Air Medal for services in 
he Aleutians, 1942. Wounded. 

John J. Lynch, '33, Lieutenant, 
!orps. Navy Cross. For hitting 
ruisers at Midway. 

Navy Air Medal. For hitting Jap 
anta Cruz. 

Distinguished Flying Cross. For 
ap submarine off Solomons. 

Lieutenant Lynch was stationed on the air- 
raft carrier, the Hornet, when it was sunk by 
he enemy in October, 1942, off the Santa Cruz 
stands in the Pacific. Apparently he was on 
he Hornet when it was used to stage the Tokyo 

John J. Gafely, '41, Lieutenant, U. S. M. C. 
'eceived the Silver Star Medal for bravery on 
Guadalcanal. Credited with killing the first 
ap in the Solomons. Wounded three times. 

John F. Dobbin, '33, Major, U. S. M. C. Ace 
iviator. He has received the Navy Cross for 


Navy Air 
two Jap 

cruiser at 
sinking a 

"extraordinary heroism and distinguished ser- 
vice as a Fighter Plane Pilot and Squadron Ex- 
ecutive Officer. On September 14, 1942, he 
took off from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal 

Within ten minutes he had, unaided, shot 
down three of the enemy aircraft. Prior to this 
action he had shot down two twin engine enemy 
bombers and one type 'zero' fighter." 

Thomas J. Cross, '40, Captain, U. S. M. C. 
Has received the Purple Heart. Wounded on 

John J. Shea, '18, Commander, Navy. Navy 
Cross for services on the aircraft carrier, the 

In the name of the President of the United 
i States, the Commander of the South Pacific Area ' 

i] and South Pacific Forces takes pleasure in pre- 
senting the Aid Medal to 

for services as set forth in the following 

"For distinguished service and meritorious 
achievement in the line of his profession as 
leader of a flight of scout bombers during an 
aerial attack on Japanese naval forces on 
October 26, 1942, near Santa Cruz Islands. 
In are face of heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, 
Lieutenant Lynch obtained a direct hit on a 
Japanese heavy cruiser. His skillful and 
courageous conduct was in keeping with the 
highest traditions of the Naval service." 

Signed: W. F. HALSEY, 
Admiral, United States Navy. 

. i 



U. S. Navy 

Navy Cross (Posthumously) 


U. S. Army 

Distinguished Service Medal 

U. S. N. R. 
Navy Cross 

Wasp, when it was sunk. Given posthumously. 

Dr. Bartholomew W. Hogan, ex-'23, Com- 
mander, Navy. Navy Cross for services on Wasp. 

Robert L. Howard, '39, Lieutenant, Navy. 
Navy Cross for services on Wasp. 

Thomas J. Gallagher, ex-'41. Ensign, Navy. 
Air Medal for "skilled airmanship and cour- 
age" as pilot in two vital instances in Solomon 
Islands and Santa Cruz areas, 1942. 

John J. Twomey, ex-'15. Commander, Navy. 
Navy Cross for services in the Atlantic, Aug- 
ust, 1942. "In spite of damage to his vessel 
and subsequent fires, and although severely 
injured himself, Commander Twomey brought 
his vessel into position and towed a disabled: 
vessel until relieved by a salvage tug." 

William H. Dowd, ex-'42, Lieutenant, Army 
Air Corps. Air Medal for "extraordinary 

achievement in more than 200 hours of anti- 
submarine patrc-l." 

Edward J. McPherson, ex-'40. Lieutenant, 
Army Air Corps. Air Medal for services over Tu- 
nisia. TwoOak Leaf Clusters for further bravery. 

Norman R. Pilote, '39, Lieutenant, Army Air 
Corps. Air Medal for services over Europe. He 
has also received the Purple Heart. Wounded 
in action. Lt. Pilote is stationed with the 
Eighth Air Force in London. 

James J. Mahoney, '40, Captain, Army Air 
Corps. Air Medal for anti-submarine patrol 
flights over the Atlantic. 

John J. King, '38, Lieutenant, Army. Cited 
for bravery when he successfully commanded 
a convoy of trucks and men across 2600 miles 
of African desert under hazardous blackout 
conditions without losing a man or a truck. 




The President of the United States takes pleasure 
in presenting the NAVY CROSS to 

for service as set forth in the following 

"For extraordinary heroism as pilot of a 
Bombing Plane during action against enemy 
Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands on 
August 8, 1942. Viciously attacked by four 
Zero fighters while participating in a bomb- 
ing mission, Lieutenant Howard, with grim te- 
nacity and superb flying skill, defied a blis- 
tering hail of anti-aircraft fire in a desperate 
fight against tremendous odds. Out-man- 
euvering the enemy flyers in a determined 
effort to escape, he shot one down in a 
courageous head-on approach, then success- 
fully eluded the others with only minor dam- 
age inflicted upon his own plane. His expert 
airmanship and aggressive fighting spirit in 
the face of grave danger were in keeping with 
the highest traditions of the United States 
Naval Service." For the President, 

Signed: FRANK KNOX, 
Secretary of the Navy. 


The President of the United States take pleasure 
in presenting the NAVY CROSS to 

for service as set forth in the following 

"For extraordinary heroism while serving 
aboard the U. S. S. WASP following the at- 
tack on that vessel by enemy Japanese forces. 
Leaving the comparative security of his own 
station. Commander Shea, disregarding the 
danger from flying debris, smoke, flame and 
frequent heavy explosions of ammunition, per- 
sonally directed the fight against fiercely rag- 
ing fires on the flight deck- After the water 
pressure failed, he expended the remaining 
C02 in a further desperate effort to extinguish 
the fire in a ready ammunition locker and was 
leading out another hose when a terrific ex- 
plosion occurred. His courageous devotion to 
duty in a valiant attempt to save the WASP 
was in keeping with the highest traditions of 
he United States Naval Service." 

Signed: FRANK KNOX, 
Secretary of the Navy. 



** (The following is the complete list of Boston College men known to be in the service) 


Dr. Henry Lee Bowen, Army 
Timothy J. Burke, Army 
Rev. A. G. Carroll, S.J., Capt., Army 
Nazzareno P. Cedrone, '34, Lt., Navy 
John J. Convery, '30, Lt., Navy 
Grno DeSolenni, Capt., Army 
Harold H. Fagan, '19, Lt., Army 
George F. Fitzgibbon, Lt., Navy 
Rev. John P. Foley, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Rev. John J. Long, S.J., Capt., Army 
Rev. F. J. MacDonald, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Francis L. Maynard, '31, Lt., Navy 
V. H. Nasca, '40, Ensign, Coast Guard 
Rev. D. F. X. O'Connor, S.J., Lt., Navy 
John K. Rouleau, Major, Army 
Rev. Richard G. Shea, S.J., Lt., Army 


Daniel J. Carmichael, Lt., Navy 
William J. Collins, Jr., '36, Ensign, Navy 
Rev. George A. King, S.J., Lt., Army 
Vincent F. Dunfey, '37, Ensign, Navy 


Rev. William J. Kenealy, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Gerald J. O'Leary, Coast Guard 


Abdelnour S. Thomas, Navy 


John Harry Marr 

John A. Kelley, '28, Lt., Navy 

Dennis E. Myers, Lt., Navy 

Thomas J. Powers, '40, Ensign, Navy 


Hugh A. Drum, Lt. Gen., Army 


Rev. Edmund C. Sliney, Lt. Col., Army 


Rev. John F. Monahan, Major, Army 


Thomas A. Donnelly, Major, Army 
John J. Twomey, Comdr., Navy 


Rev. George W. Casey, Lt., Army 

Rev. Gerald C. Fitzgerald, C.S.C., Army 

Harold J. Rowen, Lt. Comdr., Navy 


Rev. Joseph J. Keenan, Lt., Navy 
Edward MacMulkin, Major, U. S. M. C. 
Charles F. Sharkey, Capt., Army 
Rev. Robert E. Sheridan, S.J., Lt., Army 
Napoleon J. Vigeant, Major, Army 


William M. Cashin, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Warren J. Clear, Lt. Col., Army 

Francis C. Crowley, Capt., Army 

Francis P. Earls, Army 

Daniel J. Harkins, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

J. Paul Lynch, Army 

Clarence H. Pike, Comdr., Navy 

Philip D. Shea, Lt., Army 



Henry F. Barry, Capt., Army 

Bernard F. Donovan, Lt., Navy 

Frederick L. Farrell, Lt. 

Rev. Francis N. Flaherty, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Joseph P. McNamara, Major, Army. 

William A. Reardon, Army 

Lawrence L. Shea, Capt., U. S. M. C. 


Gerard B. Cleary, Army 

James H. Holland, Capt., Army 

Augustine D. Horgan, Lt., Army 

Walter L. Kiley, Lt., Navy 

Wi Ilium J. Lyons, Capt., Army 

Rev. Edward A. McDonough, Capt., Army 

Alban B. Mclnnis, Army 

Edward J. McKeown 

John B. O'Hayre, Army 

J. Arthur Robertie, Lt., Army 

Rev. Arthur J. Silva, Lt., Army 

George E. Wilkie, Army 


Michael F. Brennan, Army 

James A. Cox, Army 

Francis J. DeCelles, Capt., Army 

James A. Gookin, Army 

Dr. Irving F. Gregory, Capt., Army 

Dr. R. A. McCarthy, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Rev. D. H. McDonald, Lt. Comdr, Navy 

M. Henry Mclnerney, Lt., Navy 

Ralph S. Monks, Lt., Army 

Wilfred E. Murphy, Army 

William C. Nyhan, Storekpr., Navy 

Edward F. Prendergast, Navy 

Rev. Francis V. Sullivan, S.J., Lt., Navy 

Harold W. Sullivan, Capt., Army 

Francis E. Winch, Army 


James A. Caffrey, Major, Army 

Henry V. Cunningham, Lt., Navy 

Francis X. Daly, Lt., Army 

Francis J. Flynn, Army 

Matthew S. Heaphy, Army 

Timothy A. Mclnerney, Major, Army 

George L. McKim, Lt., Army 

Rev. Leonard A. McMahon, Lt., Navy 

Leo V. Motley, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Ralph J. Shea, Lt., Army 

William A. Whall, Army 


William B. Argy, Army 

Rev. Edmund G. Barry, Lt., Army 

Rev. William J. Callahan, Lt., Army 

Rev. William J. Carty, Major, Army 

Dr. Joseph C. Delaney, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Miles J. Finnegan, Major, Army 

Edward F. Fogerty, Lt., Navy 

Owen A. Gallagher, Lt., Navy 

Bartholomew W. Hogian, Comdr., Navy 

John T. Keyes, Navy 

Dr. Lawrence J. McCarhy, Comdr., Navy 

John McCloskey, Major, Army 

Rev. Harold F. McDermott, Lt. 

James G. Reardon, Lt., Navy 

Timothy M. Tully, Capt., Army 

R. Gaynor Wellings, Lt., Navy 


Edmund H. Barry, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Rev. Francis X. Bransfield, Capt., Army 

Phillip C. Cleary, Lt., Navy 

Walter A. Conway, Lt., Navy 

James J. Delaney, U. S. M. C. 

James P. Doherty, Lt., Navy 

James F. Dooling, Lt., Navy 

Francis D. Doyle 

Charles E. Duffy, Lt., Navy 

John A. Fitzgibbons, Army 

Rev. Charles J. Foley, Lt., Navy 

Henry A. Follen, Lt., Navy 

John J. Geary, Army 

John F. Griffin, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Francis J. Horgan, Lt., Army 

J. Lester Hourigan, Lt., Navy 

James A. Kellaher, Army 

Thomas L. Kelleher, Army 

Edward G. Kelley, Army 

Joseph T. Kelly, Lt., Navy 

Stephen F. Littleton, Lt., Army 

James H. Locke, Jr., Lt., Army 

Dr. D. F. McCloskey, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Dr. T. R. Mansfield, Lt. Comdr., Navy 

Cornelius J. Murphy, Lt., Navy 

John J. Murphy, Lt., Army 

William H. Palmer, Lt., Navy 

Francis T. Reardon, Lt., Army 

J. Burke Sullivan, Capt., Army 

John P. Sullivian, Lt., Army 


Thomas G. Barrett, Lt., Navy 

Dr. William A. Bateman, Capt., Army 

James J. Bride, Lt., Army 

Rev. William E. Collins, Lt., Navy 

William J. Cotty, Army 

Rev. D. Charles DeCourcey, Capt., Army 

John L. Ewing, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Jeremiah F. Gearan, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Richard J. Hawko, Major, Army 

Frederick J. Leary, Capt., Army 

Anthony Julian, Army 

Francis J. McCrehan, Navy 

Rev: Richard J. Hawko, Lt., Army 

George F. McNeil, Capt., Army 

Edmund V. Moloney 

John P. Moloney, Lt., Navy 

Thomas J. Manning, Army 

James F. O'Rourke, Navy 

Thomas L. Quilty, Army 

Raymond E. Ryan, Lt., Army 

Joseph M. Walsh, Army 


Dr. Louis E. Baron, Capt., Army 
Rev. Joseph L. Browne, Lt., Army 
Thomas J. Coakley, Lt., Navy 
J. Francis Colbert, Army 
William A. Considine, Lt., Army 
Francis A. Donahue, Army 
Arthur F. Doyle, Lt., Navy 
Francis W. Driscoll, Lt., Army 
Dr. Edward F. Eagen, Major, Army 
Herbert M. Eveleth, Army 
Dr. J. Edward Flynn, Major, Army 
Thomas C. Herlihy, Lt. Comdr., Navy 
Stanley W. Howard, Capt., Army 
Joseph E. Hughes, Army 
Thomas G. Kelliher, Lt., Navy 
Edward D. Killian, Lt., Navy 

Albert J. Leonard, Lt., Army 

Edmund M. Lanigan, Lt., Army 

Paul Ludovic, Lt., Navy 

Timothy F. McCarthy, Lt., Navy 

Theodore A. McHardy, Army 

Edward S. McKinney, Lt., Army 

John J. Miskella, Jr., Army 

Walter R. Morris, Lt., Navy 

John F. Mulhern, Army 

Dr. Robert J. O'Doherty, Major, Army 

Leo E. O'Hearn, Army 

Charles D. O'Malley, Sgt., Army 

Dr. John J. Poutas, Capt., Army 

George H. Robertie, Major, Army 

J. Robert Shaughnessey, Capt., Army 


Joseph T. Aleckna, Lt., Navy 

Charles J. Bridey, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Bede Cameron, C. P., Lt., Army 

Cornelius P. Cronin, Lt., Navy 

Walter R. Daley, Lt., Navy 

Paul L. Dalton, Lt., Navy 

Henry M. Deary 

John P. Dempsey, Lt., Army 

Nicholas DeSalvo, Army 

Rev. James E. Dunford, Major, Army 

John A. Eaton, C. P. O., Navy 

Dr. Henry M. Gahan, Capt., Army 

Paul D. Gillin, Capt., Army 

Charles A. Hayden, Lt., Army 

J. Leo Keefe, Lt. Col., Army 

Rev. Joseph W. Lyons, Lt., Navy 

Daniel A. Maclsaac, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Arthur F. McQuaid, Lt., Navy 

Rev. James F. Normile 

John J. O'Brien, Lt., Navy 

Daniel F. O'Connell, Lt., Army 

John E. Sullivan, Lt., Navy 

William J. Sweeney, Lt., Navy 

John B. Tallent, Lt., Navy 

Lawrence T. Thornton, Navy 


Henry J. Ballem, Lt., Navy 

Rev. John D. Callahan, Lt., Army 

Dr. Frederick L. Campbell., Lt., Navy 

William J. Cashman, Lt., Army 

J. Earl Clinton, Lt., Army 

Francis J. Connors, Army 

George P. Corcoran, Sgt., Army 

William J. Dacey, Lt., Navy 

Charles W. Deveney, Storekpr., Navy 

Rev. Joseph F. Donoghue, Lt., Army 

Martin J. Dowd, Sgt., Army 

Arthur G. Downey, Army 

Maurice J. Downey, Lt., Army 

Dr. Joseph B. Doyle, Lt., Navy 

John R. Driscoll, Corp., Army 

Eugene M. Fitzgerald, Army 

Walter J. Gaudet, Army 

Rev. Jerome P. Gill, Lt., Navy 

Joseph Green, Jr., Lt., Army 

John E. Halligan, Lt., Navy 

John F. Kelleher, Lt., Army 

George H. Lyons, Lt Navy 

Rev. Leo J. McCann, Lt., Army 

Dr. Joseph M. McCarthy, Lt., Navy 

Bernard C. McDonough, Army 

Patrick F. McDonough, Lt., Navy 

John R. McGillivray, Army 

John J. Kelly, Army 

John J. McLaughlin, Army 

Martin W. Mason, Lt., Navy 

Frederick A. Moncewicz, Lt., Navy 

Andrew J. Morris, Sgt., Army 

John H. Morris, Lt., Navy 

Arthur I. Morrissey, Army 

Gerard F. Mulligan, Army 

John E. O'Loughlin, Lt., Army 


William E. O'Toole, Army 
Arthur L. Tuohey, Lt., Army 
Edward J. Watson, Lt., Army 
Emery J. Zirpolo, Lt., Army 


John J. Barnwell, Lt., Navy 

Paul L. Broderick, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Kenneth A. Brown, Lt., Army 

Francis C. Cadigan, Capt., Army 

J. Lloyd Carnegie, U. S. M. C. 

Joseph F. Cavanaugh, Lt., Army • 

Dr. Bernard J. Daly, Lt., Army 

Dr. L. Charles Donahue, Lt., Navy 

Lawrence D. Dunn 

Rev. Justin C. Durocher, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Louis X. Fahey 

Dr. William F. Flynn, Lt., Navy 

Herbert D. Gordon, Lt., Navy 

Walter A. Gorman, Army 

Dr. William A. Hafferty, Lt., Army 

Dr. James A. Hennessey, Lt., Navy 

Clement V. Horrigan, Ensign, Navy 

Francis L. Kennedy, Sgt., Army 

Dr. Allen J. McCarthy, Lt., Army 

Rev. Francis J. McDonnell, Lt., Army 

Warren P. McGuirk, Lt., Navy 

Rev. George W. McHugh, Lt., Army 

Rev. James J. McManus, Lt., Army 

Rev. Joseph P. Mahoney, Capt., Army 

John T. Manning, Army 

John F. Mungovan, Major, Army 

Richard F. Murphy, Army 

Edward B. Murray, Lt., Army 

E. Francis O'Day., Lt., Navy 

John H. O'Hare, Lt., Navy 

Wilfred L. O'Leary, Capt., Army 

John F. Parrell, Lt., Army 

Anthony R. Russo, Lt., Navy 

Charles F. Stack, Lt., Army 

Albert L. Taylor, Lt., Army 

Edward F. Tracy, Corp., Army 


Rev. Thomas J. Burke, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Charles S. Canty, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Thomas J. Cavanaugh, Major, Army 

John R. Coleman, Army 

John L. Connolly, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Joseph R. Cotter, Lt., Army 

Patrick F. Creeden, C. P. O., Navy 

Rev. John J. Cusack, Lt., Navy 

Rev. J. Joseph Daly, Lt., Navy 

Henry O. Delaney, Lt., Navy 

Bernard J. Dunn, Lt., Navy 

Adrian D. Edwards, Army 

Albert N. Farnham, Navy 

James M. Fay, Navy 

S. Edward Flynn, Army 

Rev. George P. Gallivan, Lt., Army 

Lawrence W. Gibson, Lt., Navy 

Joseph E. Gill, Lt. Col., Army 

Walter J. Glynn, Army 

Robert S. Goldson, Major, Army 

John J. Grandfield, Corp., Army 

John F. Groden, Lt., Navy 

Charles A. Harrington, Army 

David E. Hockman, Lt., Army 

Edward M. Kearns, Army 

Edmund L. Kelleher, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Daniel M. Killoran, Capt., Army 

James M. Langan, Lt., Navy 

Arthur E. Lohan, Army 

Joseph B. McCabe, Navy 

Timothy J. McCarthy, Ensign, Navy 

Rev. James J. McGoohan, Lt., Army 

Dr. Alfred V. Mahoney, Lt., Army 

Charles J. Mahoney, Army 

Dr. F. A. Mahoney, Jr., Capt., Army 

James J. Mooney, Army 

Edward A. Morrissey, Jr., Corp., Army 

Rev. James B. Murphy, Lt., Army 

Francis X. Norton, Sgt., Army 

Leon J. O'Brien, Lt., Navy 

Daniel J. O'Connell, Lt., Navy 

George T. O'Donnell, Corp., Army 

Thomas G. Perkins, Sgt., Army 

Rev. Herbert A. Phinney, Lt., Army 

Joseph J. Pszenny, Lt., Navy 

David D. Ronan, Army 

Dr. Charles C. Rooney, Lt., Army 

Rev. John J. Ryan, Lt., Army 

Thomas C. Sheehan, Lt., Army 

Edward G. Sliney, Lt., Navy 

Irving L. Stackpole, Lt., Army 

Dr. Garrett L. Sullivan, Capt., Army 

Harold P. Sullivan, Lt., Navy 

Dr. William J. Sullivan, Lt., Navy 

William A. Tracy 

William E. Trainor, Ensign, Navy 

James E. Walsh, Capt., Army 

Nicholas J. Wells, Lt., Navy 

Joseph S. Whitehead, Army 


Edward A. Aaron, Army 

John F. Barrett, Lt., Navy 

John P. Barry, Army 

Philippe P. Boas, Lt., Army 

John P. Bradley, Army 

Joseph J. Bradley, Capt., Army 

Anthony C. Calabro, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Edmund L. Carey, Lt., Navy 

William M. Carey, Lt., Army 

William M. Carr, Lt., Navy 

John W. Casey, Lt. 

George W. Condon, Army 

Arthur J. Conway, Lt., Navy 

Dr. David F. Conway, Capt., Army 

William J. Devlin, Lt., Navy 

Allan J. Doherty, Sgt., Army 

Joseph B. Doherty, Lt., Navy 

James B. Dolan, Lt., Army 

Rev. Edward B. Flaherty, Capt., Army 

Albert D. Flannery, Army 

Paul A. Golden, Ensign, Navy 

John M. Harkins, Sgt., Army 

Edward H. Herman, Army 

Kevin P. Hern, Lt.., Navy 

James A. Keefe, Corp., Army 

John D. Keefe, Capt., Army 

John D. Kelleher, Lt., Navy 

Joseph J. Kelleher, Lt., Navy 

Henry M. Leen, Army 

Edward C. McAleer, Ensign, Navy 

Charles H. McCue, Lt., Navy 

Edward E. Maddock 

John M. Maher, Lt., Army 

Thomas F. Meagher, Lt., Navy 

Gerard J. Monahan, Sgt., Army 

James T. Moynahan, Lt. 

John J. Murphy, Lt., Navy 

John A. O'Brien, Navy 

Daniel F. O'Connor, Army 

Herbert J. O'Connor, Copt., Army 

Thomas J. O'Loughlin, Army 

John J. O'Neil, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Ernest P. Pearsall, Lt., Army 

George J. Philpott, Army 

Paul H. Rafferty, Major, Army 

Roger F. Riordan, Army 

John T. Ryan, Lt., Navy 

Leo H. Shaughnessey, Capt., Army 

Joseph W. Shea, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Eugene F. Smith, Lt., Navy 

John J. Sullivan, Yeoman, Navy 

Bernard F. Trum, Major, Army 

William A. Ward, Navy 

Joseph H. Whelan, Sgt., Army 



Joseph W. Andrews, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Thomas A. Barry, Lr., Navy 

Dr. Michael L. Bonaccorso, Lt., Army 

Hugh J. Bonner, Jr., Lt., Army 

Henry D. Buckley, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Dr. Edward W. Burke, Capt., Army 

George V. Burke, Army 

Rev. Joseph H. Burke, Lt., Army 

Dr. Edward D. Burns, Capt., Army 

Allan C. Byrne, Army 

John P. Carew, Lt., Army 

George H. Colbert, Lt., Navy 

John J. Collins, Navy 

Benjamin F. Cone, Ensign, Navy 

Richard J. Connelly, Army 

John A. Conroy, Army 

Dr. Frederick T. Cournoyer, Lt., Army 

Joseph V. Creeden, Navy 

Francis H. Curtin, Ensign, Navy 

William E. Curry, Lt., Army 

Christopher J. Cutler, Sgt., Army 

Phillip H. Diehl, Lt., Army 

Francis A. DiPesa, Army 

James J. Donohue, Army 

James J. Donohoe, Army 

Frederick B. Donovan, Army 

Walter M. Drohan, Army 

Gordon F. Dunn, Lt., Navy 

John P. Dwyer, Lt. 

Francis R. Finn, Army 

Charles E. Frazier, Lt., Navy 

Paul J. Goode, Lt., Navy 

Gunard E. Haugh, Lt., Army 

James R. Hayden, Lt., Army 

James J. Heggie, Jr., Lt., Niavy 

Gerald V. Hern, Lt., Navy 

Edword F. Hurley, Ensign, Navy 

Charles C. Kelleher, Army 

Frederick L. Kiley, Lt., Army 

Paul J. Kiley, Army 

Arthur C. King, Sgt., U. S. M. C. 

Daniel J. Larkin, Jr., Lt., Navy 

John J. Lawless, Lt., Army 

Dr. Joseph P. Lynch, Capt., Army 

Lawrence P. McCarthy 

Frederick A. McLaughlin, Lt., Navy 

Joseph B. Merrick, Army 

Francis J. McNerney, Lt., Army 

Paul M. McSweeney, Ensign, Navy 

William L. Meade, Army 

Frederick A. Meier, Lt., Army 

John F. Moakley, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph B. Merrick, Army 

John F. Moakley, Ensign, Navy 

Rev. Joseph P. Monahan, Lt., Army 

Gerald W. Moore, Lt., Navy 

Brendon J. Maynahan, Lt. 

Rev. Joseph P. Monahan, Lt., Army 

John T. Murphy, Lt., Navy 

George H. Nicholson, Major, Army 

Dr. Richard S. Nugent, Lt., Army 

John G. Patten, Lt., Navy 

John E. Reilly, Navy 

Francis W. Rice, Army 

Joseph F. Rogers, Lt., Navy 

John R. Sennott, Army 

George W. Shine, Lt., Army 

Dr. Nathan E. Silbert, Lt., Army 

Paul F. Stacey, Navy 

John D. Turcotte, Army 

Anthony A. Vanaria, Lt., Army 

Michael J. Vodoklys, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph V. Wilson, Lt., Navy 


Dr. David J. Bain, Capt., Army 
John F. Bateman, Army 
Dr. Laurent A. Bouchard, Lt., Army 
W. Henry Burke, Navy 


Vincent J. Burke, Sgt., Army 

John B. Carr, C. P. O., Navy 

Leonard A. Carr, C. P. O., Navy 

Dr. David T. Casey, Capt., Army 

Frederick A. Cassidy, Lt., Army 

John P. Cavanaugh, Army 

Peter V. Chesnulevich, Lt., Navy 

James M. Connolly, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Christopher C. Conway, Lt., Navy 

Vincent J. Cosgrove, Lt., Navy 

John J. Costello, Army 

John F. Cotter, Army 

Paul G. Crotty, Army 

James H. G. Cunningham, Army 

Cornelius M. Dalton, Army 

Rev. Gerald D. Desmond, Lt., Army 

John F. Dobbin, Major, U. S. M. C. 

Phillip E. Dooley, Sgt., Army 

William F. Donahue, Navy 

John J. Driscoll, Army 

William L. Dunne, Army 

Francis J. Early, Navy 

Dr. James E. Flanagan, Jr., Lt., Navy 

James J. Foley, Ensign, Navy 

John G. Gramzow, Lt., Army 


They were our lads of Yesterday 
The elm trees sing it low; 

And the night wind echoes it 
In the purple twilight's glow. 

They were our lads of Yesterday 
With laughter, love and fun; 

The young hands heavy with 
pen and scroll 
Are light with sword and gun. 

Where tarry our lads of Yes- 
In silence the answer is told; 
An empty chair in the lecture 
A blue star turned to gold. 
William F. Fitzgerald, ex-'21 
(The Stylus, February, 1919) 

Terence M. Griffin, Navy 
John T. Hayes, Lt., Navy 
Joseph F. Henry, Army 
Thomas J. Horan, Lt., Army 
Thomas J. Jones, Jr. 
Robert J. Jordan, Army 
Ernest G. Kimball, Navy 
John C. Landrigan, Ensign, Navy 
Dr. C. Joseph Licata 
John J. Lynch, Lt., Navy 
Frederick G. McCabe, Lt., Navy 
Thomas F. McCarthy, Lt., Navy 
Dr. Eugene J. McDonald, Lt., Navy 
Walter T. McDonald, Army 
Lawrence F. McDonnell, Sgt., Army 
Andrew J. McGlynn, Army 
James L. McGovern, Lt., Navy 
J. Edward McHugh, Ensign, Navy 
Francis T. Maguire, Lt., Army 
Dr. Edward P. Manning, Lt., Navy 
Dr. Angelo Mastrangelo, Lt., Army 
Dr. Salvatore J. Messina, Lt., Army 
John F. Moynahan, Lt., Army 
Dr. Owen C. Mullaney, Lt., Army 
Francis X. Mulligan, Coast Guard 
Francis J. O'Brien, Army 
David J. O'Connor, Lt., Navy 
James X. O'Rourke, Army 

Joseph E. Page, Jr., Army 

Joseph M. Paul, Jr., Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Robert J. Perchard, Lt., Navy 

John S. Quinn, Jr., Lt., Navy 

Paul A. Reynolds, Navy 

Dr. Richard Reynolds, Capt., Army 

Timothy J. Riordan, Army 

Luke J. Roddy, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Dr. David Rogell 

Dennis F. Ryan, Lt., Army 

Dr. John F. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

William J. Sullivan, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Francis X. Walsh, Capt., Army 

Roger T. Walsh, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas J. Walsh, Ensign, Navy 

Ralph F. Ward, Ensign, Navy 


Charles E. Anadore, Sgt., Army 

Dr. David S. Ascher, Major, Army 

Gerard G. Barry, Navy 

Dr. John M. Barry, Lt., Col., Army 

Thomas A. Blake, Lt., Navy 

Paul J. Boylan, Ensign, Navy 

Frank D. Branca, Army 

William C. Cagney, Army 

John A. Cahalane, Coast Guard 

Thomas J. Callahan, Army 

J. Edward Collins, Navy 

John F. Conlin, Lt., Army 

Edward L. Connors, Corp., Army 

Rev. Thomas F. Crump, O. M. I. 

Dr. Gerald E. Cummings, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Timothy L. Curran, Lt., Army 

John W. Dacey, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

William D. Donahue, Lt., Navy 

T. Harney Donohue, Lt., Navy 

John G. Dougan, Army 

Walter H. Dray 

Daniel J. Driscoll, Lt., Army 

James J. Earls 

Alphonse B. Ezmunt, Corp., Army 

Thomas H. Fadden, Navy 

James G. Fay, Lt., Navy 

John J. Feeney 

Philip I. Feinbert, Army 

David J. Galligan, Army 

Edward A. Gough, Lt., Army 

John D. Haley, Army 

John F. Hannon 

William F. Hester, Ensign, Navy 

William B. Hickey 

Neil J. Holland, Jr., Capt., Army 

John J. Hurley, Navy 

William J. Joyce, Army 

Dr. James S. Kavanah, Capt., Army 

Joseph M. Keefe, Navy 

George W. Keleher, Navy 

Edmund J. Kelly, Army 

Edward N. Kelly, Corp., Army 

John C. Kelly, Sgt., Army 

Walter A. Kelly, Lt., Army 

Peter J. Killelea, Ensign, Navy 

James J. Kilroy, Army 

James A. Larkin 

F. Weston Lyons, Ensign, Navy 

Francis P. Lyons, Navy 

William C. McDonough, Ensign, Navy 

Arthur J. McLaughlin, Capt., Army 

John E. McManus, Navy 

John L. Moloney 

Dr. Charles V. Manganelli, Capt., Army 

Dr. George F. Miller, Army 

Robert W. Miller, Lt., Navy 

George C. Moore, Corp., Army 

Dr. Paul T. Moore, Lt., Navy 

James B. Mullin, Lt., Army 

Joseph D. Murphy, Lt., Navy 

John M. Niziankowicz, Corp., Army 

Leo H. Norton, Ensign, Navy 

John T. L. O'Connell, Lt., Army 
Joseph F. O'Connell, Lt., Army 
Daniel F. O'Keefe, Army 
William J. Quinn, Army 
John L. Roach, Army 
Fabian Rouke, Ensign, Navy 
Francis T. Russell, Jr., Lt., Army 
John W. Scannell, Lt., Army 
Leo F. Scully, Corp., Army 
George W. Stuart 
James J. Sullivan, Army 
Francis X. Sullivan, Capt., Army 
Dr. Arthur E. Taddeo, Lt., Army 
Wilfred J. Ward, Navy 
Joseph E. Warren, Captain, Army 
Dr. Edmund L. Whelan, Lt., Army 
Albert C. Williamson, Army 
Nicholas Yacovitch, Army 


Ralph T. Ambrose, Army 

Dr. Edward H. Barry, Lt. 

Joseph P. Barry, Army 

Raymond L. Belliveau, Lt., Navy 

Charles E. Berry 

John F. Bowler, Coast Guard 

Francis X. Bride, Army 

John F. Burke, Army 

Edmund J. Cahill, Army 

George B. Cavanaugh, Lt., Army 

James J. Clerkin, Army 

William F. Cogan, Army 

David I. Connelly, Sgt., Army 

Dr. James E. Connolly, Lt., Navy 

John J. Corcoran. Lt., U. S. M. C. 

David F. X. Cowhig, Army 

Francis J. Crimmings, Capt., Army 

John E. Crowley, Major, Army 

Robert E. Curran, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Joseph F. Curran, Lt., Navy 

Edmund J. Curry, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Charles R. Darby, C. P. O., Navy 

Dominic J. DeStefano, Jr., Navy 

Anthony J. DeVico, Lt., Navy 

Eugene F. Donaldson, Lt., Army 

Robert A. Donovan, Navy 

Dr. William J. Dougherty, Lt., Navy 

Paul G. Dugan, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas G. Dunlap 

Francis T. Eaton, Army 

James Z. Farley, Army 

Charles M. Featherstone, Lt., Navy 

John E. Flynn, Lt., Navy 

Richard J. Gaiero, Sgt., Army 

William J. Gallagher, Coast Guard 

Frank J. Galvin, Navy 

Dr. John R. Gately, Lt., Navy 

Charles C. Gentile 

Francis J. Good, Army 

Dr. William J. Grace, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Harold M. Groden, Lt., Army 

John J. Healy, Lt., Navy 

John W. Herlihy, Navy 

Norman J. Holly, Ensign, Navy 

James J. Hinchey, Lt., Army 

Eugene L. Hurley, Lt., Army 

Dr. Paul D. Hurley, Lt., Navy 

William A. Kean, Ensign, Navy 

Daniel F. Kelliher, Navy 

William J. Landrey, Sgt., Army 

James M. Landrigan, Army 

Daniel F. Loughry, Army 

Charles L. McCarthy, Army 

Edward X. McColgan, Lt., Army 

Dr. James F. McDonough 

Francis E. McElroy, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Arthur J. McSweeney, Army 

Thomas J. McTiernan, Ensign, Navy 

Francis X. Maguire, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. Richard C. Moloney, Lt. 


Robert N. Mead, Lt., Army 

Dr. C. Henry Murphy, Maritime Service 

Francis J. Murphy, Army 

John J. Murphy, Lt., Army 

Dr. William C. Nash, Lt., Army 

Dr. John V. Nicholson, Lt. 

Edward J. O'Brien, Lt., Navy 

Thomas F. O'Brien, Army 

Dr. Henry W. Ohrenberger, Lt., Navy 

Francis X. O'Loughlin, Sgt., Army 

Raymond J. Perry, Ensign, Coast Guard 

John C. Pestier, Sgt., Army 

Dr. James M. Peters, Lt., Navy 

John J. Power, Army 

Robert T. Quinn, Lt., Navy 

George E. Richardson, Corp., Army 

Edward J. Riley, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. Joseph G. Riley, Navy 

Joseph C. Ryan, Lt., Army 

Joseph H. Ryan, Ensign, Navy 

Henry L. Sheeban, Army 

Francis A. Sullivan, Navy 

J. Jerome Sullivan, Lt., Army 

James B. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Walter F. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Raymond J. Towle, Capt., Army 

John I. Vaughan, Lt., Army 

Louis J. Walsh, Army 

Francis A. Welsh, Lt., Army 


William E. Baxter, Lt., Army 

Henry G. Beauregard, Ensign, Navy 

Daniel J. Boudreau, Army 

Stephen J. Brenan, Army 

Dr. John A. Burke, Lt., Navy 

John G. Burke, Lt., Army 

Gerard F. Burke, Lt., Army 

Robert F. Cahill, Army 

Herbert F. Carroll 

Robert E. Chamberlain, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

William P. Colpoys, Capt., Army 

John J. Connelly, Army 

James F. Connors, Ensign, Navy 

Randyl P. Cournoyer, Army 

Francis M. Curran, Lt., Army 

Joseph E. Dacey, Army 

John T. Daley, Ensign, Navy 

James H. Dalton, Navy 

Mark J. Dalton, Navy 

John F. Di Napoli, Army 

Sidney Dunn, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Joseph J. Dwyer, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph J. Ecker, Lt., Army 

William J. Ellis, C. B. M., Coast Guard 

Vincent R. Esposito, Army 

John E. Fahey, Lt., Navy 

Joseph L. Fitzgerald, Army 

Maurice E. Fitzgerald, Ensign, Navy 

Paul F. Flaherty, Ensign, Navy 

Anthony P. Flynn, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Foley, U. S. M. C. 

Edward P. Galligan, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Thomas G. Gardner, Lt., Army 

Paul F. Gaughran, Lt., Army 

Henry J. Gartland, Lt., Army 

John V. Geary, Ensign, Navy 

James E. Gilcreast, Navy 

George M. C. Goodwin, Lt., Navy 

Edward J. Gorman, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph M. Harvey, Army 

Thomas W. Haverty, Ensign, Navy 

William G. Hayward, Ensign, Navy 

Lawrence J. Hern, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph F. Jones, Lt., Army 

Dr. Frank J. Jordan, Jr., Lt., Army 

Thomas A. Keane, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. Edward J. Kelly, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Dr. Edward F. Kickham, Lt., Army 

Joseph H. Killion, Jr., Lt., Army 

Thomas H. Killion, Lt., Army 

Joseph E. King, Lt., Army 

Dr. John E. Lally, Lt., Army 

Samuel J. Leavis, Jr., Army 

Robert L. Levine, Army 

George J. Lovett, Jr., Ensign,, Navy 

Patrick A. McCarthy, Coast Guard 

John B. McEnroe, Army 

Richard L. McGinnis, Ensign, Navy 

Paul T. McGrady, Navy 

James D. McNally, Lt., Army 

George F. Mahoney, Ensign, Navy 

Frank A. Metz, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Karl H. Miethe, Army 

Stanislaus B. Milus, Lt., Army 

Frederick T. Moore, Jr., Navy 

Thomas J. Moore, Army 

Dr. Richard E. Mulcahy, Lt., Army 

George J. Naymie, Jr., Lt., Army 

Joseph J. Nolan, Navy 

Joseph F. O'Brien 

Edward A. Ochs, Lt., Army 

Frederick P. O'Connell, Navy 

Joseph A. O'Dowd, Lt., Army 

Robert J. O'Hayre, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. John F. Paget, Lt., Army 

Paul V. Power, Lt., Navy 

Joseph W. Prior, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. William R. Provenzano, Lt., Army 

Joseph J. Ranieri, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Frederick W. Roche, Lt., Army 

Alfred H. Rosen, Ensign, Navy 

Walter C. Ryan, Navy 

Charles X. Sampson, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas W. Sherman, Ensign, Navy 

Lawrence I. Smith, Army 

Paul T. Sullivan, Army 

John J. Terry, Ensign, Navy 

Edward L. Toomey, Corp., Army 

Philip A. Tracy, Army 

Thomas J. Walsh, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Vincent A. Wenners, Ensign, Navy 


Edward R. Ahearn, Ensign, Navy 
Paul R. Andres, Lt., Army 
Clement C. Archer, Coast Guard 
John G. Barrett, Lt., Army 
Joseph C. Barry, Lt., Navy 
James R. Berry, Army 
Dr. James A. Bragan, Lt., Army 
Robert J. Brennan, Capt., Army 
John J. Burgess, Lt., British Navy 
William M. Burns, Ensign, Navy 
Francis L. Butters, Lt., Navy 
Dr. William A. Carey, Lt., Army 
Frederick P. Carmody, Lt. 
William J. Carpenito, Army 
Harold M. Carr, Lt., Army 
Arthur Ciampa, Army 
Edward B. Clancy, Sgt., Army 
John E. Collins, Lt., Army 
John J. Conlon, Navy 
John W. Corbett, Jr., Capt., Army 
Dr. Paul J. Coughlin, Lt., Army 
Leo J. Coveney, Ensign, Navy 
John D. Crimmings, Army 
Eugene S. Cronin, Army 
John J. Cronin, Army 
Frank P. Crowley, Jr., Army 
Richard J. Cruise, Lt., Navy 
James T. Curtis, Lt., Army 
Charles P. Daly, Ensign, Navy 
Nicholas J. Dergay 
Richard F. Dillon, Corp., Army 
James F. Dineen, Ensign, Navy 
James D. Doherty, Army 
John F. Donahue, Army 
John F. Donelan, Ensign, Navy 
James A. Dorsey, Jr., Lt., Army 


Thomas F. Dorsey, Lt., Army 

Walter L. Douglas 

James T. Dunn, Army 

Frank J. Durst, Jr., Army 

Charles G. Fallon, U. S- M. C. 

Francis R. Feeney, Major, Army 

A.tilio F. Ferdenzi, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Raymond M. Fitzpatrick, Army 

John P. Fleet, Lt., Navy 

Alfred M. Folkard, Army 

Frederick F. Ford, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Dr. Michael J. Frasca, Lt., Army 

David L. Futransky, Capt., Army 

John T. Galvin, Navy 

Benjamin J. Gambino, Army 

Joseph J. Garrahan, Army 

Robert L. Gibbons, Ensign, Navy 

Theodore A. Glynn, Jr., Lt., Navy 

Austin M. Griffin, Navy 

Walter A. Hamilton, Army 

Edward J. Hart, Army 

Joseph B. Herlihy, Lt., U. S- M. C. 

Charles A. Hurley, Coast Guard 

William F. Huxley, Army 

Charles A. larrobino, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Francis C. Kane, Lt., Army 

Francis J. Keefe, Jr., Lt., Navy 

Harvey A. Kelly, Jr., Army 

Joseph F. Kelly, Corp., Army 

Richard M. Kelly, Ensign, Navy 

Vincent C. Keough, Ensign, Navy 

Paul R. Lally, Lt., Navy 

William J. Meek, Navy 

Joseph R. McCurdy, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas L. McDermott, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph F. McDevitt, Lt., Army 

George A. McDonough, Navy 

James H. Mclnerney, Lt., Navy 

John J. McKenna, Capt., Army 

Dr. Hugh F. Mahoney, Lt., Navy 

John J. Mitchell, Lt., Navy 

Edward B. Murphy, Army 

Francis G. Murphy 

Joseph P. Murray, Ensign, Navy 

Francis X. Noonan, Navy 

Richard H. O'Connell, Ensign, Navy 

Daniel T. O'Connor, Lt., Army 

John J. O'Day, Lt., Navy 

Charles H. Ouimet, Ensign, Navy 

Paul E. Partridge, Ensign, Navy 

Edward J. Power, Lt., Army 

Daniel J. Pratola, Yeoman, Navy 

Charles J. Quigley, Ensign, Navy 

James G. Quigley, Army 

Robert B. Russell, Lt., Army 

Francis W. Ryan, Army 

Thornas A. Saint, Ensign, Navy 

Loran T. Sanford, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph J. Shapiro, Lt., Army 

John F. Sheridan 

Byron C. Stokes, U. S. M. C. 

Daniel J. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

Thomas A. Sullivan, Lt. 

Timothy F. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

William H. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Burchill T. Sweeney, Army 

Gregory W. Tiernan 

D. Paul Toomey, Army 

Albert T. Tortolini, Ensign, Navy 

William B. Trainor, Army 

Richard L. Trum, Lt., Navy 

Dr. Aldo G. Verde, Lt., Navy 

Joseph A. Walsh, Army 

Joseph H. Wellings, Lt. 

Joseph M. Whelton, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas A. White, Lt., U. S. M. C. 


William J. Adams, Lt., Army 
John F. Barolis 


Daniel A. Barry, Jr., U. S. M. C. 

Walter F. Barry, Ensign, Navy 

Paul M. Bartholomew 

William B. Bergen, Army 

Richard W. Blood, Army 

Thomas R. Bowler, Lt., Navy 

Joseph A. Boyle, Lt., Army 

William F. Brennan, Army 

John J. Burns, Navy 

Joseph L. Butler, Army 

John G. Cahill 

Robert D. Callahan, Army 

Richard F. Canavan, Lt., Army 

John J. Canney, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

James J. Casey, Army 

Henry J. Chiarini, Lt., Army 

George F. Clinton, Army 

John W. Collins, Army 

William J. Conlin, Army 

Albert J. Connolly, Army 

Bernard J. Connolly, Ensign, Navy 

John J. Connolly, Army 

Albert C. Horsfall, '39 

Lt., Army Air Corps 
Bernard M. Shea, ex-'39 

U. S. Maritime Service 
Charles T. Willock, Law '44 

Army Air Corps 
Thomas H. Cook, '41 

Ensign, Navy Air Corps 
Thomas F. Madden, "40 

Lt., Army Air Corps 
John J. Shea, '18 

Commander, Navy Air Corps 
Charles F. Conlan, '31 

Lt., U. S. M. C. 
Edward L. Foley, '39 

Captain, U. S. M. C. 
Dr. Henry H. Connolly, '37 

Lt., U. S. N. R. 
John A. O'Toole, '39 

Ensign, U. S. N. R. 
William T. Donovan, '41 

Ensign, U. S. N. R. 
John J. Gallagher, '41 

Cadet, Army Air Corps 
Daniel J. Sullivan, '41 

Ensign, U. S. N. R. 
Edison F. Sawyer, '33 

Private, Army 
John F. Coughlin, '38 

Sergeant, Army 
Richard A. Kelly, '39 

Capt. U. S. M. C. 
Thomas E. McCarthy, ex-'43 

Lt., Army Air Corps 

Edward S. Corrigan, Army 
Thomas F. Cosgrove, Lt., Army 
William J. Coughlan, Lt., Army 
John A. Cronin, Army 
Vincent M. Crowley, Corp., Army 
Robert E. Curtis, Jr., Army 
George F. Cunniff, Lt., Army 
Paul J. Cunniff, Lt., Army 
Anthony J. DiNatale, Lt., Army 
James R. Doherty, Navy 
William F. Donovan, Jr., Navy 
John A. Dromey, Ensign, Navy 
William R. Duane, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
Paul V. Farrell, Jr. 
William D. Finan, Navy 
Francis X. Finnegan 
John F. Finnerty, Ensign, Navy 
Benedict F. Fitzgerald, Lt., Navy 
Robert J. Fleming, Ensign, Navy 
John F. Forristall, Ensign, Navy 

John H. Galway, Jr., Sgt., Army 

John P. Gately, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Thomas F. Gately, Ensign, Navy 

John W. Gavin, Ensign, Navy 

Richard M.. Gill, Lt., Army 

Francis I. Goode, Lt., Army 

John F. Graney, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Guthrie, Ensign, Navy 

Martin J. Hanley, Army 

Gerald C. Harrington, Army 

Edward F. Hines, Lt., Navy 

Francis A. Hunt, Navy 

David W. Hyland, Sgt., Army 

John C. Janusas, Navy 

John J. Kelly, Army 

Paul J. Kelly, Lt., Army 

Charles D. Kimball, Ensign, Navy 

John J. King, Lt., Army 

Myles C. King, Ensign, Navy 

Peter G. Kirslis, Army 

James J. Kissell 

Oliver J. LaRonde, Jr., Army 

Byron V. Leary, Major, U. S. M. C- 

Joseph T. Lincoln, Navy 

Ralph J. Luise, Army 

James L. McDonald, Army 

Thomas E. McFarland, Coast Guard 

Paul D. McGarr, Lt., Army 

Robert E. McGinnis, Lt., Army 

William E. Mclnerney, Army 

Dr. Francis J. McMahon, Lt., Navy 

William P. McNally, Army 

Dr. Thomas J. McNamara, Lt., Navy 

John J. McSweeney, Jr., Navy 

Francis P. Mackey, Army 

Henry A. Maffeo, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Peter A. Maffeo, Lt., Army 

Bradford B. Mahoney, Navy 

Martin B. Mahoney, Lt., Army 

Paul J. Mahoney, Army 

Timothy J. Mahoney, Army 

John F. Mannix, Army 

Joseph F. Marshall, Army 

John B. Morris, Ensign, Navy 

Paul V. Mulkern 

John J. Murphy, Jr., Lt., Navy 

William H. O'Connell, Army 

Arthur F. O'Connor, Lt., Army 

Thomas E. O'Connor, Lt., Army 

Charles F. O'Hara, Ensign, Navy 

James M. O'Hare, Ensign, Navy 

John T. O'Neill, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Raymond S. Perrault, Ensign, Navy 

Robert D. Power, Army 

Joseph H. Powers, Ensign, Navy 

William B. Prior, Corp., Army 

James D. Regan, Navy 

George J. Reinhalter, Ensign, Navy 

Robert J. Roche, Ensign, Navy 

Mario J. Roscio.. Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Joseph M. Runci, Army 

Francis P. Ryan, Army 

Paul L. Schultz, Lt., Army 

Bernard M. Scully, Lt., Army 

Martin F. Shaughnessey, Lt., Army 

Joseph R. Sheehan, Navy 

John J. Short, Lt., Army 

Paul A. Snell, Army 

Francis J. Solari, Jr., Navy 

Eugene P. Soles, Lt., Army 

Dr. Richard H. Stanton, Lt., Navy 

Francis G. Stapleton, Ensign, Navy 

Francis E. T. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

John J. Sullivan 

James H. Sullivan 

Kevin J. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

William F. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

William I. Taylor, Navy 

Edward W. Toomey, Jr., Lt., Navy 

William H. Walsh, Army 



Joseph J. Adams, Jr., Army 

Thomas J. Ahem, U. S. M. C. 

Arthur C. Allan, Navy 

James H. Ayers, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Paul T. Banks, Lr., Army 

Dr. Alfred W. Branca, Lt., Army 

Francis P. Brennan, Army 

Richard D. Bulman, Lt., Navy 

Lawrence H. Burkard, Radioman, Navy 

James Lawrence Cadigan, Corp., Army 

Vincent P. Cahalane, Navy 

Francis A. Cahill, Lt., Navy 

Merle L. Carey, Lt., Army 

Richard F. Casey, Army 

Benjamin L. Chiampa, Lt., Army 

Charles W. Geary, Army 

John J. Clifford, U. S. M. C. 

William J. Condon, Army 

Richard J. Coner 

John J. Connolly, Ensign, Navy 

Arthur F. Connor, Ensign, Navy 

James P. Corrigan, Army 

Arthur L. Cox, Army 

Raymond G. Coyne, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

John E. Cronin, Ensign, Navy 

Arthur B. Crowley, Army 

John D. Crowley, Lt., Army 

Francis X. Cuddy, Ensign, Navy 

James B. Cuff, Ensign, Navy 

Richard P. Cummings, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Ralph G. Dacey, Lt., Navy 

Timothy J. Dacey, Army 

Louis J. DePass, Capt., Army 

George J. Devlin, Lt., Army 

Paul Devlin, Lt., Army 

Jcmes J. Doherty, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick J. Donovan, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

William L. Donovan, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph F. X. Durant, Army 

Nelson F. Erickson, Jr., Lt., Army 

Frederick E. Fabian, Army 

George J. Farrell, Lt., Army 

Robert T. Fee, Lt., Army 

Albert T. Fiore, Army 

Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick, Lt., Army 

William R. Fleming, Army 

James J. Flood, Major, Army 

Earl S. Foley, Sgt., Army 

Edward C. Foley, Army 

William P. Ford, Navy 

John J. Flynn, Ensign, Navy 

Paul B. Flynn, Lt., Army 

Francis J. Gaffey, Navy 

John F. Gallagher, Lt., Army 

Walter R. Gallagher, Lt., Army 

John F. X. Gaquin, Lt., Army 

James F. Gilligan, Lt., Army 

Fella F. Gintoff 

Lawrence A. Harrington, Navy 

John F. Hart, Army 

James K. Hastings, Sgt., Army 

John T. Henderson, Lt., Army 

Edward J. Hennessy, Lt., Army 

Daniel F. Horton, Ensign, Navy 

Robert L. Howard, Lt., Navy 

George E. Hudson, Army 

Dr. John J. Hunter, Lt., Army 

David J. Hurley, Army 

Francis W. Hyland, Lt., Navy 

Ira A. Jivilikian, Navy 

Howard S. Johnson, Ensign, Navy 

Paul A. Keane, Lt., Army 

Paul H. Keefe, Navy 

Francis P. Kelley 

James F. Kelly, Navy 

Richard A. Kelly, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Edmund F. Kennedy 

Thomas F. Kennedy, Navy 


Peter A. Kerr, Coast Guard 

Thomas J. Kilday, Sgt., Army 

Jan J. Kozlowski 

James F. Law, Army 

Thomas E. Lambe, U. S. M. C. 

Simeon E. Legendre, Army 

Andrew F. Lentine, C. P. O., Navy 

Francis X. Lowry, Navy 

John P. Luddy, Lt., Navy 

James P. Lynch, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John J. Lynch, Corp., Army 

Paul W. MacKinnon, Ensign 

Joseph W. McCarthy, Sgt., Army 

William D. McCarthy, Lt-, Army 

William E. McCarthy, Ensign, Navy 

William G. McCarthy, Lt., Navy 

John F. McCarty, Army 

Francis J. McDermott, Corp., Army 

Daniel J. McFadden, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

James I. McGrath, Lt., Army 

Joseph J. McNulty, Navy 

Charles J. Maguire, Army 

Alfred M. Mahoney, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Edward T. Mahoney, Ensign, Navy 

Francis X. Mahoney, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Mahoney, Ensign, Navy 

John A. Malloy, Ensign, Navy 

P. Francis Martin, Army 

William J. Meehan, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick J. Molloy, Ensign, Navy 

Dr. John L. Monahan, Lt., Army 

Paul F. Moore, Navy 

Arthur V. Morrison, Army 

Charles J. Murphy, Ensign, Navy 

James G. Murphy, Army 

John W. Murphy, Army 

John A. V. Murray, Lt., Army 

Paul W. Needham, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick A. Norton, Army 

Edward F. O'Brien, Army 

Raymond G. O'Donnell, Navy 

Francis A. O'Malley, Ensign, Navy 

Charles P. O'Riordan, Army 

Thomas R. Palombo, Army 

James A. Patrick, Lt., Army 

William J. Patten, Lt., Navy 

John T. Peyton, Sgt., Army 

Edward F. Phelan, Lt., Army 

Norman R. Pilote, Lt., Army 

Paul L. Powell, Army 

John A. Powers, Army 

Joseph F. Quilty, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Philip Quinn, Army 

Thomas F. Quinn, Ensign, Navy 

William L. Quirk, Lt., Army 

Alfred T. Redmund, Army 

Joseph F. Regan, Corp., Army 

James J. Ricciuti 

John J. Roddy, Lt., Army 

Edward J. Rooney, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Herbert L. Rooney, Army 

Daniel B. Ryan, Jr., Army 

Joseph A. Ryan, Army 

Joseph A. Sammartino, Ensign, Navy 

C. Paul Scanlon, Army 

Francis W. Sennott, Navy 

Anthony T. Shtogren, Lt., Army 

Michael A. Smigielski, Army 

Dr. Leo J. Smith, Lt., Army 

Robert A. Smi^h, Coast Guard 

Sigmund P. Romy, Coast Guard 

Ernest C. Sullivan, Phar. Mate, Navy 

Thomas R. Sullivan 

Bernard E. Tully, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph Tuscher, Army 

Dr. Edward J. Twigg, Lt., Navy 

Frederick G. Tyrrell, Lt., Navy 

Raymond E. Underwood, Army 

Henri L. J. Valade, Lt., Army 

William J. Vaughan, Army 
David I. Walsh, Army 
Thaddeus J. Walsh, Army 
Edward J. Weafer, Ensign, Navy 
George N. Whittaker, Ensign, Navy 
Frank G. Zeimetz, U. S. M. C. 


James M. Anderson, Navy 

William L. Barrett, Lt., Army 

Roger J. Battles, Ensign, Navy 

Walter R. Boehner, Ensign, Navy 

Normand A. Bourget, Lt., Army 

John E. Boyle, Ensign 

Walter J. Brickett, Lt., Army 

William F. Brinkert, Army 

Leo J. Brogan 

Paul J. Brooks, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John J. Burggraf, Army 

James E. Burke, Corp., Army 

Francis J. Burns, Lt-, Army 

James J. Byrne, Army 

Edward F. Cameron, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

William F. Cannon, Jr., Army 

Eugene J. Canty, Ensign, Navy 

Sylvester P. Carosi, Navy 

Thomas A. Cox 

Charles P. Conlon, Ensign, Coast Guarc 

Stephen D. Connolly, Army 

Thomas J. Connelly, Navy 

William J. Condon, Ensign, Navy 

William C. Conlon, Army 

Francis J. Cosgrove, Navy 

Joseph G. Costigan, Ensign, Navy 

Robert J. Cromwell, Lt., Navy 

Jeremiah A. Cronin, Lt., Navy 

Joseph V. Cronin, Army 

Thomas J. Cross., Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Thomas J. Cudmore, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Richard F. Curran, Army 

Francis X. Deely, Army 

Henry T. Desmond 

Joseph M. Di Pietro, Army 

Francis T. Donovan, Sgt., Army 

Joseph P. Donovan, Jr., Navy 

Thomas F. Donovan, Army 

Ralph E. Dougherty, Lt., Army 

John A. Douglas, Army 

Frederick W. Dow, Lt., Army 

John B. Doyle, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Frederick L. Driscoll, Army 

John P. Dubrule, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas E. Duffey, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

William A. Duffey, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas M. Eccleston, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Joseph F. Driscoll, Coast Guard 

Patrick J. Ennis, Lt., Army 

Timothy M. Faherty, Sgt., Army 

Edward J. Fallon, Lt., Army 

Bernard J. Finan, Jr., Lt., Army 

James F. Fitzgerald, Army 

Paul V. Foley, Army 

Francis R. Follis, Sgt., Army 

Robert H. Ford, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas J. Furey, Army 

John E. Foristall, Army 

Hector G. Gai, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Thomas J. Gair, Ensign, Navy 

Francis P. Gallagher, Army 

Gerald J. Gallagher, Army 

Henry F. Gately, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John B. Gibbons, Lt., Navy 

Max W. Gibbs, Navy 

John C. Gibson, Lt. 

Thomas P. Gill, Army 

William P. Gilligan, Army 

Thomas J. Glennon, Ensign, Navy 

Paul J. Greeley, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph A. Groden, Lt., Navy 


Richard P. Harrison, Coast Guard 

Francis E. Hassey, Lt., Army 

Hugh W. Hayes, Army 

Edward J. Healey, Ensign, Navy 

Robert L. Healey, Sgt., Army 

Theodore J. Heaslip, Lt., Navy 

Walter C. Herlihy, Lt., Army 

Owen T. Hillberg, Army 

Lawrence H. Howe, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Arthur R. Joyce, Sgt., Army 

James M. Kean, Army 

Henry P. Keenan 

John M. Kelleher, U. S. M. C. 

William C. Kelly, Lt., Navy 

Edmund J. Kenny, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Albert J. Keough, Navy 

Joseph L. Keough, Lt., Army 

Lawrence F. Kickham, Lt., Army 

Louis J. Kidhardt, Lt., Army 

Robert J. Kill ion, Lt., Army 

William G. Kiniry, Jr., Lt., Navy 

William J. Laverfy, Army 

Frederick J. Leahy, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Leary, Lt., Army 

Leo E. Logue, Lt., Army 

Walter A. MacDonough, Army 

Eugene V. McAuliffe, Army 

John J. McCarthy, Lt., Army 

Joseph A. McCarthy, Army 

Joseph F. McCarthy, Ensign, Navy 

Arthur H. McDevitt, Lt., Army 

Joseph E. McDonald, Corp., Army 

Joseph M. McGann 

Robert H. McGee, Lt., Navy 

William P. McGlone 

Robert E. McGovern, Ensign, Navy 

Cornelius D. McGrath, Lt., Navy 

Joseph W. McKenney, Ensign, Navy 

John L. McLaughlin, Army 

Henry J. McMahon, Navy 

James F. McNamara, Ensign, Navy 

James R. McNicholas, Army 

Edward J. McPherson, Lt., Army 

John E. Mackin, Lt., Navy 

Robert W. Magwood, Lt., Army 

James J. Mahoney, Lt., Army 

William A. Miaisey, Army 

John M. Malloy, Lt., Navy 

Elmer J. Marsh, Lt., Army 

Bradford Martin, Coast Guard 

Irving S. Meyers, Army 
John F. Mitchell, Army 

Donald V. Mulcahy, Ensign, Navy 
John J. Mulligan, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John J. Murphy 

Edmund J. Nagle, Corp., Army 

John F. Nash 

Everett L. Noonan 

Michael J. Noonan, Lt., Army 

Mark H. Norton, Ensign, Navy 

Bernard J. Oates, Sgt., Army 

Francis M. O'Brien, Army 

John J. O'Donnell, Army 

John C. O'Hara, Army 

Robert F. O'Malley, Army 

John F. O'Riordan, Army 

Robert J. Picardi, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Robert W. Power, Army 

Richard F. Piwers, Ensign, Navy 

William J. Powers, Ensign, Navy 

James W. Pratt, Navy 

Patrick A. Rafferty, Army 

Joseph B. Regan, Ensign, Navy 

Daniel F. Riley, Army 

Leo W. Raache, Army 

Frederick T. Robertie, Navy 

Patrick J. Roche 

Joseph S. Rogan, Coast Guard 

Leon E. Roy, Army 


Gerald F. Russell, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

James T. Russell, Corp., Army 

John F. Ryan, Capt., U. S. M. C. 

James R. Ryder, Jr., Capt., U. S. M. C. 

Gordon F. Santacross, Lt., Armv 

George J. Sawicki, Navy 

Henry E. Schimdt, Lt., Navy 

Edward J. Schofield, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Timothy J. Shannon, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Shea, Ensign, Navy 

William J. Shea, Navy 

John J. Sheehan 

Russell R. Sheerin, Navy 

Albert J. Sinofsky, Corp., Army 

Francis X. Smith, Army 

Thomas W. Smithers, Capt., U. S. M. C 

George F. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Herbert J. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

James E. Sullivan, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Jeremiah X. Sullivan, Navy 

John J. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Leo F. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

Michael W. Sullivan, Lt., Army 

Walter J. Sullivan, Army 

William J. Sweeney, Ensign, Navy 

Edward C. Swenson, Ensign, Navy 

John E. Swift, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Richard D. Teehan, Navy 

James E. Thompson, Ensign, Navy 

Lawrence J- McPeake, ex-'23 

Lt. Commander, U. S. N. 
George T. Trudell, '36 

Lt., U. S. N. 
John F. Daly, '40 

Lt., Army Air Corps 
Victor E. Ouimer, '33 

Lt., U. S. N. 
Thomas M. Roddy, ex-'39 

Lt., U. S. N. R. 
Philip A. Lanzo, Intown 

Private, Army Air Corps 
George D. Cunning, '37 

Private, Army 
Arthur V. Cullen, '40 

Captain, Army Air Corps 

Charles B. Thornton, Lt., Navy 
Paul E. Tondorf, Army 
Charles F. Toohey, Ensign, Navy 
Edward J. Twomey, Army 
Charles H. Vaughn, Jr., Lt., Army 
John J. Walsh, Navy 
James R. Ward,, Lt., Army 
Walter F. West, U. S. M. C. 
Henry J. White, Ensign, Navy 
Frank L. Zona, Sgt., Army 


Paul R. Achin 

John R. Ambrogne, Army 

Herbert W. Arnold, Ensign 

Albert Arsenault, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Charles A. Austin, Lt., Army 

John J. Bane, Navy 

Albin T. Baniewicz, Navy 

Martin F. Barrett, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John F. Beatty, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Francis H. Bellew, Navy 

Edwin R. Birtwell, Corp., Army 

Joseph F. Bishop, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John W. Blakeney, Navy 

Francis X. Blouin, Sgt., Army 

Edward Bourgeault, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick C. Bowen 

John J. Brady, Jr., Lt., Army 
William F. Brewin, Ensign, Navy 
Leo F. Brown, Ensign 
William J. Bulger, Navy 
Robert J. Cahill, Army 
Martin J. Carew, Jr. 
John J. Connor, Jr., Corp., Army 
Lawrence L. Connors, Navy 
John F. Corbett, U. S. M. C. 
Francis B. Coughlin, Lt., Army 
Walter H. Cuenin, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
John S. Cullen, Ensign, Navy 
Walter J. Cullen, Army 
Francis J. Daley, Army 
Joseph P. Daly, Lt., Army 
William F. Doherty, Navy 
Robert F. Dole, U. S. M. C. 
Thomas B. Donelin, Army 
William A. Dowd, Jr., Lt., Army 
Daniel F. Doyle, Army 
Patrick J. Doyle, Lt., Army 
Joseph F. Dwyer, Army 
Joseph 0. Eblan, Army 
William P. Everett, Army 
Thomas J. Finnegan, Jr., Army 
William J. Fitzgerald, U. S. M. C. 
Raymond C. Flynn, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
John F. Ford, Lt., U. S. M, C. 
William A. Fouhy, Jr., Ensign, Navy 
Bernard W. J. Frazier, Army 
Thomas J- Galligan, Jr., Ensign, Navy 
Thomas J. Gallagher, Lt., Navy 

Francis J. Galvani, Army 
Samuel J. Galzerano, Army 
John J. Gately, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
William J. Gerity, Army 

Fred J. Gibney, Army 
Chester S. Gladchuk, Navy 

William G. Glennon, Army 

Everett A. Good, Army 

Eugene Goodreault, Ensign, Navy 

Mario F. Guarcello, Lt., Army 

Paul W. Hackett, Army 

Henry P. Hamrock, Ensign, Coast Guard 

William P. Hannon, Jr., Lt., Army 

John J. Harney, Army 

Edward J. Harrington, Army 

J. Warren Heffernan, Jr., Navy 

Francis T. Hegarty, Lt., Army 

James J. Hickey, Sgt., Army 

William J. Houlihan, Army 

John A. Hurley, Army 

John E. Jansen, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Frederick L. Jaquith, Army 

Thomas J. Jordan, Jr., Army 

Thaddeus E. Judge, Jr., Army 

Saul E. Katz, Navy 

Paul M. Kelly, Sgt., Army 

James L. Kennedy 

James J. Kiely, Coast Guard 

John J. Leniban, Army 

Robert F. Long, Army 

Alexander Lukachik, Coast Guard 

Charles V. Lyness, Ensign, Navy 

Paul J. McCabe, Army 

Joseph M. McCafferty, Corp., Army 

Francis McCarthy, Ensign, Coast Guard 

William E. McCarthy, Ensign, Navy 

James P. McCrohan, Army 

Thomas E. McDonald, Army 

R. E. McGehearty, Ensign, Coast, Guard 

Paul R. C. McGrath, Army 

James D. McLaughlin, Lt. 

Joseph D. McLaughlin, Navy 

George F. McNamara, Army 

Francis M. McSweeney, Navy 

William D. Maguire, Army 

John B. Maher, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Thimas E. Mahon, Ensign, Coast Guard 


Gerald P. Mahoney, Army 

Joseph M. Manzo, Corp., Army 

Eugene H. Marley, Navy 

David B. Merrick, Army 

Vincent G. Milbury, Ensign, Navy 

Thomas F. S. Monahan, Army 

Edward J. Moore, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Edward Morey 

John M. Morrissey, Navy 

John M. Mulroy, Ensign, Navy 

John J. Mulvehill, Capt., Army 

Philip M. Murphy, Ensign, Navy 

Robert F. Murphy 

James P. Murray 

Joseph C. Murray, Ensign, Navy 

John L. Nuttall, Ensign, Navy 

Albert V. Nyren, Sgt-, Army 

Francis X. O'Brien, Army 

John F. O'Brien, Lt., Army 

John J. O'Brien 

Edward U. O'Donnell, Ensign, Navy 

Paul S. O'Neal, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Michael J. O'Neil, Lt., Army 

Joseph F. O'Reilly, Lt., Army 

Donald R. 0"Sullivan, Army 

John E. Pryor, Army 

Robert M. Rados, Lt., Army 

Richard E. Ready, Army 

Daniel J. Regan, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John F. Roake, Army 

Edward S. Roche, Jr., Army 

James H. Rodenbush, Ensign, Navy 

James M. Rogers, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

William S. Rooney, Navy 

Francis J. Ryan, Lt., Army 

Willis L. Saulnier, Corp., Army 

Edward W. Sawyer, Lt., Army 

Raymond F. Scannell, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph D. Shea, Ensign, Navy 

Henry J. Sheehan, Army 

John P. Sheehy, Navy 

Thomas F. Sheeran 

Robert E. Sliney, Corp., Army 

Nicholas J. Sottile, Lt., Army 

Francis A. Stanton, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Eugene M. Sullivan, Army 

Francis L. Talbot 

Richard D. Tenney, Army 

Paul V. True, Ensign, Navy 

Roy H. Upham, Army 

Joseph J. Vaughan, Lt., Army 

Cornelius Vincent, Army 

Edward A. Walsh, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

James R. Walsh, Army 

William R. Weiss, Army 

John F. Yauckoes, Navy 

Joseph P. Zabilski, Ensign, Navy 


Charles J. Ahem, Lt., U. S- M. C. 
Gerard I . Armitage, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
Robert W. Attridge, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
James F. Bacigalupo, Navy 
John Ballantine, Lt., Army 
James J. Barnicle, Navy 
David P. Birtwell, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
Arthur A. Blaisdell, Lt-, Army 
James F. Boudreau, Lt., Army 
John J. Brennan, Jr., Ensign, Navy 
Lawrence Brennan, Navy 
Harry W. Brown, Coast Guard 
Edward M. Browne, Navy 
Richard L. Buckley, Coast Guard 
Roland M. Buckley, Ensign, Navy 
William F. Bugden, Coast Guard 
John B. Bulman, Navy 
William J. Cadigan, Army 
James B. Cahalane, Lt., U. S. M. C. 
Paul J. Carlin, Ensign, Navy 


Raymond C. Chaisson, Navy 

William L. Charlton, Army 

Thomas Clark, Jr., Army 

Ambrose J. Claus, Navy 

Cornelius D. Cohen, Sgt., Army 

Walter F. Colbert, Ensign, Navy 

James P. Collins, Jr., Ensign, Coast Guard 

William J. Connelly, Ensign, Navy 

John J. Connery, Navy 

Edmund R. Corbett, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Francis D. Cronin, Army 

James D. Cronin, Army 

John Cuoni, Navy 

Thomas J. Dawson, Ensign, Navy 

Vincent J. DeBenedictis, U. S. M. C. 

Michael J. Dee, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Walter L. Deveney, Ensign, Navy 

Francis J. Dever, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph G. Dever, Army 

James F. Doherty, Navy 

Gerard F. Donovan, Army 

John E. Donovan, Army 

William P. Doonan, Navy 

William H. Dowd, Jr., Lt., Army 

John R. Doyle, Ensign, Navy 

Francis L. Driscoll, Jr., Lt., U. S. M. C. 

William F. Dufault, Lt., Army 

Thomas F. Duffy, Ensign, Navy 

William P. Duggan, Navy 

Elphedge O. Dumond, Army 

Robert L. Dunn, Army 

Bernard P. Farragher, Navy 

Richard J. Ferriter, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Walter T. Fitzgerald, Ensign, Navy 

Edward J. Fitzpatrick, Navy 

John F. Fox, Army 

William J. Freni, Navy 

Arthur R. Frithsen, Lt., Army 

William N. Gaine, Ensign, Navy 

Robert E. Gallagher, Army 

Francis X. Gannon, Army 

Terrence J. Geoghegan, Ensign, Navy 

John J. Gibbons, Navy 

Philip J. Gill, Lt., Army 

John J. Glennon, Ensign, Navy 

Marcel J. Gould, P. O., Navy 

Thomas H. Grady, Corp., Army 

Richard E. Grainger, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick J. Griffin, Army 

Ernest J. Handy, Army 

Martin J. Hansberry, Ensign, Navy 

Hugh L. Harkins, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

Robert A. Harris, Army 

John J. Hart, Navy 

Clement J. Hasenfus, Army 

James E. Hawko, Navy 

Lawrence P. Healey, Navy 

Leslie J. Heath, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

John R. Heffernan, Ensign, Navy 

Paul T. Heffron, Army 

Joseph R. Hegarty, Army 

Thomas J. Henry, Navy 

Walter Holder, Army 

John R. Horan, Ensign, Navy 

William J. Home, Jr., Army 

Laurent B. Houle, Army 

John H. larrobino, Ensign, Navy 

Robert T. Jauron, Corp., Army 

Harrison W. Jordan, Navy 

Gerald J. Joyce, Army 

William J. Kane, Ensign, Navy 

Leon Katz, Army 

John P. Keane, Ensign, Navy 

Richard A. Keating, Navy 

J. Fred Keefe, Ensign, Navy 

John L. Keefe, Lt., Navy 

Hubert G. Kelley, Lt., Army 

John E. Kelley, Ensign, Navy 

John F. Kelley, Lt., Navy 

Joseph E. Kelly, Lt., Army 

Thomas W. Kelty, Ensign, Navy 

Edward F. Kenney, Army 

Robert M. Kenney, Sgt. Army 

Lawrence T. Keohane, Lt., Army 

Edwin J. Keyes, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Adolph J. Kissel I, Navy 

John F. Lane, Army 

Thomas J. Lane, Navy 

Robert J. Larkin, Army 

Steven J. Levanitis, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Paul J. Livingston, Ensign, Navy 

Thaddeus J. Lyons, Jr., Sgt., Army 

Joseph C. McCarron, Sgt., Army 

Edward R. McCarthy, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Henry B McConville, Army 

Edward L. McCormack, Ensign, Navy 

Francis J. McCue, Jr., Navy 

Edward S. McDonald, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Thomas F. McDonald, Army 

Martin J. McDonough, Coast Guard 

Eugene G. McGillicuddy, Army 

Justin J. McGowan, Lt., Army 

Edward G. McGrath, Ensign, Navy 

Robert P. McLaughlin, Navy 

Wm. P. McLaughlin, Jr., Ensign, Navy 

John A. McMahon, Sgt., Army 

Thomas M. McMahon, Army 

Gerald J. McMorrow, Navy 

Richard H. McMorrow, Ensign, Navy 

Austin P. McNamara, Navy 

James P. McNulty, Army 

Charles P. Mackin, U. S. M. C. 

Edward L. Madden, Army 

Robert C. Maher, Ensign, Navy 

Francis X. Mahoney 

John V. Mahoney, Navy 

Patrick F. Malia, Army 

James L. Malone, Jr., Capt., U. S- M. C 

Edward T. Martin, Ensign, Navy 

Frediano D. Mattioli, Army 

Charles R. Meehan, Army 

Robert J. Mee, Navy 

John F. Mitchell, Army 

Anthony R. Molloy, Sgt., Army 

John H. Moloney, Jr., Army 

Edmund W. Mulvehill, Navy 

Francis X. Murphy, Lt., Army 

Howard E. Murray, Lt., U. S- M. C. 

Robert F. Muse, Navy 

Carmen G. Muto, Lt., Army 

John D. Noonan, Corp., Army 

Robert J. Noonan, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Gordon J. O'Brien, Lt., Army 

James M. O'Connor, Army 

John L. O'Connor, Army 

Joseph P. O'Connor, Ensign, Navy 

Bernard A. O'Donnell, Sgt., U. S. M. C 

Paul G. O'Hara, Army 

Richard F. O'Halloran, Navy 

Thomas G. O'Leary, Navy 

James P. O'Neill, Navy 

Adolph A. Pasiuk, Army 

Joseph J. Pazniokas, Navy 

John A. Pieroni, Jr., Army 

Ralph C. Powers, Army 

Charles E. Price, Navy 

Patrick H. Rafferty, Lt., Army 

Francis P. Ready, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

John P. Regan, Army 

James P. Reilly, Navy 

Murray A. Rice, Ensign, Navy 

Charles I. Robichaud, Navy 

John G. Ross 

John W. Russell, Army 

Thomas P. Russell, Ensign, Novy 

John T. Ryan, Army 

Paul F. Salipante, Ensign, Navy 

Anthony A. Sannicandro, Navy 


Joseph M. Scannell, Army 

Hugh E. Sharkey, Jr., Army 

Joseph M. Shaw, Coast Guard 

John M. Shea, Navy 

Edward B. Sheehan, Jr., Navy 

Paul E. Sheehan, Army 

Joseph A. Sherry, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Frederick M. Sliney, Ensign, Navy 

Wilfred H. Smith, Army 

James V. Smyth, Army 

James F. Stanton, Navy 

Leo W. Strumski, U. S. M. C. 

Arthur F. Sullivan, Ensign, Coast Guard 

Brian B. Sullivan, Lr., Army 

Charles I. Sullivan, Army 

John L. Sullivan, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph F. Sullivan, Navy 

Timothy F. Sullivan, Coast Guard 

Edward J. Thomas, Army 

Edmund T. Tierney, Lt., Army 

Bernard M. Toomey, Ensign, Navy 

Frederick W. Tracy, Ensign, Navy 

James P. Trovers, Army 

Paul J. Trifiro 

Robert F. Troy, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Modestino J. Vitale 

David I. Walsh, Navy 

Leo J. Walsh, U. S. M. C. 

Henry B. Woronicz, Navy 

Edward J. Zabilski 

Saul Zusman, Army 


John C. Acton, Navy 

Taylor Ahern, Navy 

Louis F. Alfano, Navy 

William J. Amshey, Army 

Joseph F. Arone, Army 

David C. Baatz, Army 

Lawrence R. Babine 

John L. Battles, Navy 

Thomas P. Beatty, Army 

Edmund J. Begley, Army 

Robert D. Blute, Army 

Walter G. Boudreau, Navy 

Warren A. Bradley, U. S. M. C. 

George Bray, Jr., Army 

John J. Breen, Army 

Elmo J. Bregoli, Navy 

Edward J. Brooks, Army 

Byron J. Brown, Army 

Donald Brunelli, Navy 

Charles W. Buckley, Navy 

Robert H. Butler, Navy 

John C. Caldwell, Army 

Edward D. Callahan, Army 

William G. Campbell, U. S. M. C. 

Rocco P. Canale, Army 

Robert A. Cannon, Navy 

James M. Canty, Navy 

Patrick J. Caprio, Navy 

Richard J. Carey, Army 

Andrew L. Carnegie, U. S. M. C. 

Robert F. Carr, Army 

Marc E. Carrigan, Army 

John J. Carusone, Navy 

Robert M. Casey, Navy 

Walter F. Cassell, Army 

Peter A. Caulfield 

George D. Chagaruly, Army 

Joseph F. Clayton, Navy 

Francis L. Clinton, Army 

Francis R. Coen, Army 

William J. Commane, Navy 

John F. Condon, Navy 

Thomas J. Conlon, Army 

Harry W. Connolly, Navy 

James J. Connolly, U. S. M. C. 

James P. Connolly, U. S. M. C. 


Edmund G. Connor, Army 

Thomas P. Connor, Coast Guard 

Paul V. Connors, Army 

Francis J. Conroy, Army 

Thomas S. Conroy, Navy 

James F. Considine, U. S. M. C. 

John F. Corbett, Army 

George M. Criss, Army 

Ubaldi E. Curelli, Army 

Donald F. Currivan, Army 

Edward V. Dailey, U. S. M. C. 

Martin W. Daly, Army 

Stephen J. D'Arcy, Army 

Stanley H. Davis, Army 

William L. Davis, Army 

John T. Day, Navy 

Francis H. Dawson, Army 

Louis W. Diegoli, Navy 

Robert J. DeGiacomo, U. S. M. C. 

George M. Dimond, Jr., U. S M. C. 

Joseph F. Dinneen, Army 

Edward L. Divver, Navy 

William R. Donahue, Navy 

Francis A. Douglas, Navy 

Bernard F. Downey, Army 

James J. Doyle, Army 

James J. Duane, U. S. M. C. 

Eli H. Dubinsky, Army 

Henry J. Ducey, Navy 

James O. Dunn, Lt., Army 

Robert E. Fallon, Army 

Francis J. Farry, Army 

Dr. Arnold J. O'Donnell, '36 

Lt., Army 
George W. Maibach, '38 
Lt., Army 
Patrick H. Rafferty, ex-'42 
Lt., Army 

John R. Ferry, Army 
William F. Fitzgerald 
Francis E. Flaherty, Army 
Thomas J. Flinn, Navy 
Nicholas P. Flynn, Navy 
David W. Folan, Navy 
Angelo Foniri, U. S. M. C. 
Vincent S. Forte, Army 
John T. Foynes, Army 
William J. Gallagher, Navy 
Robert W. Galligan, Navy 
Paul V. Gartland, Navy 
Raul A. Good, Army 
John F. Grady, Army 
Joseph A. Grady, Army 
James F. Graham, Army 
James R. Greene, Army 
Edward W. Greenlaw, Navy 
James F. Grimes, Army 
Walter J. Grondalski, Army 
Halim G. Habib, Navy 
Hallem N. Haddad, Army 
James H. Hagan, Jr., U. S. M. C. 
Robert F. Halligan, Navy 
Joseph W. Hanley, Sgt., Army 
William G. Harber, III., Army 
John E. Hartigan, Army 
Francis M. Harvey, Navy 
James E. Harvey, Army 
John S. Hayes, Army 
Daniel A. Healy, U. S. M. C. 

Paul E. Healy, U. S. M. C. 

John H. Hegary, Navy 

Patrick J. Herlihy, Army 

John L. B. Higgins, Navy 

Francis E. Hill, Army 

Paul J. Hoar, Army 

William M. Hoar, Jr., Navy 

Harold F. Hogan 

Michael J. Holovak, Navy 

Charles C. Houghton, Navy 

Alfonse W. Janavich, Navy 

Arthur C. Jordan, Navy 

John E. Kane, U. S. M. C. 

Norman E. Kane, Navy 

John F. Keane, Army 

John R. Keefe, Jr., Navy 

John C. Kelleher, Navy 

James J. Kelly, Army 

Thomas R. Kennedy, Navy 

Edward F. Kenney, Army 

Thomas J. Kerrissey, Army 

Joseph W. Khoury, U. S. M. C. 

Thomas W. Killion, Army 

Robert W. Killoran, U. S. M. C. 

Francis A. Kimmel, Army 

Paul J. King, Army 

Edward L. Lanigan, Army 

John J. Larner, Navy 

William D. Laubner, Army 

Paul J. Leary, Navy 

Edward E. Linehan, Navy 

John I. Logue, Navy 

Carl L. Lucas, Navy 

Gregory C. Luke, Army 

Robert L. Lunny, Navy 

Joseph P. Lynch, Lt., U. S. M. C. 

Edmund D. Lyons, Navy 

Joseph F. Lyons, Navy 

Thomas J. Lyons, Army 

Francis P. McCann, Navy 

Daniel F. McCarthy, U. S. M. C. 

Edward V. McCarthy, Ensign, Navy 

Francis J. McCarthy, Navy 

John F. McCarthy,, Navy 

Wallace R. McDonald, Navy 

John G. McElwee 

Edward J. McEnroe, U. S. M. C. 

John J. McGarr, Army 

Edward F. McGillvery, U. S. M. C. 

William P. McGrath, Navy 

Joseph J. McNulty, C. P. 0., Navy 

Arthur J. McQuade, Army 

John J. McQueeney, Navy 

William F. MacDonald, Army 

Joseph F. MacSweeney, Army 

Edward L. Madden, Jr. 

Francis X. Mahoney, Army 

John C. Mahoney, Navy 

John E. Manning, Navy 

Thomas D. Manning, Navy 

John C. Martin, Army 

Thomas F. Meagher, Jr., Army 

Francis X. Meehan, Navy 

Thomas F. Meehan, Navy 

Harold P. Mollahan, Army 

Edward J. Moloney, Navy 

Robert H. Moore, Army 

Francis X. Moran, Army 

Thomas A. Moran, Navy 

Edward J. Murphy, Army 

John M. Murphy, Ensign, Navy 

Phillip D. Murphy, Army 

Thomas H. Murphy, U. S. M. C. 

William F. Murphy, Jr., Army 

Thomas O. Murray, Navy 

Robert J. Muse, Army 

Robert B. Nangle, Army 

Ralph K. Nash, Army 

Frederick J. Naumetz, Navy 


Timothy J. Nevins, U. S. M. C. 

Bernard Nice, Navy 

James P. Noonan, U. S. M. C. 

Robert W. O'Brien, Navy 

Richard F. O'Brion, Navy 

Henry F. O'Connell, Jr., Coast Guard 

Edward J. O'Connor, Army 

John J. O'Connor, Niavy 

John W. O'Donoghue, U. S. M. C. 

George L. O'Hara, Navy 

John J. O'Hara, Navy 

William F. Olivo, Navy 

Francis E. O'Malley, Army 

Robert B. O'Meara, Army 

Bernard J. O'Neil, Ensign, Navy 

John J. O'Shea, Army 

Daniel M. O'Sullivan, Army 

Edward P. O'Sullivan, Navy 

Thomas J. Owens 

Arthur F. Parnell 

Paul D. Pasquine, Navy 

William G. Potter, U. S. M. C. 

Francis G. Power, Navy 

William J. Power, U. S. M. C. 

Lawrence A. Quilty, Corp., Army 

Robert A. Radley, Navy 

Thomas J. Raffol, Navy 

Richard R. Ramsey, U. S. M. C. 

Francis L. Reade, Army 

John F. Reardon, Navy 

Joseph P. Reardon, Army 

Joseph M. Regan, Navy 

Robert F. Rehling, Army 

Leo J. Reilly, Army 

Norman W. Reinhalter, Ensign, Navy 

Joseph S. Repko, Navy 

Raymond Restani, Army 

Francis J. Richards, Army 

John J. Ring, Navy 

Sabino J. Rizzo, Army 

Vincent J. Robinson, U. S. M. C. 

Irving J. Russell, Army 

Ernest E. Santosuosso, Army 

John A. Sarjeant, U. S. M. C. 

William C. Sawyer, U. S. M. C. 

Richard J. Schoenfeld, Navy 

Solomon S. Schwartz, Army 

Leopold L. Schwarz, Army 

Paul H. Shannon, Army 

James F. Shaw, Army 

William G. Shea, Army 

Raymond W. Sisk, Navy 

Alexander J. Skene, Army 

Edward M. Smith, Army 

Edward D. Sullivan, Navy 

James D. Sullivan, Army 

Joseph E. Sullivan, Jr., Army 

Leo T. Sullivan, U. S. M. C. 

Albert I. Sutkus, Navy 

James F. Sweeney, Army 

Tanous J. Thomas, U. S. M. C. 

Joseph A. Timpany, Army 

Charles E. Toole, Navy 

Henry F. Trainor, Army 

Thomas E. Tullie, U. S. M. C. 

Joseph G. Turke, Navy 

Joseph M. Tyndall, Army 

Martin B. Underwood, Navy 

Frederick M. Vallett, Navy 

Herman F. Vorel, Navy 

Edward V. Walsh, Army 

Charles A. Watson, Army 

Francis C. Weir, Navy 

Edward K. Welch, Navy 

Francis A. Welch, Lt., Army 

John J. Whelan, Jr., Navy 

John E. Williams 

Robert L. Winkler, Navy 



William J. Akerman, Army 

Antonio G. Armata, Navy 

James Benedetto 

Theophile J. Bernhardt, Army 

Leo A. Bisso 

Linden O. Blanchard, Sgt., Army 

John W. Blute, Lt., Army 

William H. Boodro, Navy 

Gilbert J. Bouley, Army 

Oliver H. Bowman, Jr., Corp., Army 

Henry J. Brash, Army 

John J. Brien 

Phillip D. Brooks, Army 

Robert D. Burns, Navy 

Francis T. Callahan, Army 

Emil J. Canning, Jr. 

Thomas S. Casey 

Walter P. Cavanaugh, Army 

Fiederick G. Clancy 

John F. Clancy, Army 

Robert A. Colbert, Army 

John J. Connelly, Jr., Army 

John H. Connery, Army 

Charles W. Connolly 

Timothy J. Connors, Sgt., Army 

Cyril J. Conroy, Army 

George J. Cooley, Army 

William J. Corkery, Army 

John W. Cox, Army 

Paul M. Cuenin, Army 

Joseph F. Cunningham, Army 

Hugh F. Daly, Army 

Pasquale F. Darone, Army 

Joseph K. Dee 

William F. Degan, Navy 

John J. Dellea, Army 

Edward C. Desmond, U. S. M. C. 

Robert J. Devitt, Navy 

Thomas F. Donelan, Army 

James E. Dowd, Army 

John E. Dubzinski, Army 

Edward J. Duffey, Lt., Army 

Joseph A. Duffy, Army 

Francis K. Dwyer, Army 

John E. Eastman, Lt., Army 

Simon P. Faherty, Army 

Robert F. Fair 

John J. Farrell 

Charles Farren, Lt., Army 

John B. Finigan, Army 

Paul V. Fleming, Army 

Christopher J. Flynn, Jr., Army 

James E. Flynn, Army 

Henry J. Gallagher, Jr. 

Paul F. Garrity, Army 

Vincent J. Goulding, Army 

Sumner Greenfield, Army 

James F. Griffin, Navy 

James H. Hathaway, Army 

John F. Herlihy, Army 

Ralph A. Hilton, Army 

Francis R. Hines, Army 

Raymond D. Holland, Jr., Army 

Philip C. Keaney, Army 

Joseph C. Kelly, Army 

James F. Kiley, Jr. 

Francis T. Kinsella, Army 

Nicholas M. Lahage, Army 

Paul K. Lambert, Army 

James J. Lannon, Army 

William J. Lawlor, Army 

Edward J. Leary 

Harold McGrath, Navy 

William C. Mclnnes, Jr., Army 

Donald F. Mclntire, Navy 

George L. McLaughlin, Army 

Walter J. McLaughlin, Army 

Thomas G. McNabb 

William J. McNulty, Navy 
Charles W. Madden, U. S. M. C. 
Edward Mahoney 
Thomas J. Moloney 
Stephen A. Manning, Army 
Francis J. May, Navy 
Robert J. Moore, Jr., Army 
Edward J. Morgan, Navy 
Paul S. Morin, Army 
John F. Morrison, Army 
Joseph W. Moulton, Army 
Francis L. Murphy 
John F. Murphy, Army 
John J. Murphy 
Robert J. Murphy, Army 
Alfred M. Naddaff, Army 
John A. Nash, Army 
Frederick W. Nedvins 
Joseph M. Noonan, Army 
Edward R. O'Brien, Army 
John E. O'Connor, Army 
William L. O'Connor, Army 
John E. Ogle, Army 
John C. O'Kane, Army 
Kevin P. O'Leary, Army 
Robert D. O'Leary, Army 
Joseph M. Panetta, Army 
Richard E. Potocki, Army 
Christopher R. Powers, Army 
Peter R. Przekop, Army 
William A. Quinn, Navy 
Robert M. Ross, Navy 
Harold J. Ruben, Sgt., Army 
Albert Santosky, Army 
Roy V. Schena, Army 
Timothy H. Scully, Army 
Kenneth W. Sears, Army 
Thomas H. Sennott, Jr., Army 
Arthur J. Sheehan, Navy 
Edward J. Sheehan, Navy 
Francis W. Sidlauskas, Army 
Angelo Sisti, Army 
Tino A. Spatola, Army 
Joseph C. Stokes 
Henry V. Strout 
Joseph J. Sullivan, Navy 
Paul J. Sullivan, Navy 
Robert F. Sullivan, Army 
Albert J. Thibault, Navy 
James F. Travers 
Paul H. Vanwart 
Philip C. Vincello, Army 
James F. Walsh, Army 
Paul White, Army 


Charles J. Alexander 
Arthur G. Ashook, Navy 
Walter A. Avery, Army 
Harry R. Barker, Jr., Army 
Robert R. Beauchemin, Navy 
John J. Bent, Jr., Army 
John P. Birtwell, Navy 
Eugene L. Blackwell 
Robert W. Blakeney 
William A. Bogen 
Jeffrey J. Bowe, Army 
Kevin J. Bowers 
Francis J. Brennan 
John T. Brennan, Army 
William J. Burke, Army 
William H. Butler 
Edward C. Byrne, Army 
James I. Calabrese 
Michael J. Caprio, Army 
David M. Carey, Army 
Joseph A. Casanova, Army 
Pasquale J. Ceglio, U. S. M. C. 
Edward A. Coen, Army 


Dennis M. Condon 

John P. Coneys, Army 

William E. Connolly, Army 

James 0. Conway 

Richard J. Costello, Army 

Frank A. Crosby 

William L. Cullen, Army 

Thomas F. Cunniff, Army 

William H. Curley, Army 

John E. Delaney, Army 

William J. Delaney, Army 

John S. Dennehy, Army 

Wilfred De Rosa 

William J. Devine, Army 

Joseph H. Doherty 

Thomas W. Dolan, Army 

Joseph P. Donahoe 

Edward L. Donahue, Army 

James A. Donnelly, Jr., Army 

Joseph S. Donnelly 

Joseph F. Donohue, Army 

Thomas T. Donovan, Army 

John C. Driscoll 

Paul A. Duarte 

James D. Duffey, Army 

Charles H. Early 

Harry L. Echteler 

John J. Egan, Army 

Herbert Ellis, Jr. 

Daniel F. Eneguess, Jr., U. S. M. C. 

John R. Fahey 

Michael F. Farina 

John T. Farrell, Army 

Edmund L. Flaherty, Army 

John J. Flaherty, Army 

William A. Fleming 

Redmond P. Fraser, Jr. 

William I. Furey 

John A. Gallagher 

Joseph C. Gavin 

John F. Geran, Army 

Mario M. Giannelli, Army 

John J. Gorham 

Christopher P. Grady 

Frederick R. Griffin, Navy 

James J. Harrington, Army 

Joseph P. Harrington, Army 

Joseph D. Harris, Army 

John V. Harvey 

Richard J. Hassey, Army 

Joseph G. Herbert, Jr., Army 

Robert E. Herlihy, Army 

Thomas V. Hever 

Michael A. Hirrel 

James P. Houlihan, Navy 

Richardson W. Howe, Army 

John D. Hughes, Jr., Army 

Edward S. Jay 

Leo J. Joy, Army 

John H. Kelly, Jr., Army 

John W. Kelley 

Paul F. Kenney 

William J. Kickham, Army 

Richard M. Kirby 

Joseph T. Laffey, Navy 

Francis E. Landry, Jr., Army 

Paul A. Larivee, Navy 

Joseph A. LaRossa, Army 

Karl L. Laubner 

Robert F. Lemon, Navy 

James F. Lillis 

John T. Linehan, Army 

Peter A. Loconto, Army 

Paul A. Lovett, Army 

James W. Luby 

Richard E. Lynn, Army 

John F. Lyons 

John J. McAleer, Army 

John K. McAndrews 

John J. McBride, Navy 

James F. McCourt 

Robert J. McDonald 

Bernard K. McGrath 

Thomas P. McGrath 

James W. McKenna 

Edward L. McMahon, Navy 

Thomas K. McManus, Army 

Edward J. McMorrow, Army 

David P. McLean, Jr. 

Thomas M. Mialoney 

William J. Mannix, Army 

Norman P. Martin, Army 

Vin J. Martucci 

Robert T. Mason, Army 

Henry J. Megley 

Augustine A. Mercurio, Army 

Charles A. Metcalf 

William H. Miller, Army 

Richard R. Minichiello, Army 

Henry E. Montane, Army 

John M. Moriarty, Jr., Army 

Walter F. Morris, Jr., Army 

Joseph P. Murphy, Army 

Paul G. Murphy, Army 

John P. O'Donnell 

William A. Oliver 

John B. O'Neil 

Weldon H. Osborne, Army 

Paul E. O'Toole 

Robert J. Owens, Army 

Victor Palladino, Jr., Army 

William V. Palladino, Army 

Norman E. Parra 

David F. Payton 

Alphone J. Petkauskas, Army 

Thomas J. Robinson 

Thomas J. Roche 

Robert V. Rooney 

Albert Ruback, Army 

Paul J. Ryan, Army 

William W. Ryan 

Paul E. Sheehan 

John W. Shierant, Coast Guard 

Francis T. Siragusa, Army 

John T. Sudbay, Jr,. Army 

Cornelius G. Sullivan, Army 

Raymond J. Sullivan, Army 

Albert G. Tierney, Army 

Francis J. Toland 

John I. Toomey, Army 

Francis 0. Tracy, Army 

William R. Wall, Army 

James P. Ward, Army 

Richard Ward 

Alfred N. Weber, Army 

Francis P. Webb 

Francis J. Welch 

Frederick W. Whittaker, Jr. 

Philip E. Willett, Army 

Ciro R. Yannaci, Army 


William G. Ambrose, Jr. 
Louis N. Arbeene 
Russell A. Beliveau 
Martin L. Bertsch 
Michael H. Bonaccorso 
Francis A. Bonano 
Bernard A. Bonin, Army 
Laurent H. Bouley, Army 
William J. Boyce 
John J. Bradley, Army 
Riccardo A. Bruno, Army 
William E. Byrne, Army 
Richard C. Callahan, Army 
Charles S. Carroll, Army 
Henry J. Carvalho, Army 
Joseph J. Carty 



Ernest J. Ciampa, Army 

William F. Clancy, Jr., Army 

Walter E. Clark 

Edward J. Cody, Army 

Edward M. Cole, Army 

Edward R. Conley 

Richard W. Cooney 

George D. Cormier 

William E. Cosgrove, Army 

Robert W. Coughlin, Army 

James M. Coyne, Army 

John M. Coyne 

Salvatore J. Cretella, Army 

James L. Cronin, Army 

Joseph M. Cronin 

Paul X. Cronin 

John J. Crowley 

John E. Cullen 

John P. Curley, Jr., Navy 

Thomas F. Curley 

Robert C. Currivan, Army 

John C. Dailey 

George F. Daly 

Barton Davis, Army 

William J. Dempsey, Jr., Army 

Arthur W. DeSouza 

Joseph Devlin 

Vincent J. DiNatale, Army 

Rocco J. DiSabato, Army 

Herbert A. Doerfler, Jr., Army 

Richard A. Doherty, Army 

Daniel J. Dorman, Army 

Donald Dumont 

Alfred H. Dunn 

Rogers J. Dyer 

William J. Elliott 

Bernard J. Farley 

Edward H. Fee 

William J. Fenton, Phar. Mate, Navy 

Francis X. Flaherty 

James G. Flannery, Army 

Arthur G. Flood, Army 

Joseph D. Foley 

James F. Friel 

John J. Furey, Army 

James F. Gabbett 

John E. Gallagher 

Vincent A. Gammal, Army 

George M. Garrity 

Francis R. Gaw, Army 

Frank A. Gay, Navy 

John J. Gearin, Army 

James J. Gillespie 

Edward H. Gleason, Jr., Army 

Joseph E. Goulart, Army 

Edward J. Grant 

George F. Greene 

James P. Harrington 

Joseph F. Harrington 

Joseph A. Hayes 

John F. Healey 

Daniel M. Healy, Army 

Joseph F. Hill, Army 

Francis P. Holland 

John A. Holt, Army 

Robert D. Holt 

John C. Hughes 

William E. Hurley 

Louis J. lott, U. S. M. C. 

George B. Kehoe, Army 

Joseph J. Kendrick, Army 

Charles C. Laliberte 

Paul R. Langelier 

Bernard N. Lanoue, Army 

Carl G. Larson 

George F. Lennon 

Francis E. Lewis, Navy 

Chester W. Lipka 

James Love 

William A. Lyons 


Joseph P. MacDonald 

John D. McGrail 

John P. McGrath 

John E. Madigan 

Clarence J. McElmon, Army 

Robert F. Mealy, Army 

Howard F. Meath 

Thomas C. Menton 

George E. Mitchell 

Gino A. Molino, Army 

James M. Morris 

William J. Morrisroe 

Thomas W. Mullaney, Army 

George F. Murphy, Army 

Walter R. Murphy 

Alfred I. Murray 

James A. Murray 

Vincent P. Myles 

Bartholomew T. Norton 

Lawrence H. O'Brien, -Army 

Charles F. 0'Connor,-Army 

Thomas H. O'Connor, Army 

Thomas F. O'Leary 

Francis P. O'Neil 

William M. O'Neill, Army 

Maurice Pomfret 

Francis E. Powers 

William J. Pototsky 

Maurice E. Quirke, Army 

Timothy J. Regan 

John M. Ring 

Robert B. Rowen 

John M. Russell, Army 

Richard W. Ryan 

Cornelius J. Scanlon 

Francis J. Schell 

Ernest F. Schroth 

Samuel Serpico 

Arthur J. Sheehan 

John J. Sheehan, U. S. M. C. 

Arthur E. Short 

Robert T. Smith 

Robert E. Stewart 

Donald W. Sutherland, Army 

Hugh J. Sweeney 

Thomas J. Sweeny, Army 

Arthur P. Tibbetts 

John P. Tierney 

Bernard F. Travers, Army 

John P. Tully, Army 

Richard S. Tyrell, Army 

Robert F. Watson, Army 

Frederick J. Wheeler 

Edward D. Whitely 

Norman L. Wholley, Navy 


William L. Bourgeois, '31, Lt., Army 
Michael J. Conlon, Jr., '40, Lt., Navy 
P-Gul B. Crudden, '36, Lt. Comdr., Navy 
Joseph B. Duffy, '37, Lt., Navy 
Ralph L. Duplin, '35, Lt., Navy 
Wilfred A. Grapes, '42, Ensign, Navy 
William F. Irwin, '42, Army 
Francis V. Kennedy, '42, Navy 
George J. McMorrow, '37, Army 
George A. Melanson, Navy 
George J. Pilicy, '41, Army 
Herbert G. Regan, '39, Ensign, Navy 
Harold E. Sanford, '34, Major, Army 


Alec S. Block, '42, Army 
Leo C. Brady, '37, Ensign, Navy 
Beryl I. Breitstein, '40, Navy 
Charles B. Carroll, '41, Ensign, Navy 

Alphonse A. Chester, '34, Lt., Navy 
William F. Chisholm, '35, Sgt., Army 
Edward F. Connor, '41, Lt., Army 
Edward F. Cooley, '42, Lt., Navy 
Joseph A. Crowley, '40, Army 
Alfred W. Dequoy, '32, Capt., Army 
Leo C. M. Deschenes, '43, Army 
Joseph F. Dolan, '34, Lt., Navy 
Caspar T. Dorfman, '36, Lt., Navy 
Thomas H. Driscoll, '39, Corp., U.S.M.C. 
Thomas E. Dwyer, '42, Army 
Robert S. Fuchs, '38, Lt., Army 
Theodore P. Gahan, '35, Lt. Col., Army 
Gerard A. Gaudreau, '42 
William J. George, '43, Army 
Joseph T. Hayes, '40, Lt., Army 
Francis Howard, '38, Sgt., Army 
Selwyn C. Jackson, '38, Lt., Army 
Walter E. Keady, '41, Lt., Navy 
Thomas A. Kennedy, '41, Ensign 
Edmund V. Keville, '39, Lt., Navy 
William J. Kirk, '42, Lt., Navy 
Myles J. Lane, '34, Navy 
William C. F. Lawler, '44, Lt., Army 
Thomas A. L'Esperance, '40, Army 
Maurice W. Levy, '40, Lt., Army 
Robert H. Londergon, '42, Capt., Army 
Antonio Mosca, '42, Army 
Samuel Y. Muchnick, '36 
James F. Murphy, '42, Ensign 
Arthur C. O'Connor, '37, Lt., Navy 
Myer I. Rabinovitz, '43, Army 
Raymond A. Rourke, '38, Lt., Army 
Oliver M. Sargent, '38, Corp., Army 
Edwin C. Snow, '41, Lt., Army 
William J. Sullivan, '42, Ensign, Navy 
William A. Toye, '36, Corp., Army 
Julius Topol, '41, Navy 


Francis C. Ahern, '38, Army 

Thomas J. Burke, '39, Army 

James J. Burr, '41, Army 

James B. Carson, '40 

Frederick H. Downs, Jr., '38, Army 

Leo F. Friel, '38, Army 

Frederick J. Glynn, '41, Army 

Augustus W. Hennessey, Jr., '40, Army 

John J. Kane, '32, Ensign, Navy 

George LeDoux, '41, Army 

William B. Stapleton, '39, Lt., Army 

Robert A. Stone, '42, Army 

Miles Zisserson, '41, Army 


Edmund S. Adams, Army 

John W. Ahearn, '39 

Generoso M. Alfano, Army 

Joseph F. Bell 

Charles D. Bordman, '32, Capt., Army 

Thomas A. Brady, Army 

Arthur C. Cadegan, '42 

Melvin G. Carr, Jr. 

Charles R. Carroll, Jr. 

John J. Conolly, '41, Army 

John J. Conway 

John K. Corbett 

John J. Coughlan, Army 

William F. Coughlan 

Francis E. D'Arcy, Army 

Robert H. Dean, Lt., Army 

Stephen P. DeRosa, Army 

Salvatore W. Discepolo 

Francis X. Doherty, '41 

James J. Doherty, '42 

John J. Dooley, Navy 

Leo E. Dorfman 

Phillip J. Dorfman 

Isadore Ettinger, Army 

Henry G. Fairbanks 

Leo J. Fallon, '33, Navy 

Joseph Famiglietti, Army 

Francis E. Feeney, '40, Army 

James S. Fitzpatrick 

James F. Fowler 

John T. Gaffney 

John H. Gardner, Army 

Frederick G. Garth, Army 

John A. Gavin 

Joseph M. Gibbons, U. S. M. C. 

Walter B. Gould 

Thomas J. Gramzow 

John J. Greaney, Army 

John R. Hankey,, '41, Navy 

Francis E. Harrington 

Bernard S. Henken 

David W. Kanaly 

James T. Kane 

John B. Kerdiejus, Navy 

John P. Kelleher 

Edward V. Lynch 

John F. McCarren 

John J. McCarthy 

Joseph M. McCarhy, Navy 

John T. McKiel, Army 

Thomas J. McLaughlin, '35, Lt., Navy 

Robert A. Maclnnes, Army 

John G. Mahoney, Army 

Edmund Marquis, Army 

Edward J. Martin 

Willis A. Martin, Jr., Army 

Thomas A. Mohan, Navy 

David J. Moran 

Joseph J. Mulhern 

John J. Mullin, '39, Capt., Army 

E. Leo Murphy, Army 

Paul V. Navien, Army 

Alfred C. Neenan, '41, Army 

Walter G. O'Brien 

John F. O'Dwyer 

Thomas F. O'Leary, Navy 

Leonida E. Onofri, Army 

Charles Panagopoulos, Army 

William R. Pearson 

Robert B. Pryor, Army 

James J. Reilly, '39, Ensign, Navy 

Francis X. Ridge 

John W. Ryan, '40 

Hubert J. St. Onge 

Sylvester F. Scanlan, '42 

Clark W. Shattuck, Ensign, Navy 

Charles G. Singleton, Army 

Daniel J. Singleton 

Lewis I. Sklar, Navy 

David A. Splaine 

James A. Sullivan 

John P. Sullivan 

Joseph J. Sullivan 

Thomas L. Sullivan, Army 

Leo F. Swierk, '39, Lt., Navy 

Saul Taishoff, Navy 

Daniel J. Taylor 

Harold G. Taylor 

Louis Tenenbaum, Navy 

Joseph P. Travers, '41 

George W. Tutunjian 

John J. Walsh 

Joseph J. Walsh, Lt., Army 

Richard L. Wilder 

Phillip J. Williamson, Lt., Army 

Natale R. Zagami 

It is quite possible that some names have not appeared on the Honor Roll. The rank of some may be incorrect. The 
Alumni office asks you to help maintain a complete record of the graduates by sending in any pertinent information. 



Contributors to Alumni Loyalty Fund 

April 15, 1942 to April I, 1943 








Daniel C. Riordan 


Denis F. Lee 


Matthew J. Flaherty 


John A. Degan 


Florence J. Halloran 
Daniel W. Lenehan 


John A. Sheridan 


Hon. Charles I. Quirk 
Rev. William B. Whalen 


Dr. Francis X. Crawford 
James A. Dorsey 
Rev. David F. Regan 
Dr. Michael W. White 


Rev. Thomas R. McCoy 
Rev. Michael J. Scanlan 


Dr. Stephen A. Bergin 
Rev. Matthew J. Gleason 
William J. Hasson 
Rev. Charles J. Ring 


Hon. Arthur W. Dolan 


John H. Cleary 

Dr. John V. Gallagher 

Rev. Charles J. Maguire 

Joseph F. Rogers 

Rev. William H. Ullrich 


John B. Doyle 
Eugene J. Feeley 
Rt. Rev. Charles A. Finn 
John J. Hayes 
William D. Nugent 
Charles S. O'Connor 
Joseph L. Powers 
Hon. John E. Swift 


Rev. Frederic J. Allchin 

Rev. Edward F. Crowley 

Rev. James A. Donnelly 

Dr. Jeremiah J. Donovan 

James F. Drey 

Rev. William B. Finigan 

James C. Gallagher 

William J. Long 

Rev. Dennis J. Maguire 

Rev. John J. O'Brien 

John S. Quinn 


John J. Cowhig 

Martin A. Lorenz 

William J. Rich 

Rev. Edward F. Ryan, DD. 


David P. Hayes 

Rt. Rev. Joseph F. McGlinchey 

Rev. John F. Meheran 

Very Rev. Francis A. O'Brien 

Daniel J. Prendergast 

Lt. Col. Edmund C- Sliney 

James A. Coveney 
Rev. James V. Cronin 
Rev. John E. Doherty 
Rev. Ambrose Hennessey 
William F. Mack 
John F. Monahan 
Francis J. O'Hara 



Rev. John W. Churchward 
Dr John G. Downing 
Frederick A. Dunfey 
Miah J. Falvey 
Rev. Thomas A. Flynn 
1903 Edward M. McDonough 

Charles N. Cunningham William D. Murphy 

Dr. Patrick A. Devaney 
Rev. Mark C. Driscoll 
Thomas E. Kelley 
Joseph C. O'Kane 


John V. Barrett 
James E. Collins 
Neil J. Devlin 
Rev. James H. Downey 
Michael J. Downey 
David H. Fulton 
Rev. Patrick J. Lydon 
Dr. Daniel L. Lynch 
John C. McColgan 
George B. Mahan 
William T. Miller 
Frederick F. Muldion 
Joseph A. Quinn 

John J. 


A. Cahill 
M. Giblin 


Rev. Neil A. Cronin (Deceased) 
Rev. Joseph M. Fitzgibbons 
Rev. Irving L. Gifford 
Rev. Robert E. Lee 
Rev. Henry C. Reardon 
Joseph A. Spelman 


Joseph K. Burns 

Rev. David V. FitzGerald 


Rev. Joseph F. Bonner 
James E. Luby 
Rev. John J. McMahon 
Thomas E. Mahoney 

Leo P. Noonan 
William A. O'Brien 


Grafton J. Corbett, Sr. 
Joseph J. Dennehy 
Rev. Thomas F. Garrity 
Joseph P. McHugh 
Rev. John J. Phelan 
Henry A. Sullivan 


Rev. Thomas J. Brennan 
Rt. Rev. Francis A. Burke 
James H. Carney 
John P. Curley 
Edward L. Curran 
Rev. John W. Dowd 
Joseph A. Fitzgerald 
Thomas L. Gannon 
Arthur L. Gould 
Rev. Peter T. Linehan 
Owen J. McGaffigan 
Rev. Francis L. Shea 
Matthew G. Sullivan 


Rt. Rev. Robert P. Barry 
Rev. Charles I. Brown 
Rev. Frederick J. Deasey 
Rev. William J. Desmond 
Dr. Francis P. Devlin 
Rev. Thomas F.. Devlin 
James A. Dunbar 
Thomas J. Finnegan 
Rev. Patrick J. Flaherty 
Rev. Thomas J. Ford 
Rev. Timothy C. Gleason 
Rev. Thomas J. Heagney 
Rev. John J. Joyce 
John W. Kaoples 
John S. Keohane 

i nomas c. manuney - . .. . ... 

Rev. Denis A. O'Brien, S.T.L. R»V- Edward _J. McLaughlin 
Henry T. Powers 

J. Neale MacDonald (deceased 
Rev. Eric F. MacKenzie 
Thomas C. O'Hare 
William J. O'Sullivan 
Dr. Thomas J. Reid 
Edward A. Sullivan 


Rev. Eugene P. Crayne 
Rev. Florence W. McCarthy 
Rev. Myles J. McSwiney 
Rev. Bernard S. O'Kane 

Most Rev. Gerald Shaughnessy 1915 

Dr. Edward B. Sheehan Rev. John J. Allston 

Rev. Henry M. Tattan Rev. Thomas L. Boland 

Rev. Edward P. Twigg Dr. John F Bradley 

Thomas E. Cotter 
1910 Thomas A. Donnelly 

Charles A. Birmingham Rev. John W. Garrick 

Thomas F. Gavin 

Rev. James F. Grimes 

George H. Hennessey 

Rev. Stephen F. Moran 

Rev. Michael J. Norton 

Rt. Rev. Richard W. Quinlan 

John J. Walsh 

Rev. George F. Wiseman 


John B. Atkinson 
Dr. Paul H. Bruning 
Rev. George W. Casey 
Rev. John N. Cunningham 
Rev. Augustine C. Dalton 
D. Leo Daley 
Rev. William J. Daly 
Rev. Daniel J. Donovan 
Patrick J. Donovan 
William S. Downey 
Francis A. Duffey 
Dr. Arthur R. Falvey 
Leo A. Gallagher 
Frederic J. Gillis 
Dr. Roy J. Heffernan 
Dr. John E. Hopkins 
James L. O'Brien 
Dr. Francis D. O'Connell 
Rev. John I. O'Connor 
Francis J. Roche 


Edward T. Austin 

Dr. Thomas A. Bray 

Vincent P. Burke 

Edward S. Coffey 

Rev. John J. Connolly 

Thomas D. Craven 

William M. Curley 

Most Rev. Richard D. Cushing 

Daniel M. Daley 

Joseph F. Dee 

Arthur W. Doherty 

John J. Doyle 

Rev. Maurice V. Dullea, S.J. 

Walter T. Durnan 

Philip J. Dwyer 

Rev. Francis C. Egan 

John W. Fihelly 

Edward J. Fitzpatrick 

John H. Flynn 

Dr. Thomas J. Garrick 

Rev. Augustine S. Hargedon 

Francis W. Heanue 

John J. A. Hennessey 

Michael T. Hickey 

Martin P. Higgins 

William L. Hoeffling 

Rev. John G. Hogan 

Clarence D. Horrigan 

Rev. Joseph J. Keenan 

James I. Kelley 

Rev. James S. Kerrigan, O.M.I. 

Rev. Anthony P. Laverty 

Francis G. Lee 

Francis T. Limont 

Dr. Cyril M. Lydon 

Rev. William J. McCarthy 

John A. McCarty 

William F. McCormack 

Ralph F. McKeown 

John J. Mahoney 

Roland D. Mahoney 

Matthew F. Mealy 

John J. Mulcahy 



Joseph A. Mulvey 
Rev. Francis J. Murphy 
Miaurice G. Murphy 
Joseph G. Nevins 
P. Nicholas Petrocelli 
Thomas A. Printon 
Rev. Francis X. Quinn 
Ralph V. F. Quinn 
William R. Reid 
Rev. William F. Reilly 
Joseph A. Roche 
Charles F. Sharkey 
Rev. Albert A. Shea 
Dr. Charles D. Smith 
Dr. Edmund F. Tobin 
Edward J. Tracy 
Dr. Charles F. Twomey 
Rev. J. Francis Twomey 
Rev. Adrian W. Verrette 
Paul A. Waters 
William A. Welch 
Rev. John F. Welsh 


Rev. Joseph H. Benard 
Rev. J. Francis Brady 
Raymond T. Cahill 
John A. Canavan 
William M. Cashin 
Warren J. Clear 
Myles Connolly 
John J. Danahy 
James A. Donovan 
Francis J. Facey 
Charles S. Fitzgerald 
Joseph J. Forrester, Jr. 
William L. Gross 
Thomas S. Hurley 
Rev. Otis F. Kelley 
Dr. Edward L. Kickham 
Rev. Harry M. O'Connor 
Rev. Michael L. O'Connor 
John M. O'Loughlin 
Thomas A. Reynolds 
Charles E. Riley 
James I. Rooney 
Rev. Remi B. Schuver 
Charles T. Sexton 
Lewis G. Sullivan 


Frank L. Alciere 

Francis X. Cotter 

Rev. Herbert K. A. Driscoll 

Harold H. Fagan 

Walter A. Falvey 

Rev. Denis J. Fitzpatrick 

Henry J. Fitzpatrick 

Rev. Francis N. Flaherty 

John J. Gardner 

Henry J. Gillen 

Rev. William H. Harrington 

William A. Hogan 

Rev. Michael J. Horrigan 

John R. Joyce 

John B. Kelley 

Rev. John D. Lyons 

Rev. Daniel F. McCarthy 

Dr. Horace W. Martineau 

Henry W. Mueller 

Rev. Michael J. Murray 

Francis J. Roland 

Rev. Garrett W. Scollard 

Frank D. Shea 


John J. Argy 
Charles G. Benard 
William J. Bond 
J. Robert Brawley 

John B. Brennan 

Gerard B. Cleary 

Edwin L. Crowley 

Frederick L. Donaher 

Francis P. Glavin 

Kenneth W. Goepper 

Rev. Russell T. Haley 

Edmund A. Higgins 

Augustine D. Horgan 

Louis A. Kane 

Rev. John J. Lane 

Rev. Daniel A. McCabe 

Eugene C. McCabe 

Rev. Edward A. McDonough 

John J. McMorrow 

Josenh A. Moran 

James W. Morrissey 

Robert G. O'Connell 

Dr. William T. O'Halloran 

Robert E. Pyne 

Rev. Charles E. Riley 

Edward L. Roddan 

Thomas F. Scanlan 

Rev. George A. Scully 

Elias F. Shamon 

Rev. Edward S. Sullivan 

Paul E. Troy 

Ralph E. Wellings 


Daniel H. Atwater 
Thomas J. Bunyon 
John J. Burns 
Linus M. Callen 
Dr. George H. Cleary 
Frank A. Connors 
Rev. Andrew J. Corbett 
James A. Cox 
Rev. William E. Culhane 
Rev. James P. Donovan 
Michael F. Donovan 
John A. Flynn 
Joseph A. Flynn 
Joseph P. Flynn 
Henry L. Ford 
John J. Foster 
R. Edward Foy 
Thomas N. Foynes 
Rev. Walter J. Furlong 
Frank A. Gilbert 
Rev. James G. Glennon 
James A. Gookin, Jr. 
Stephen J. Griffin 
Edwin F. Hannon 
Gordon F. Irons 
Theobald M. Kelley 
Dr. Vincent J. Kelley 
Joseph G. Kerrigan 
Rev. John J. Kirby 
Leo J. McCarthy 
Dr. Raymond A. McCarty 
Bernard H. McGrath 
M. Henry Mclnerney 
Jeremiah W. Mahoney 
John A. Mahony 
Ralph S. Monks 
Dr. Albert M. Moloney 
Friank J. Morissey 
Ralph A. J. Murphy 
Rev. Edward J. Ronan 
James I. Rooney 
Mark F. Russo 
J. Joseph Sullivan 
John J. Sullivan 
Carl G. Swanson 
John D. Walsh 
Rev. John A. York 


Joseph E. Beaver 
Edward F. Bell 

Rev. Joseph F. Bracken 

William P. Canty 

Francis T. Carron 

Charles F. Collins 

James H. Collins 

James J. Collins 

Timothy W. Collins 

Rev. John F. Connors 

Rev. John J. Consodine 

Lawrence J. Curtin 

Charles F. Daley 

Francis X. Daly 

Rev. Carroll F. Deady 

Hon. James A. Delay 

Leonard W. Dolan 

Rev. James H. Doyle 

James W. Driscoll 

William R. Drugan 

Paul R. Duffly 

William P. Elbery 

Eugene J. Fanning 

Rev. Leo B. Flynn 

Paul R. Foisy 

Henry E. Foley 

John J. Ford, Jr. 

Arthur J. Frawley 

Ernest F. Garbarino 

Nathaniel J. Hasenfus 

Daniel J. Hayes 

John F. Hayes 

Leonard G. Healy 

Matthew S. Heaphy 

Albert L. Heddermon 

George A. Kelley 

Rev. John W. Kerrigan 

Rev. William A. Long 

Charles A. McCarthy 

John J. McKearin 

George L. McKim 

Rev. Leonard A. McMahon 

Dr. Daniel J. McSweeney 

Edward G. Madden 

Thomas F. Mahan 

Matthew J. Malloy 

Rev. Cornelius P. Mason 

Dr. James J. Meehan 

Rev. Joseph D. Meredith 

Frederick L. Moran 

Rev. Jeremiah F. Moriarty 

Rev. Frank E. Morrissey 

Arthur F. Mullin 

John F. Norton 

John J. Nyhan 

James P. Reynolds 

Rev. Thomas J. Riley 

William J. Roche 

Rev. Daniel J. Scully 

Ralph J. Shea 

William J. Sheehan 

Rev. Cornelius T. H. Sherlock 

Henry J. Smith 

Rev. Thomas E. Sweeney 

Paul J. Thayer 

Arthur E. Tierney 

Hon. William A. Torphy 

Francis J. Turnbull 

Stephen Velardo 

Robert P. Walsh 

Rev. Donald W. Whalen 

John J. White 

George D. Yantis 


William J. Barry 
Alfred J. Bedard 
Matthew P. Butler 
Rev. William J. Callahan 
Joseph A. Comber 
Everett J. Conway 
Gerald F. Coughlin 
Joseph G. Crane 

Rev. Edmund W. Croke 

Dr. Leo R. Desmond 

William B. Duffy 

Edward C. Dullea 

Francis L. Ford 

Joseph D. Galvin 

T. Edmund Garrity 

Daniel L. Kelleher, Jr. 

John T. Keyes 

Rev. Thomas M. Lane 

Alexander L. Lashway 

Joseph M. Lee 

Rev. Leo M. McCabe 

Dr. Lawrence J. McCarthy 

John McCloskey 

Beaven J. McGady 

Rev. Norbert H. Mclnnis 

William T. McKillop 

Anthony R. Mauro 

Peter J. Monahan 

Dr. Leonard G. Morrissey 

Joseph L. Sweeney 

Nicholas J. Tangney 


Robert J. Bond 

Dr. James T. Brosnan 

John C. Burchill 

Dr. Walter J. E. Carroll 

Nicholas D. Corbett 

Rev. George W. Corcoran 

Rev. Charles A. Dee 

George W. Douglass 

Rev. George M. Dowd 

Raymond Duffy 

Dr. Christopher J. Duncan 

Rev. Edward T. Dunne 

John T. Fee 

Rev. William J. Gorman 

John C. Holbrow 

J. Lester Hourigan 

Rev. Charles H. Hyland 

William J. Kelleher 

Francis P. Kilcoyne 

Rev. William R. Killion 

Rev. Earl T. Lyons 

John T. McCarthy 

Thomas S. Mclntire 

Rev. Francis A. McLaughlin 

Joseph D. Machado 

Edmond J. Murphy 

Thomas J. Murphy 

Martin A. Murray 

Rev. Daniel F. Riordan 

Joseph P. Rooney 

Charles W. Sheehan 

Arthur J. Sullivan 

Rev. Edward J. Sullivan 

Rev. George F. Sullivan 

John P. Sullivan 

Fred A. Tobin 

Joseph L. Tribble 

Dr. James M. Ward 

Paul J. Wenners 


Joseph A. Beattie 

Jomes F. Bride 

John P. Brosnan 

Dr. John W. Cass, Jr. 

Arthur W. Clancy 

Dr. James F. Conway 

John F. Cray 

Rev. Edward W. Desmond 

George F. Donovan 

William J. Doyle 

Francis D. Elbery 

Stephen J. Fleming, Jr. 

James H. Foley 

Rev. Ralph J. Gallagher 

Dr. Michael E. Giobbe 



Eugene H. Giroux 
John J. Good 
Gerard E. Hayes 
Rev. Timothy M. Howard 
Albert L. Hyland 
Joseph A. Kozlowsky 
Daniel J. Lynch 
John F. Lynch 
Thomas J. McGann 
Frederick J. Mahony 
James C. Murphy 
John A. Murphy 
William E. O'Brien 
Cornelius A. O'Keefe 
Edward J. O'Neil, Jr. 
Rev. John L. Parsons 
Thimas E. Rafferty 
Dr. John P. Reardon 
William Arthur Reilly 
Rev. Dr. Arthur J. Riley 
Rev. Joseph P. Shea 
George Paul Smith 
Rev. John J. Sullivan 
Albert A. Ward 
Louis R. Welch 
William F. Welsh 


Dr. Louis E. Baron 

Henry F. Barry 

Joseph H. Beecher 

Bernard J. Braudis 

Dr. Theodore E. Brown 

Rev. Joseph L. Browne 

Howell C. Carr 

J. Hart Clinton 

Thomas F. Coady, Jr. 

Rev. Michael F. Costello 

William J. Cunningham 

John S. Dooley 

John E. Dorsey 

Arthur F. Doyle 

Rev. Daniel F. Dunn 

Dr. Albert C. Fallon 

Dr. John F. Fallon 

Rev. Jeremiah F. Foley 

Dr. Arthur J. Gorman 

Francis B. Greelish 

Edward A. Harrison 

Albert J. Healey 

Rev. John S. Kearns 

Rev. James F. Lally 

Edmund K. Luddy 

Rev. Walter T. McCracken 

Theodore A. McHardy 

Edward F. McKeon 

Edward S. McKinney 

Rev. Joseph P. Mantle 

Leo E. Monahan 

Walter R. Morris 

Arthur P. Murray 

James M. Nagle 

Gerald A. O'Connor 

Dr. Robert J. O'Doherty 

James H. O'Donnell 

Leo E. O'Hearn 

Albert R. O'Neal 

Anthony J. Perry 

Rev. Malachi J. Prendergast 

Rev. John H. Quinlan 

J. Murray Regan 

Francis S. Russell 

George E. Schroeder 

Dr. J. Robert Shaughnessy 

Rev. Matthew P. Stapleton 

Rev. John T. Sullivan 

Rev. Joseph F.. Sullivan 

Patrick J. Sullivan 

Leon M. Vincent 


J. Walter Bowler 
Howard J. Buckley 
John J. Buckley 
Rev. George H. Callahan 
John J. Carroll 
Francis J. Costigan 
Henry M. Deary 
John F. Desmond 
John J. Donahue 
John O. Donovan 
John C. Drummond 
Rev. John F. Feeney 
Dr. William A. Fitzgerald 
Thomas P. Gallagher 
Frederick L. Gannon 
Thomas C. Heffernan 
Rev. Robert C. Hilton 
Joseph W. Hopkinson 
Francis J. Hurley 
Harold W. Jenkins 
Rev. Walter J. Leach 
James J. Logue, Jr. 
L. Norris Luddy 
Dr. Timothy F. P. Lyons 
Daniel A. Mclsaac 
Rev. William J. Maguire 
William H. Marnell 
Hugh J. Mulvey 
Joseph L. O'Brien 
John F. O'Connell 
Paul E. O'Donnell 
Rev. Henry B. Pender 
Rev. J. Joseph Ryan 
Rev. Bernard J. Smith 
Rev. Daniel J. Sullivan 
Francis X. Sullivan 
John E. Sullivan 
William J. Sweeney 
Rev. Thomas J. Tierney 
John F. Toomey 
Walter J Waldron 
Dr. Robert F. Welch 


Dr. John B. Andosca 

Henry J. Ballem 

John M. Barry 

Edward C. Becherer 

John C. Cahill 

Rev. John D. Callahan 

Dr. Fred L. Campbell 

Howard B. Carroll 

Joseph A. Carty 

William J. Cashman 

Rev. James L. Conlon 

John J. Considine 

Rev. Joseph B. Corkery 

James E. Curran 

Dr. Robert J. Donovan 

Dr. Joseph B. Doyle 

Daniel M. Driscoll 

Joseph F. Fitzgerald 

Rev. Ernest A. Ford 

Thomas M. Gemelli 

John F. Guthrie 

John E. Halligan 

George E. Hanson 

Dr. Paul R. Hinchey 

Rev. John J. Kelly 

Rev. John E. Kenney 

George A. Levangie 

Charles J. Lynch 

Joseph F. McCarthy 

Paul L. McCarty 

A. Emmett McCrann 

Rev. Joseph E. McGoldrick 

Frederick V. McMenimen 

John J. Mantle 

Edward L. Meade 

Fred A. Moncewicz 

Edmund E. Morante 

Rev. John J. Nagle 

John E. O'Loughlin 

William E. O'Toole 

Eugene J. Plociennik 

Joseph L. Quinn 

Anthony A. Russo 

John T. Ryder 

Rev. Francis S. Shea 

Rev. Gerard Shea 

Herbert G. Stokinger 

Andrew J. Sullivan 

A. Roy Tribble, Jr. 

Arthur L. Tuohy 

Rev. Bernard H. Unsworth 


Gerald S. Antonia 

William F. Barry 

Joseph F. Birmingham 

Paul L. Broderick 

Robert F. Buck 

Francis C. Cadigan 

J. Lloyd Carnegie 

Mark J. Crehan 

Rev. Mark J. Coakley 

A. Barr Dolan 

Peter F. Dolan 

George P. Donaldson 

Lawrence D. Dunn 

Rev. Joseph A. Farrington 

Lawrence B. Fennell 

Dr. William F. Flynn 

Dr. Francis X. Foley 

Rev. Charles F. Glennon 

James H. Good 

Herbert D. Gordon 

David H. Gorman 

Rev. Philip A. Guarino 

Rev. Francis J. Harkins 

Dr. James A. Hennessey 

John J. Landrigan 

Henry M. Leen 

Allan J. McCarthy 

Rev. Francis F. McElroy 

Eugene L. McLaughlin 

Rev. James J. McManus 

Dr. Francis J. McNamara 

Rev. James F. McNamara 

Donald B. MacDonald 

Frank A. Mahoney, Jr. 

John J. Mahoney 

Rev. Joseph P. Mahoney 

William T. Miller, Jr. 

Dr. Arthur M. Morrissey 

John F. Mungovan 

Edward B. Murray 

Rev. Timothy P. O'Connell 

John H. O'Hare 

James J. Regan, Jr. 

Vincent P. Roberts, Jr. 

Dr. Philip J. Shea 

Rev. Joseph G. Sullivan 

Eugene R. Swanson 

Albert L. Taylor 

Edward F. Tracy 

Dr. Edward A. Waliackas 


Rev. Thomas J. Burke 
Rev. William R. Byrne 
Dr. John V. Canney 
Dr. James F. Carolan 
Norman A. Castle 
Rev. Ralph J. Clark 
John J. Connelly 
John J. Convery 
Rev. John P. Cosgrove 
Patrick F. Creeden 
Rev. John J. Donlan 


Rev. John A. Donovan 

John F. Dwyer 

James M. Fay 

T. Thomas Finnerty 

Dr. S. Edward Flynn 

John T. Fitzgerald 

Rev. George P. Gallivan 

Rev. Edward S. Galvin 

Walter J. Glynn 

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John Redmond Hoban 

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Theodore J. Hoppe 

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Jeremiah J. McCarthy 

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John W. Mclntyre 

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William J. O'Connell 

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Francis I. Bertsch 

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Dr. Charles J. McGee 
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Frank L. Zona 


John T. Ainsworth 
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Charles J. Ahern 
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Edward G. McGrath 
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Carmen G. Muto 


Robert J. Noonan 

John J. Oberg 

James J. O'Brien 

James M. O'Connor 

John L. O'Connor 

Paul G. O'Hara 

James P. O'Neill, Jr. 

Constantine Pappas-Jameson 

Murray A. Rice 

William E. Riley 

Richard J. Roche 

John W. Russell 

Thomas P. Russell 

Charles H. Savage, Jr. 

Frederick J. Seeley 

Hugh E. Sharkey, Jr. 

Joseph M. Shaw 

Robert J. Sneddon 

James F. Stanton 

Joseph R. Stanton 

Paul J. Trifiro 

Modestino J. Vitale 


Edward R. O'Brien 


John F. Ambrose, '33 
Charles D. Bordman, '32 
Leo G. Brehm, '40 
M. Joseph Butler, '39 
Joseph P. Dalton, '39 
Frank A. Hurley, '31, B.Ed. 
James P. McCarthy, '41 
Henry P. McLaughlin 
Thomas J. McLaughlin, '35, 

John J. Mullin, '39 
Francis J. Sheehan, '42 
Henry J. Tilton, '31 
Joseph L. Walsh, '39 
Leo F. Swierk, '39 


John M. Canty, '33, M.Ed. 
Charles Coveney 
James E. Downey, '13, A.M. 
Edgar S. Edelman, '34, M.Sc. 
William G. Kirchmeyer, '36, 

Robert B. Masterson 

Harold A. Zager, '31, M.Sc. 


Frederick J. Glynn, '41 


Randolph E. Bell, '36 
Selwyn I. Braudy, '39 
Beryl I. Breitstein, '40 
John C. Farley, '38 
James E. Flannery, '41 
Thomas J. Furlong, '41 
Lt. Col. Theodore P. Gahan,'35 
John J. Grigalus, '34 
David F. Landrigan, '38 
Robert H. Londergon, '42 
A. Russell Lucid, '38 
Williiam G. Lynch, '41 
James J. McAleer, Jr., '40 
Patrick J. McGuigan, '32 
William C. Madden, '39 
James F. Murphy, '42 
Joseph M. O'Connor, '39 

Joseph M. Powers, '42 
Oliver M. Sargent, '38 
Maurice W. Silber, '40 
Edwin C. Snow, '41 
Harold A. Stevens, '36 
Tedd J. Syak, '35 
Leo J. Wallace, '40 


Dr. Paul V. Donovan, '37, LL.D. 
George C. Shields, '38 
Rev. James M. Gillis, C.S.P. 

'41, Litt.D. 
Rt. Rev. Augustine F. Hickey, 

'26, D.Ed. 
Charles D. Maginnis, '21, LL.D. 
Louis A. J. Mercier, '40, LL.D. 
Vincent P. Roberts, '26, LL.D. 


Judge Paul R. Connery, '42 
Dr. Thomas J. Giblin, '12 
Daniel J. Lyne, '42 
Edward J. McCarthy, '16 

Parafo of the CiaJJeJ 


1 2 Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Hill 
JiJ The prayers of the class are re- 
quested for the repose of the soul of 
Barney MacDonald, the former presi- 
dent of our class. Apparently in good 
health, Barney was found dead in bed. 
Congratulations to Father Eric Mac- 
kenzie, who has been appointed pas- 
tor of St. Paul's Church, Wellesley. 
As usual, Ed Sullivan gave a stim- 
ulating talk when he spoke before the 
Pere Marquette Council, K. of C, 
in South Boston, April 18. 
The Class will get together some 
time in June. You will be notified, 



1 8 Houston Street, West Roxbury 

^TV Father M. Joseph Norton has 

been appointed administrator of St. 
Columbkille's Parish, Brighton. He 
is planning an evening garden party 
if a certain member of the class will 
sanction a dim-out garden party. 
Robert J. Burns has three sons in 
the armed forces. Robert, Jr., is a 
lieutenant in the Armored Forces, 
Camp Cook, California; William, a 
staff sergeant in the Air Force, 
Fresno, California; Thomas, a ser- 
geant in the Air Force, Sioux Falls, 
South Dakota. 


Charles P. York, Bob's rival down 
through the years, claims the dis- 
tinction not only of having a son in 
the Yankee' Division, 101st Infantry, 
Camp Gordon, Georgia, but of having 
three granddaughters. 
Thomas F. Galvin spent several 
weeks this winter at Miami Beach 
and has returned a new man. 
Thomas F. Gavin is now in charge 
of the Personal Property Tax Division 
at City Hall. 

John J. Walsh's son, John, Jr., is 
a cadet in the Army Aviation School, 

Major Thomas A. Donnelly, work- 
ing out of 177 Court Street, Boston, 
covers all New England in his work 
of Civilian Defense training. Tom 
has written several manuals of in- 
struction along defense lines. His 
little secretary, Patricia, is now in the 
eighth grade. 

George S. Hennessy is at the head 
of the promotional list for appoint- 
ment to Head of Department, Mod- 
ern Foreign Languages, in the Boston 
high schools. George has completed 
two years as principal of the East 
Boston Evening High School. 
We were sorry to learn of the death 
of William Fitzgerald. He died May 
4 in Flushing, L. I. He had been 
Assistant Treasurer and Assistant 
General Manager of the National Re- 
tail Dry Goods Association. 



41 Pondred Circle, Jamaica Plain 

ffljl Our sincere sympathy to Father 
"Tom" McLaughlin on the death of 
his mother, and to "Joe" Sheehan on 

the death of his sister. 

Our Class suffered a real loss in 
the deaths of Pat Geary and Phil 
Dwyer. Two real gentlemen — men 
very devoted to their families and 
men very loyal to B. C. God rest 
their souls and may their memory 
be a real inspiration to men of 1916. 
The following is an excerpt from 
a resolution on the death of Philip 
R. Dwyer that appeared in the "New 
England Journal of Medicine": 

"Dr. Dwyer was of sterling char- 
acter, and although enduring many 
physical handicaps, he was never 
heard to complain. An able diagnos- 
tician, his technical skill was of high 
order. His engaging smile was one 
of his outstanding characteristics; his 
spontaneous wit portrayed his buoy- 
ant spirit. He was 'our kind' of a 
man: his life was an inspiration to 

If any member has a son planning 
to enter B. C. this fall and he's in- 
terested in the 1916 scholarship, get 
in touch with Al Brennan of B. C. H. 



7 Avery Road, Wellesley, Mass. 
cfl-S 'Charley' Sharkey was com- 
missioned a captain in the Army last 
February, having been assigned to 
the Transportation Corps. 
While speaking of service in the 
Armed Forces, our new generation is 
making itself felt. 'Dan' Daley's old- 
est boy is an ensign in the Navy 
since last October. Is stationed at 
Bremerton, Wash., and reports for 
sea duty this month. Doing com- 
munication work. 'Joe' Dee's oldest 
lad, having completed his freshman 
year at the Heights and aiding the 
band which was the best ever, has 
enlisted in the Army. There may be 
others, but aside from Jack Elliott's 
boy who is in the Naval Reserve 
though still in class at the Heights 
we have heard no report. 
'Bill' Reardon is now with the 
LaPointe Machine Tool Company in 
Hudson on the inspection staff. Still 
makes his home in Saxonville where 
we recently had the pleasure of meet- 
ing his wife and two children. He 
spoke of a friend who saw George 
Murray in New York not long ago. 
Is still in the cement business. No 
new information about George, of 
whom we have heard little in recent 
yea rs. 

Our condolences are extended to 
'Tom' Craven whose mother died in 

'Charley' Smith never looks as though 
he needs a winter vacation yet takes 
one each year. Just back from a 
stay in New Orleans. Says he fre- 
quently sees 'Pete' MeKenna. 
Clarence Horrigan has put himself at 
the service of the Massachusetts 
Civilian Defense Corps .and is in- 
structing several groups in the han- 
dling of firearms. 

Paul Water's boy, Paul Water, Jr., 
is a student at the Heights. 


631 Fellsway, Medford 
Ca-' Father Joseph Benard is sta- 
tioned at St. Hugh's Church, Rox- 

Francis Frazier is serving his second 
term on the Newton School Com- 

Dr. John Creed is a practising sur- 
geon in Haverhill. 
Lt. Philip D. Shea is with the 8th 


Service Command, Signal Branch, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Gerard Newman continues as sales- 
man for the John Nagle Company 
at the Fish Pier. 

Anyone heard from Tom Sheeran 

Charlie Riley is still haberdashering. 
Up in Lowell we find George Hag- 
gerty an attorney in the Assessors' 
Department, and also Track Coach 
for Lowell High. 

Dick Walsh is manager — U. S. Em- 
ployment Service of the Manpower 
Commission in Haverhill. 
Jack McCarthy is Divisional Mer- 
chandise Manager at Filene's. 
John Roman is Assistant Supervisor 
of Benefits in the Division of Em- 
ployment Security. 

Father Harry O'Connor has been ap- 
pointed pastor of St. Augustine's 
Church, South Boston. 
Paul Lynch visited Boston recently. 
He is in the Army, at 0. C. S., Miami 

Don't forget — we are twenty-five 
years out this June. Let's' have one 
grand reunion on Alumni Day, June 7. 
(Ed. Note — The condolences of the 
Class are extended to John O'Lough- 
lin, whose mother passed away this 


1 1 Beacon Street, Boston. 
i~i Basil Kelley has added his to the 
other lace curtains of West Roxbury. 
Basil is submaster of the Patrick T. 
Campbell District Sschool and for two 
years has been master of the Michel- 
angelo Evening School. Basil still dis- 
plays the same quiet generous loyalty 
that marked his college years. 
Referring again to West Roxbury, 
we meet Henry Gillen once in a 
while. Henry is still the pride of the 
editorial staff of the Boston Post. 
We learned with considerable satis- 
faction that Gus Whalen is doing a 
great job as Head Master of Revere 
High School, and that Superintendent 
John Cronan is ably guiding the 
Taunton School System. 
While Fred Shea was crossing a Bos- 
ton street a few weeks ago, he was 
struck by an automobile. Result — a 
broken leg for Fred, and a wrecked 
auto. Our condolences to the driver. 
Dannie Shea, one of our Navy men 
in World War I, is doing his bit in 
this conflict by instructing in physics 
at the Boston Latin School. 
Among our successful physicians we 

find Frank Dufault of Athol and Vic 
Rochette of Lexington — both busily 
engaged in a very successful practice. 
Not long ago we met Father Ed Doug- 
las, S.J., now a learned and dignified 
member of the faculty at the 
"Heights". But he can"t fool us. 
We remember him as President of 
the Athletic Association and as a 
Varsity half-back and dash man. He 
moved faster in the long ago. 



30 Garden Street, West Roxbury 

(g£ Lt. Walter Kiley of the U. S. 

Navy has been seeing a lot of ser- 

Father Ed McDonough is a captain 
in the Army, stationed in Providence. 
Bill Dempsey's boy entered the Army 
April 12. He has been assigned to 
Camp Robinson, Arkansas. He was 
a Freshman at the College. 
PFC Gerard B. Cleary was a recent 
visitor. Home on furlough from 
Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Gerry kept 
the Class officers regaled with his 
adventures. Watch for his post war 
book entitled, "Life Begins at 45 in 
the Rear Rank." 

Art Robertie has been commissioned 
and is now in the Army. 
Tom Scanlan is chairman of the 
Graduate Board of Athletics. 
The class extends its sincerest sym- 
pathy to Elias Shamon who recently 
lost his dad. 

Dapper Jerry O'Neil, looking as young 
as when he was the manager of Bill 
Bond's baseball team, has been dis- 
charged from the Army. The Army's 
reason for releasing Jerry was that 
he was over 38. You'd never be- 
lieve it. 

There's a new daughter at the Braw- 
ley home. Mary Cleo arrived Tues- 
day, May 4. Father and daughter 
are doing well. Dr. Paul N. A. 
Rooney presided at the debut. 


9 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury 
^| Michael Brennan has entered the 
Service and is stationed at a camp 
in Mississippi. 

Tom O'Connor's son, the Class Baby, 
ceived his degree 1 from Boston Col- 
lege in February and has enlisted in 
the Army Reserves. 
Jimmy Cox has left the Military 
Service and is now home. 


Father John F. Donovan is now senior 
curate at Our Lady of the Angels, 
Brooklyn, New York. 
Father Cletus (James) Mulloy has 

been assigned to the Passionist Mon- 
astery at Brighton. On Good Friday 
he preached the Three Hours' Service 
at Fall River Cathedral. 
Lt. Henry Mclnerney has been trans- 
ferred to New York. 
The sympathy of the Class is ex- 
tended to Dr. Vincent J. Kelley on 
the loss of his father; to Frank Mor- 
rissey on the death of his mother; 
and to Ed Hannon on the death of 
his mother. 

Father Dave McDonald has been pro- 
moted to the rank of lieutenant 
commander. He is stationed on an 
island in the South Pacific. 
The class extends its condolences to 
Frank Tomasello whose mother passed 
away recently. 


15 Kirk Street, West Roxbury 
jpEt Matthew Heaphy has joined a 
branch of the Signal Corps. 
Fronk Daly is now on active service 
in Panama. 

John White, auditor for the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, re- 
cently found the books of Thomas 
Garrity, Town Clerk of Concord, in 
excellent condition. 
Frank Turnbull is in Iceland on a 
construction project. Frank is one of 
our most successful engineers. 
Seen at the Milton Club breakfast 
were Dr. Dan McSweeney, Lawrence 
Curtin, Paul Duffiey and Charles 

The first volume of "Athletes at 
Boston College", being written by 
your correspondent, is nearing the 
printing stage. Volume I (about 
1000 pages) is devoted to Football 
and Hockey. If you have any cuts 
or pictures, send them in at once. 
We want 50 pages of pictures. 


26 Ellison Avenue, Dorchester 
fj/JJJJ F°r the twenty-first successive 
year, the Mass and Communion 
Breakfast of the Class was held on 
Laetare Sunday, April 4. In a previ- 
ous issue of the Alumni News it had 
been cancelled, but a few spirited 
members of the Class, under the 
leadership of Joe Crane, refused to 
let the tradition die, and twelve of 

the faithful presented themselves 
after a campaign of telephone calls 
and belated postal cards. So that, 
from now on, this affair will be an 
annual gathering even if only a few 

After Mass at the Heights, the group 
retired to the University Club where 
breakfast was served. Those sitting 
around the table were Matt Butler, 
Tony Comerford, Ben Daly, Ed Dul- 
lea, Harry Mullowney, Walter Dim- 
mock, Dr. Larry McCarthy, Joe Crane, 
Joe Comber, Cece McGoldrick, Tom 
Eccles, and Frank Ford. 
Al Bedard, our ever-loyal New York 
member, chided us slightly for our 
late notices about Laetare Sunday, 
hut took the sting away by adding 
that he could not have attended, 

Many members of the Class will be 
pleased to hear that Myles McSwee- 
ney, assistant city editor of the 
Boston Daily Record, has returned 
to his desk after an illness of over 
three months. Myles is the father of 
six talented youngsters. 
We offer our deep condolences to 
Cecil McGoldrick in the death of his 
father which occurred since our last 
appearance here. Cecil, himself, has 
entered the retail meat business in 
charge of that division of a popular 
market on Massachusetts Avenue, 
Arlington, Massachusetts. 
Don't forget Alumni Day, Monday, 
June 7. We should be there in a 
large body as tables will be reserved 
for us. As the twenty-year Class, 
we should hold some of the limelight, 
and our contribution to Father Rec- 
tor and Boston College should be a 
worthy one. You have heard from 
us about this from another source. 
Do whatever you can. You are the 

FLASH ! Lieutenant James G. Rear- 
don of the Navy is now assigned to 
1 50 Causeway Street, Boston. He is 
living in Auburndale. 


45 Maynard Street, Arlington 
^V Bill O'Connor has gone to Wash- 
ington, working at the Hotel Statler 
in the service department. 
Bill Kelleher became the father of a 
baby girl. 

The condolences of the class are ex- 
tended to Father Edward Sullivan, 
whose mother died this winter. 

Jim Delaney has been stationed on 
Guadalcanal. He is still in the South 
Pacific area. 

Lt. Connie Murphy is an instructor 
for the Navy in Ohio. 
Walter Conway has been on active 
duty in Iceland. He is now stationed 
in Florida. 

Joe Tribble in Hartford has been 
trying to establish a yearly retreat 
for B. C. men in Connecticut at the 
new Jesuit school at Fairfield. 
Jim Locke was commissioned a lieu- 
tenant at Miami Beach in March. 
He is now studying at Gunter Field, 



40 Tennyson Street, West Roxbury 
J^ Ray Scott is the father of a baby 
boy born April 16; one girl and one 
boy, now. Ray still at Rindge Tech. 
Al Leonard, of "Nantucket-Nan- 
tasket" year-book fame, has been 
given a leave of absence for the 
duration and is now a 1st Lt. in the 
Army Air Force, in training at Miami. 
Left a month ago. 

Remember Father Joe Browne, who 
was formerly principal of a High 
School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania? 
He's now an Army Chaplain in Texas. 
I hear that Capt. Stanley Howard 
has been transferred from Burlington, 
Vermont, to Texas. 
Lt. Eddie Killian, formerly of the 
Lexington, hasn't been heard from 
late, but Mrs. Killion has been stay- 
ing with her mother at Jefferson, 

Those of the crowd whom I've seen 
have nothing but the highest praise 
for John Dooley's excellent piece of 
auditing on the Class insurance since 
1926. Do you "skeptics, critics and 
Doubting Thomases" still want proof 
that our plan is workable-, and that 
the purpose is worthwhile? Remem- 
ber, if you disagree with his figures 
in any way, contact Johnnie at 43 
Roslin Street, Dorchester — Col. 9801. 
Only 8 years are left to go, the easi- 
est ones we hope, to achieve a $12,- 
500 gift for the College. What we 
want and need is your current pay- 
ment, your 1943 payment,, in Jim 
Hickey's hands now. He's at 9 
Herbertson Road, Jamaica Plain. 
Bob O'Doherty is now Major O'Doh- 
erty, Chief Surgeon at Pine Camp, 
Rome, New York. 
Our wartime dinner at the Kenmore 



last February was pleasant, and one 
of the nice parts of it was seeing Lt. 
Harry McCarthy, U. S. N. R. Did he 
look smart! 

Dr. Eddie Eagan is now Major Eagan, 
but I don't know his station; of 
course he's with a medical outfit. 
They tell me that Capt. Bob Shaugh- 
nessy, U. S. A., also looks smart in 
that uniform. 

Lt. Commander Tom Herlihy is now 
at Norfolk, Virginia. 
Sergeant Charlie O'Malley is in In- 

Walter Morris is a lieutenant in the 

Here is something for the mathe- 
maticians, John Dooley became the 
father of a fifth child, a boy, on 
May 4. His third child has the same 
birthday. But in addition his sec- 
ond and fourth children also have the 
same birthday! 

Ed McKinney is a lieutenant in the 
Air Force. In March he was sta- 
tioned at the National Airport, Wash- 
ington, D. C. (Radiosonde School.) 
And the Cunninghams will bring up 
the rear of this report with the an- 
nouncement of the birth of their third 
son, John, on March 5., duly entered 
for the Class of 1960. We have a 
girl and three boys, now. 


51 Presentation Road, Brighton 
&% Last issue I promised butter and 
coffee to those who sent in news. 
Yes, my bluff was called. My prob- 
lem now is, how to make good? If 
I mail an 1 8-point coupon to the 
party, I am opening myself "to a 
$10,000 fine (optimists) or impris- 
onment, or both." If I ship the but- 
ter, I risk its spoiling en route. 
Proud South Boston friends, neighbors 
and well wishers sent Fr. Jim Dun- 
ford a solid gold benediction set last 
March 17. He is still doing an out- 
standing job in the Solomons as 

Henry Farley, John Lynch and Eddie 
Scollins are still teaching in the 
Boston public schools. 
Fr. Frank Moran, S.T.L., of St. Ce- 
cilia's Church, was the preacher at 
the "Tre Ore" exercises at St. Clem- 
ent's Church in the Back Bay on 
Good Friday. 

John Eaton is a Petty Officer in the 
Navy. After receiving his basic 
training at Newport he was assigned 
to London, England. Recently he was 

transferred to the Naval Operating 
Base in Londonderry, Northern Ire- 
land. Next July 1 2 John will have 
to make an important decision. I 
hope there will be no trouble. 
The prayers and sympathy of the 
Class of '27 go to the family of John 
J. Doherty who died early in March. 
John was a teacher of French at the 
Memorial High School in Boston. 
The condolences of the Class are ex- 
tended to Denny McNamara, who 
lost his mother. 

Lt. Charles Hayden is at Freeman 
Field, Seymour, Indiana. 


278 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester 
Jijr Fifteen years graduated this June. 
Alumni Day will be held on Monday, 
June 7. Plan to be there on your 
Fifteenth Anniversary. 
Don't you think it appropriate to 
give a Class gift at this time? A 
notice will be sent to you about it. In 
spite of the various drives and taxes 
this request should be nearest to vour 
heart. Please send a money order 
or a check to Pete Carey, 927 Adams 
Street, Dorchester, Mass. 
Vic Newton is a Field Director for 
the Red Cross, stationed at Spring- 

John O'Loughiin has been commis- 
sioned a Second Lieutenant in the 
Army Air Corps. He is an instructor 
at Miami Beach. 

John Halligan of Winthrop was com- 
missioned a Second Lieutenant in 
the Air Corps and is now located 
down South. 

Lt. Bill Dacey is with the Navy up in 
the Aleutian Islands. 
Lt. Bill Cashman, our illustrious 
treasurer, is now located at Mont- 
gomery, Alabama, with the Air 
Corps. I think he is in charge of 
the financial division — either that, 
or heckling someone. 


JJJJ Wanted: One correspondent to 

gather gossip for this column. 

Jim Langan, formerly a yeoman, has 

been promoted to lieutenant (j.g.). 

Father John J- Dwyer, O.P., died in 

Pleasantville, N. Y., March 5. 

Don Griffin still may be seen about 

the town of Ayer. 

Paddy Creeden is stationed at Farra- 

gut, Idaho, with the Navy. Before 

this, his unit and himself had seen 

action fighting a Jap submarine pack. 
Ed Flynn is at Casablanca with the 

Father Jim McGoohan, now a lieu- 
tenant in the Army, is stationed in 

Dr. Charlie Rooney is stationed at 
Fort Jackson, South Carolina. 
Dr. Frank Higgins now has three 
children. The latest, Mary Jane, 
was born February 6. 
Garrett Sullivan and Tom Cavanaugh 
are both in England, serving as eye 
surgeons in the Army 
Major Bob Goldson is serving with 
the Army in Africa. 
John Dwyer travels all over New 
England for the Buffalo Insurance 
Company. Living in Brockton, he 
has an office in Boston at 89 Broad 


135 Medford Street, Arlington 
e^S Dr. Joe Bradley has been in the 
thick of things in North Africa since 
the invasion. Presently, he is in 
charge of a field hospital while mak- 
ing his home in a mosque. The ad- 
dress: Capt. Joseph J. Bradley, M.C., 
Co. A; 1st Med. Bat.; A. P. O. No. I; 
c-o Postmaster, New York City. 
Pete Herman, former grid and dia- 
mond star, is now a member of the 
Army Air Corps and stationed at 
Amarillo, Field, Field, Texas. 
Joseph J. Schuler is the Director of 
the USO Club at 5 1 6 East 2nd Street, 
Odessa, Texas. 

Members of the Class will be de- 
lighted to learn that Father John J. 
Donahue has recovered from his long 
illness and is now stationed at St. 
William's Church, Fall River. 
John J. Murphy, formerly director of 
the Social Protection Division of the 
Social Security Agency in New Eng- 
land, has resigned to accept a com- 
mission in the Navy as Lieutenant. 
John was succeeded in the SSA post 
by Joe Kelleher. 

Barrister John Barrett is employed by 
the Department of Justice, but plans 
to don the colors of Uncle Sam's 
Army in the near future. 
Father Joe McGrady, S.J., who com- 
pletes his tertianship at Pomfret, 
Conn., in June, was assisting the 
Chaplain at the Boston City Hospital 
during the winter. 




Lt. Ewold Dawson is on active duty 

with the Navy and is stationed at 

Newport, Rhode Island. 

Capt. Herb O'Connor was home on a 

furlough in January after a year's 

service overseas. 

Dr. John Rattigan has been connected 

with the faculty of B. U. Medical 

School at the City Hospital for the 

past several months and will soon 

answer the call to the colors. 


28 Dickenson Road, Brighton 
George Nicholson has been promoted 
from Captain to Major in the Army 
Air Forces and is now stationed at 
Smyrna Field in Nashville, Tennessee. 
He will be in command of supplies 
for Smyrna Field. 

Dr. Ed Burns has been given a medi- 
cal discharge from active duty in the 
Army Medical Corps with the rank 
of Captain- He will resume the gen- 
eral practice of medicine. He was 
retired from active duty as a result 
of sickness and injuries suffered while 
on duty. 

John Conroy is a Private in the Army. 
Recently home on a furlough from 
North Carolina was Jim Donahue. 
Lt. Richard S. Nugent, M.C., is sta- 
tioned at Walnut Park Plaza, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. He is taking a special 
laboratory course at the U. of P. 
Frank Currin is an Ensign in the 
Navy with the Atlantic Fleet. 
Ensign Henry Buckley, who was re- 
cently married to the former Miss 
Mildred McCarthy, is stationed at 
Pascagula, Mississippi. 
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. 
William Bennett in February. 


80 Payson Road, Brookline, Mass. 
£~i Your correspondent is pinch-hit- 
ting for Lt. (j.g.) Jim Connolly, who 
is now stationed at Quonset, Rhode 
Island, with the Naval Air Force. 
Send all items of news regarding 
Class members to me at the above 

Charlie Quinn and Bob Granfield are 
taking bows on the recent arrival of 
baby girls in their respective house- 
holds. No. 1 for Bob, No. 2 for 


It's now Ensign Jim Foley, U. S. N., 

on duty at a station in Virginia. He 
might make a note to call of John 
Patterson, from whom your corre- 
spondent has received a wedding 
announcement. The address is 1200 
No. Rolfe, Arlington, Virginia. 
Ed McCrensky is now in charge of 
Civil Service secretarial employment, 
with offices in the P. O. Building. 
Our sincere sympathy is extended to 
our other ace flyer, Lt. Johnny Lynch, 
on the recent death of his mother. 
Lt. Denny Ryan recently announced 
his engagement to Caroline Kenney of 

Frank Earley is in the Coast Guard 
doing recruiting work. Had word 
that Jim Crowley is in the Navy and 
Bob Jordan is in the Army; neither 
one of them gave me any further 
particulars. It looks like open sea- 
son on our athletes. 
Frank Maguire has been commis- 
sioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Army. 
Lt. Gene McDonald has seen some 
very considerable service in the Navy 
since Pearl Harbor. 
Among the Class Doctors who are 
in active service are Lt. Owen Mul- 
laney. Army; Capt. Frank Walsh, 
Army; Lt. Ed Manning, Navy; Lt. 
Sal Messina, Army; Lt. Chris Con- 
way, Navy; Lt. Tom McCarthy, Navy; 
Capt. Dave Casey,Army; Capt. Dick 
Reynolds, Army; Lt. Larry Bouchard, 
Army; Lt. Jim Flanagan, Army, and 
Lt. John Sullivan, Army. 
Larry McDonnell is Staff Sergeant 
with Postal Unit at Camp Forest, 

It's wedding bells for Frank Connor 
and Theresa Kelley of Brighton some 
time in June. 

Charlie Duffy is in the insurance 
business in Staten Island, New York; 
he is married and the proud father 
of two boys. 

Ralph Ward is an ensign at Pre- 
Flight Instructors' School, Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina. 
Tom Ramsey is a trial attorney for 
the National Labor Relations Board; 
after seeing a good part of the coun- 
try in his official capacity, he is now 
located in the Board's Boston office. 


866 East Fifth St., South Boston 
J^J! Leo Norton is on leave of ab- 
sence from his position as medical 

social worker at the Boston City Hos- 
pital and is now an Ensign at Fort 
Schuyler, New York. 
Fr. John Saunders was transferred 
recently from St. Thomas's Church, 
Wilmington, to St. Bernard's, West 

Fr. Ed Trayers, O.M.I., is now sta- 
tioned at Norfolk, Virginia. 
The Bob Callahans announce the birth 
of their second child, William Robert. 
Bob is employed as a social worker 
with the Brockton Bureau of Old Age 

Latest to enlist from the Class, Jim 
Sullivan of South Boston, now at 
Camp Devens. Jim was a Federal 
Bank Examiner assigned to the 
Northern New England District, prior 
to induction. 

Walter Kelley has been commissioned 
a Lieutenant in the Field Artillery 
and is stationed at Fort Bragg, North 

Lt. (j.g.) Tom Blake has been as- 
signed to Athens, Georgia, where he 
is an instructor in the physical train- 
ing program for aviation cadets. 
Dr. John Barry, at the age of 29, is 
a lieutenant colonel in the Army. 
When last heard from he was sta- 
tioned on Guadalcanal. 
Captain Arthur McLaughlin is with 
the Department of Internal Security 
at Omaha, Nebraska. He has been 
there for more than a year. 


42 Whitten Strett, Dorchester, Mass. 
W| Father Bob Adams was recently 
transferred to St. Mark's Parish in 
Dorchester to take the plaee of an- 
other B- C. Alumnus and loyal 
"rooter", Father George Casey, now 
a Lieutenant in the U. S. Army, 
Camp Flora, Mississippi. 
Edward R. Callahan is now associated 
with the Department of Justice, Anti- 
Trust Division, in the Boston office. 
Bob and Joe Curran, the inseparable 
brothers of the Class of '35, are now 
separated, but only in the service of 
their country. Bob is now a lieuten- 
ant in the United States Marine 
Corps, while Joe is wearing a stripe 
and a half as a lieutenant (j.g.) in 
Naval Communications. 
Francis J. Good recently resigned 
from the Federal Bureau of Investi- 
gation to enter the Army. 
Steve Joyce is now an Ensign in the 


Navy and stationed "somewhere" in 
the South Pacific. 

John A. McCarthy is now associated 
with the American Red Cross and has 
been working in the Rhode Island 

Eddie J. O'Brien recently became a 
lieutenant (j.g-) in the Navy. 
John Pestier is "overseas" with the 
Army but still finds time to keep his 
hand in trim drawing pictures. John 
sent home a very novel Easter Greet- 
ing which was reproduced in one of 
the Boston newspapers. 
Bob Mead was recently commissioned 
a lieutenant in the Army. He was 
married Easter Monday and left for 
Camp Robinson, Arkansas. 
John Vaughan was commissioned a 
second lieutenant at Fort Washing- 
ton, Maryland, April 6. 
Lt. Bill Grace has returned home 
from Chungking, China, where he 
had been stationed with the Navy 
for two years. He was on the 
gunboat Tuitila on the Yangtze 
River in China previously. 
Gene Donaldson is stationed at Bal- 
boa, California, after being com- 
missioned a lieutenant at Miami 


10 Coolidge Avenue, Natick 
"KJpSS' Ensign Paul Flaherty was mar- 
ried on February 20 to Miss Rita 
Gleavy of Dorchester at a nuptial 
Mass in St- Peter's Church, Dorches- 
ter. Paul Power has been promoted 
to Lieutenant (j.g.) in the U.S.N.R. 
Paul is married to former Ruth E. 
Kelly of Dorchester and they have 
one child. He is at present stationed 
in Kansas City, Kansas. According 
to newspaper accounts, Ensign George 
Mahoney has been in the Middle 
East battle area, where he met Phil 

Tom Walsh, Ensign in the Coast 
Guard, is at the St. Augustine, Fla., 
Training Station. Ensign Al Rosen, 
formerly stationed in Seattle, is now 
at sea with the fleet. Fr. Bob Sulli- 
van of Weymouth is one of the Cath- 
olic missionaries interned by the Jap- 
anese in the Philippines. 
Had a letter from Brent Gordon, who 
is still on the Coast- He'd like to 
hear from Fred Roche, Ensign Frank 
Mahoney, Pat Avery, Jake Driscoll, 
and any others who would care to 
write. Brent passed on the news of 
Ed Furbush's marriage to a Los 
Angeles girl. Also said Jim Gibbons 


is married and has a baby and is 
now stationed in Chicago. 
Jim Keenan is now Father Donald, 
C.P. He was ordained February 27th 
at St. Michael's Monastery, Union 
City, New Jersey. Al Does, now Fr. 
Jerome, C.P., was ordained at the 
same time and both fellows are sta- 
tioned there at present. Ran into 
Tom Navien, who was ordained last 
summer. Tom is looking fine and is 
located in Plymouth. 
Ed Hart is now the father of a boy. 
Ed is working in Hingham. John 
Black is now a married man and is 
still in the wool industry. Warren 
McMillan, with the Department of 
Agriculture, is now father of a baby 
boy, born last fall. Father Jim Man- 
ning has been transferred from Hop- 
kinton to St- Matthew's in Dorchester. 
Chris lannella is in the Legal Divi- 
sion of the OPA. 

Joe Killion has been in Ireland and 
England, and is now with the Army 
in Africa. His brother, Tom, is a 
lieutenant stationed at Fort Mon- 
mouth, New Jersey. 
Frank Hilbrunner was married De- 
cember 6 to Miss Dorothy H. Sullivan 
of West Roxbury. Father Lawrence 
Riley performed the ceremony. 
Lt. (j.g.) Henry Ohrenberger, is at 
the Lahey Clinic. 



8 Framar Lane, Wellesley Hills 

We had lost track of Tilly Ferdenzi 

— but now he bobs up as a 2nd Lt. 
in the Marines. He joined up as a 
private in March, 1942. 
Lt. Dan Sullivan is our best and most 
distant correspondent. We have had 
reports from Camp Edwards, Fort 
Benning, New Caledonia, and now 
Guadalcanal. Writing on January 
29, Dan said that he had just re- 
ceived the September Issue of the 
Alumni News. He wrote his letter 
at dawn on a hillside with a P-38 
tackling a Zero overhead — the Zero 
wound up deep in the South Pacific. 
Dan had been on Guadalcanal since 
November and had been in the front 
lines throughout January. It's aw- 
fully nice to hear from you, Dan. 
Frank Durst's father writes that 
Frank is now serving with the Army 
Air Corps at Miami Beach. Another 
recent recruit is Joe Walsh. I bumped 
into Joe in the South Station about 
six weeks ago. He expected to be in 

the Army within a few days. 
Danny Pratola married Elaine Hebert 
of Milwaukee in Chicago on January 
2. He is at the Great Lakes Train- 
ing Station. Best wishes, Danny! 
Congratulations are in order for the 
Tom Saints and Jim Mclnernys. En- 
sign Tom became the father of 
Thomas Anthony, Jr., on March 11. 
Lt. Jim now has a baby daughter, 
born on April 20. 

Lt. Tom White is engaged to Miss 
Georgia Newman of Dedham. Tom 
is with the Marines at Quantico. 
Ensign Jim Dineen is engaged to Miss 
Margaret Quinn of Jamaica Plain. 


1 7 Argyle Street, Dorchester 
flJJ The Class expresses its sorrow at 
the death of Sgt. John Coughlin of 
Dorchester, who died in the North 
African Campaign. We shall all pray 
for his spiritual welfare, and offer our 
condolences to his family. 
Dick Canavan is stationed at Fort 
Bragg, North Carolina, after being 
commissioned on Army Lieutenant on 
March 25- Dick was married to 
Mary McGrath, sister of Jim O'Hare's 
wife, Helen. This makes our Class- 
mates brothers-in-law, or something. 
Dan Barry, when last heard from, 
was completing initial training for 
the U. S. M. C. at Parris Island, and 
heading for Officers' Training at 

George Clinton is at Jefferson Bar- 
racks, Missouri, Army Air Force Re- 
placement Center, awaiting shipment 
to O. C. S. Military Police. 
Dave Hutchinson, after completing 
his studies at St. Mary's Seminary, 
Baltimore, was ordained April 10 at 
St. Joseph's Cathedral, Manchester, 
New Hampshire, and celebrated his 
first Mass at St. Gabriel's Monastery, 
Brighton, April 1 1 . 
Capt. John O'Neil of the U- S. M. C. 
has seen plenty of action in the Sol- 
omons. Received a most interesting 
letter from him. He mentioned how 
much it meant to get the Alumni 
News (with news of school and 
classmates) in such distant islands- 
Lt. Joe Boyle is on duty with a 
bomber squadron in North Africa. 
Joe was married last December to 
Pauline Aubry of Sacramento, Cali- 

Al Keleher, an engineer with the 
Western Electric Company in Clifton, 
New Jersey, is the proud father of a 


seven-months-old (March) son. 
Sgt. William Duone, U. S. M. C, is 
now at Officers' Training School in 

Vin Shamirian is carrying on at the 
Postal Center, Boston. 
Frank Corbctt is with the Boston 
branch of the OPA. Frank also has 
one child. 

Frank Fallon is a very capable editor 
of the Dedham Citizen. 
Gerry Jones has been promoted to 
Chief Instructor in the Shipfitting 
Department at the Hingham Ship- 

Martin Carey is with the F. B. I. in 
New York. 

Joe Hartigan is also with the F. B. I., 
and my grapevine reports he has 
married Mary Donovan. 
Tom O'Connor and Gene Soles are 
2nd Lieutenants in the Army. 
Tom True is engaged in the printing 
business, and the proud father of one 
child. Tom is married to Ruth Dunn. 


40 Hampstead Road, Jamaica Plain 
&% The writer of this column is very 
grateful. to those who have sent him 
news of the boys in the Service. 
Ensign Dan Horton is at Cornell. 
On July 4th he married Miss Eva 
M. McLeod of Gloucester. 
Staff Sgt. Earl Foley of the Engineers 
is training recruits at Camp Hoff- 
man, North Carolina. 
We received a letter from Lt. (jg.) 
Frank Cahill. Frank reports seeing 
Ensign John Cronin in Norfolk last 
summer. Ensign Fred Molloy is at 
Ohio State. Lt. Paul Flynn of the 
Army Air Corps sent us an announce- 
ment of his graduation from the 
Columbus Army Flying School in 

Lt. George Devlin of the Army Avi- 
ation Engineers is engaged to marry 
Miss Patricia S. Burns of Cambridge, 
a senior at Regis. George graduated 
from Harvard Law School and was 
admitted to the bar last October. 
Lt. Paul Keane, U. S. A., of Harris- 
burg, Pa., is engaged to marry Miss 
Barbara Grey of Westford. Miss 
Gray is a graduate of Emmanuel. 
Stationed in India is Corp. Joe Regan. 
Studying at O. C. S. in Fort Wash- 
ington, Maryland, is Dave Hurley. 
John McGrath is in his fourth year 
at Weston. 

Capt. Joe Quilty, U S- M. C, is 

somewhere in the Pacific area. 
Fred McDermott, who attended Am- 
herst and secured a traveling scholar- 
ship from the Kellogg Health Foun- 
dation, is working in Lansing for the 
State of Michigan. 

G-man George Fallon is married to 
the former Miss Patricia de Varennes 
of Quincy. They have one daughter, 
Patricia Anne. 

Lt. Fred Donovan, U. S. M. C, is at 

Dr. Fred McCready, who received his 
M.D. at Tufts, is at the Worcester 
City Hospital. 

Lt. John Roddy, U. S. A., was in the 
first expeditionary force that went to 
Australi'a. He is now somewhere in 
the South Pacific area. 
Francis X. Murphy is working in 
New York as a research chemist. He 
is married to the former Miss Mar- 
garet McNally, sister of Rand Mc- 

Jim Murphy is with the Army Air 
Corps in Wisconsin. He is an in- 
structor in radio code. 
John J. Murphy, whose wife was for- 
merly Miss Christine Karshas of Nor- 
wood, is working for Pratt & Whitney 
at Tampa, Florida. 
Corp. Frank McDermott of the M. P. 
is at Camp Wadsworth, Staten Island, 
New York. 

Doctors Al Branca, John Hunter and 
Leo Smith are in the Army. 
Ensign Bill Meehan is in the Pacific 

Frank Gaffey is teaching Naval avi- 
ation in Rhode Island. 
Ensign John Molloy, who graduated 
from the B. C. School of Social Work, 
is reputed to be in Oregon. 
Ensign Frank O'Malley is at Portland, 

Dr. John Monahan of the Cam- 
bridge City Hospital has been com- 
missioned in the Navy. 
Lt. John Gaquin, U. S. A., is engaged 
to Miss Marie McCabe of Roslindale, 
a graduate of Regis College. 
Sgt. Joe McCarthy of the "Yank" 
has been in New Guinea- According 
to reports he is back in the States 

Lt. Bill Patten returned to Boston re- 
cently. He has seen plenty of action 
with the Navy. 



36 Lowden Ave., Somerville 

J^J! We were pleased to know Capt. 

Tom Cross, U. S. M. C, is home and 


recuperating. Tom was wounded on 
Guadalcanal in the invasion of last 

John Mulligan informed me that he 
is now a lieutenant in the Marines. 
John received his commission at 
Quantico, Virginia, recently. 
Lt. (s.g.) Charlie Thoroton was 
married recently to the former Betty 
Glennon. Charlie has had a thrilling 
career in the Navy thus far, having 
been in command of all deck guns 
on a destroyer. 

Lt. Charlie Vaughn, Air Corps, was 
married to the former Priscilla Nev- 
ille of Summit, New Jersey, last 

Ensign Mark Norton was recently 
married. Mark is in the Naval Air 
Corps and stationed at Lakehurst, 
New Jersey. 

Ensign Bill Duffey, Naval Air Corps, 
was married to the former Mary L. 
Small at Alameida Naval Base, Cali- 
fornia. Bill was commissioned at 
Jacksonville, Florida- 
Lt. Joe Keough was married to the 
former Marie Conlon of Allston in 
the Chapel at Camp Wolters, Texas. 
Ensign Bob Ford was married to the 
former Barbara M. Brett of Waban 
in St. Philip Neri's Church, Waban. 
Lt. Dick Powers, U. S. N. R., is en- 
gaged to Mary Frances Sullivan of 

Ensign Walter Boehner is engaged to 
Marie F. De Vizia of West Roxbury. 
Lt. Leo Sullivan graduated from 
O. C. S- at Camp Barkley, Texas, and 
was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in Med- 
ical Administration, U. S. Army. 
Dick Cassidy is employed by the 
Pratt & Whitney Company at Hart- 
ford, Connecticut. 

Pat Ennis received his commission as 
2nd Lt. in the Army and is now sta- 
tioned at Camp Davis, North 

Gordon Santacross is a 2nd Lt. in 
the Quartermaster Corps and is now 
stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia. 
Bill Barrett and Jack Leary were 
commissioned 2nd Lts. at Camp Da- 
vis, North Carolina. Both are in the 
Coast Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Division. 
Ed Barrett is teaching school in 

Dick Teehan is now in the Naval 
Air Corps after having had prelimi- 
nary training at M. I. T. 
Also in the Naval Air Corps is Paul 

Jack Shea is a Boston Police Officer, 
stationed at Station 9, Dudley Street. 


Jack is the proud father of a son, 
John, Jr. 

Frank Diskin, now in the Paulist 
Order, is studying at St. Paul's Col- 
lege, Washingon, D. C. Frank asks 
to be remembered to all his Class- 

Ralph Dougherty was commissioned 
a 2nd Lt. in the Air. Corps as a Bom- 
bardier. Ralph trained at Big Spring, 

Ed Fallon was commissioned a 2nd. 
Lt. at the Infantry School at Fort 
Benning, Georgia. 

Gerry Gallagher and Hugh Hayes re- 
ceived their basic training at Ft. 
McClellan, Alabama. 
Bill Smith, who entered the Oblates 
after our sophomore year, is now 
studying at Holy Cross Seminary, 
Washington, D. C. 

Bill Carpenger is making splendid 
progress with his studies at St. John's 
Seminary. Bill's older brother is a 

Paul Duffey is the proud father of 
two children. Paul is employed at 
the Fore River Shipyards. 
Ensign Tom Duffey of the Naval 
Supply Corps is now located in Seattle, 

Paul Greeley is now an Ensign on ac- 
tive duty with the Navy. 
Ensign Jack Sullivan is in Naval 
Ordnance Work and is located in 

Joe Cronin is in the Army and lo- 
cated in Ogden, Utah. 
Ensign Ed Swanson, married to the 
former Ruth Nelson of Peabody. The 
marriage was performed last Novem- 
ber 21st at Portsmouth, New Hamp- 
shire. Since graduation, Ed was em- 
ployed at the G. E. Plant in Lynn, 
then joined the Naval Reserve, was 
commissioned at Dartmouth as a Line 

Jim Doonan is in his third year at 
Tufts Dental School. 
Bud Glennon received his commis- 
sion as an Ensign at Notre Dame 
and is now stationed at Florida. 
Ed Kennedy is employed by the Edi- 
son Company of Boston. 
John Lavery is employed by the G. E. 
at Lynn. 

J. Horry Lynch is teaching at B. C. 
Intown School. 

Vin Nasca received his commission 
as an Ensign in the Coast Guard and 
is now stationed in Boston. 
Vito Ananis has entered Tufts Dental 
School. We all wish him the best 
of luck. 

Successful in the recent Massachu- 
setts Bar Exams were Sherman Ro- 
gan, Angelo Fiumara and Billy Joy. 

Rogan is now in the Coast Guard, 

Fiumara is associated with Dr. Frank 

Leonardi, and Bill Joy is associated 

with the firm of Ropes, Gray, Best, 

Coolidge & Rugg at 50 Federal 


John O'Donnell is studying radio 

while awaiting call to active duty 

with the Army Air Corps. 

I had a reunion with Ensign Bob 

Power in Chicago in March. Bob 

was commissioned at Northwestern 

University, and is now in San Diego, 


Met Lt. Pat Rafferty on the train 

coming from Washington recently 

and had a long conversation. 

Lt- Fred Dow is a meteorologist for 

the Army Air Corps. 

Received a letter from 1st Lt. Lou 

Kidhardt. He reports that he has 

seen plenty of action, and wants to 

be remembered to all. 

Ensign Tom Gill showed them it could 

be done the hard way. Tom enlisted 

as an Apprentice Seaman and worked 

himself up through the ranks to the 

rank of Ensign. He is now on active 


Ed Hanley and Anthony Giangreso 

are completing their courses this year 

at Middlesex Medical School. 

Dave Lucey is now Coach of Baseball 

at St. Mary's' of Waltham. 


21 5 Winchester St., Newton Highlands 
In the South Pacific is Ens. Bill 
Fouhy and Lt. Paul O'Neal, U.S.M.C. 
Bill is assigned to Communications an 
Guadalcanal. Both men had fine 
weddings late in '42. 
In Africa, Capt. Johnny Mulvehill of 
the Army Air Corps is making an 
excellent record, as is also Hank 
Sheehan of the Tank Corps. 
Other Army Air Corps news tell of 
Ed Birtwell doing creditable work as 
a photographer with the 509th 
Bomber Squadron in Colorado. 
Additional engagement announce- 
ments include Dan Callahan, Bob 
McGehearty, Francis "Bo" O'Brien 
and Jack Beatty. Bob is an Ensign 
in the Coast Guard. "Bo" is in the 
Army and stationed at Fort Banks. 
His fiancee is Miss Mary Henry of 
Hull. Jack has been to indoctrina- 
tion school and is scheduled for Na- 

val Ordnance Training in Washing- 
ton, D. C, along with Tom Galligan. 
The lucky and lovely young lady is 
Miss Jacklin Coogan, a Wellesley 
College senior. 

Headlines from the Army inform us 
that Will Saulnier is at Camp Ed- 
wards a Corporal in technical serv- 
ice. Paul "Lampy" Post is also a 
technician, but at the Aberdeen 
Proving Grounds. Jerry Mahoney is 
at Fort Riley. John "Sparks" Ma- 
guire is studying Army Communica- 
tions in Chicago. 

Fred Jaquith is training for the Army 
Signal Corps at Westfield, Mass. 
He was recently mentioned in the 
engagement announcements of the 
Boston papers. Other men to don the 
khaki are Fred Gibney, Bill Glennon, 
Roy Upham, T. P. Murphy and Tom 
Monahan. The latter is stationed in 
Portand, Maine, and hopes to soon 
be sent for censorship training. 
Bill Harkins, George Kerrivan, and 
"Art" Jones made the engagement 
Bill Sharkey and Lou Montgomery are 
doing fine work in the local ship- 
yards. Frank Coady is on essential 
work with the American Tel. & Tel. 
Frank, Mrs. Coady, and Frank, Jr., 
are always happy to receive members 
of '41 at their grand home in Milton. 
Chet Gladchuck has been condition- 
ing Navy men in Boston. He's the 
No. 1 booster for the College and 
the men of '41 wherever he goes. 
Latest vital statistics list Jack "Red" 
Callahan of the F. B. I. with a young- 
ster, and "Chuckin' Charlie" withrhis 
second. Congratulations to the Cal- 
lahans and 0"Rourkes. 
Dick Daley was forced to leave his 
Army Ordnance work and retire for 
a stay at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. 
He up and around now and plans to 
be back on the job in short time- 
Joe Maguire, George Kerr, Ed Cow- 
hig and the other seminarians from 
the class are keeping up a fine cor- 
respondence with many members. If 
you wish to receive some fine letters 
from these men start the ball rolling 
by forwarding one of our own to 

Likewise in the Army Air Corps is 
Lt. Frank Hegarty who recently be- 
came engaged to a Simmons grad- 

Ens. Tom Mahon of the Coast Guard 
received best wishes in town shortly 
before leaving for duty in the Aleu- 
tians. Jack Sheehy, in the same 




branch, is stationed at Staten Island 
and handles debarkation of foreign 
merchant mariners. Jim Kiely has 
been playing with the Coast Guard 
Band in Boston. 

The doctors at Tufts and Harvard 
Medical Schools have moved ahead 
to the Junior year without an aca- 
demic casualty in their ranks. They 
are all either in the Army or Navy 
Reserves and expect to finish out 
their course in uniform. 
Paul Reardon was last heard to be 
be a statistician with the War Ship- 
ping Administration in Boston. John 
Blakeney has progressed through the 
Naval Air Corps training. John Rourke 
is preparing for the state pharma- 
cists examination. 

Lt. John Ford was married to the for- 
mer Mary Colins of Washington, D. 
C, and they are now living in New 
River, North Carolina, where John is 
stationed with the Marines. 
John Colahan recently returned to 
New York from Panama in order to 
attend a special course relative to 
his degaussing work for the Naval 
Ordnance in the Canal Zone. 
Bill Brewin is an ensign and sta- 
tioned in Pleasanton, California. 

Today's mail brought a card from 
Ensign John Mulroy in Jacksonville, 
Florida, where he is specializing in 
aviation supply before boarding a 
carrier. Johnny graduated from Har- 
vard Business and then a 20-week 
course at the Harvard Naval Supply 

Bill Everett, Martin Carew and Dave 
Merrick are seasoned Army men. 
Martin writes from Alaska and he is 
moving right up through the ranks. 
Dave is down South and he was re- 
cently married to the former Win 
Cunningham of Boston. 
Bob Cahill and Herb Arnold are in 
Naval Training. 

Leonard Frisoli is an F. B. 1. man. 
Tom Coveney's address is in care of 
the Queen of Apostles Seminary in 
Silver Springs, Maryland. 


20 Silloway Street, Dorchester 
£^5 Lt. Dave Birtwell completed his 
training at Pensacola in the Naval 
Air Corps and having finished near 
the top of the class was awarded his 
wings and commission in the Marine 
Air Corps. A party for him before 
his return as an instructor brought 


together Fran Doherty of Waltham 

Watch Co., Dick Callahan of Lever 

Bros, and Dick Keating of Jordan 

Marsh Co. 

Joe Kelley is reported to be at Yale 

in the Army Air Corps. 

Joe Dover, when last heard from was 

in the Signal Corps and stationed at 

Westover Field. 

A fine letter from Lt. Bob Noonan 
of the Marines tells that he met 
Charlie Sullivan out on the West 
Coast and together they had a fine 
time. Bob is stationed out there with 
many of the '42 Marines. 
Other men awarded their Marine 
commissions are: Jim Cahalane, Mike 
Dee, Frank Driscoll, Charlie Ahem, 
Ed Keyes and Bob Attridge. 
Bill Bugden, U. S- Navy, is stationed 
at Hingham. 

Classmates studying at Tufts Medical 
include: Frank D'Ambrosis, Tom 
Hinchey, Frank Colpoys, Larry Houle, 
Bob Lamarch, Harry Nash, Morris 
Bordenca, Frank Mack, Jimmy 
O'Brien, Frank Rogan, Dave Cavan, 
John McGowan, Dick Stiles and An- 
thony Graffeo. 

Frank Nicholson and Bob Drinan are 
both at Shadowbrook studying. 
Pvt. Paul Connors was married March 
7 to Helen Stanton. 
Capt. Jim Malone, U. S. M. C, is 
now in Australia. 

Lt. John Ballantine is at Camp For- 
est, Tenn., with the Field Artillery. 
Ensign Bill Kane was very happy the 
other night in the Vendome and he 
introduced us to a charming Miss 
Pauline Libby. They were married 
May 1 . 

Jim Boudreau graduated from his 
training school in New Mexico. He 
finished fifth in his class and is now a 
Lt. with his cherished wings. 
Sgt. Bob Molloy, Air Corps, is sta- 
tioned at Lowry Field. He is now an 
instructor there. 

Ted Mulvehill is in the Army Air 
Corps at Maxwell Field. 
Arthur Lacouture is following his 
chosen profession as a Chemist in 

"Des" Cronin, our only faithful cor- 
respondent, is about through his O. 
S. C. training at Fort Sill. 
Pvt. John Pieroni, varsity manager, 
was married last December to Cath- 
erine Mahoney. John is stationed 
at Fort Knox in the Medical De- 

Tom O'Leary is now a First Class 
Petty Officer and is overseas. 
Bill Maguire is reported to be in 
Hartford at Pratt Whitney. 
Walter Fitzgerald, a Naval Air Corps 
Cadet, is engaged to Miss Josephine 
Andrew of Arlington. Walter should 
receive his wings in May- 
Second Lt. Hubert Kelley received his 
commission in Chemical Warfare at 
Edgewood Arsenal, Md. 
Lt. Carmen Muto, a hero at Hen- 
derson Field, is engaged to Miss Pa- 
tricia Gibson of Brisbane, Australia. 
Ray Chaisson is engaged to Miss 
Margaret Goodrich. 
Ensign Martin Hansberry, now on 
active duty, is engaged to Miss Doro- 
thy Gannon. 



44 Boutwell Street, Dorchester 

£■■1 Bob Halligan, "the fellow out of 
F. Scott Fitzgerald," as at the mid- 
shipman school at Northwestern Uni- 

Leo Schwarz is in Field Artillery at 
Fort Bragg, N. C- He is to be mar- 
ried after finishing his basic train- 
ing to Miss Evelyn Isgur of Dorches- 

Dick Buck, William Joyce, Dan Mo- 
ran, Fred Burke, Philip McGinty, Bill 
McDevitt and Robert McNeill have 
entered St. John's Seminary. 
John F. (Jake) Condon, whose en- 
gagement was recently announced to 
Miss Marguerite S. Savaria of Chico- 
pee, is also at the Midshipman's 
School at Northwestern. 
Ed Myers is still announcing at WBZ. 
He was offered an important role in 
a Broadway production but he had 
to refuse as he leaves for the army 

Jim Sweeney and George Criss, the 
inseparables, are still together. They 
are stationed at Fort Eustis, Va. 
George is engaged to Miss Marie Ed- 
wards of Roslindale. 
John E. Hartigan is with the Army Air 







J. Neolc MacDonald, '14 

February 11,1 943 

John J. Gallagher, '41, Cadet 

Army Air Corps 

February 23, 1943 

Edison F. Sawyer, '33, Private, U.S.A. 

February 23, 1943 

Daniel J. Sullivan, '41, Ensign, U.S.N. 

February 24, 1943 

Dr. Philip R. Dwyer, '16 

February 28, 1943 

Rev. John J. Flynn, '09 

March 3, 1943 

Rev. John J. Dwyer, O.P., '30 

March 5, 1943 

John J. Doherfy, '27 

March 7, 1943 

John F. Coughlin, '38, Sgt., U. S. A. 

March 17, 1943 

Rev. Neil A. Cronin, '06 

March 18, 1943 

Patrick L. Geary, '16 

March 21, 1943 
George B. Mahan, '04 

April 11, 1943 

William A. Troy, '05 

April 28, 1943 

William A. P. Fitzgerald, '15 

May 4, 1943 

Thomas E. McCarthy, ex-'43 

Lt., Army Air Corps 

May 4, 1943 
George A. Kelley, '22 

May 9, 1943 

Richard A. Kelly, '39 

Copt., U. S. M. C. 

May, 1943 

Force Training Class at Atlantic City. 
Among the many '43ers at the mid- 
shipman school at Northwestern are: 
John Larner, John Carasone, Bob 
Galligan, of Sub Turri fame, and 
Mike Holovak, who it seems caused 
a bit of a stir while on undergrad- 

Ernie Santasuosso — remember? — 
of the Heights, is in the Ordnance at 
Camp Livingstone, Louisiana. 

" The Perfect Gift " 


A^Miniature Reproduction of the 
Official Boston College Class Ring 


828 Park Square Building, Boston 


45 Hastings Street, West Roxbury 
Yg£ Private James D. Cronin is the 
first member of the class to serve 
overseas in the Army. According to 
information he is in Australia. 
Ensigns Jim Reilly and Bernard Too- 
mey are on their way. 
Sgt. Bob Kenney has turned down a 
chance ot O. S. C. to stay with his 

Martin McDonough is in the North 

Ensign Richard Grainger is Assistant 
Communications Officer aboard the 
!?? censored) . 

Ensign John Glennon who has seen 
Africa at the expense of Uncle Sam 
is an instructor ot the Navy School 
at Harvard. 

Ensign Bob Maher has an assign- 
ment on the Cape. 

Lts. Howard Murray and John Shea 
of the Marine Corps are piloting fly- 
ing fortresses, while Lt. Walter Col- 
bert specializes in flying torpedoes. 
Sgt- Joe McCarron, who spent 1 3 
months in Alaska, is at 0. S. C, at 
Aberdeen, Md. 

Ensign Ed McCormack has been as- 
signed to the Navy Supply Pier, Casco 
Bay, Portland, Maine. 


SJESi Any news about the class will 
be gladly published if sent to the 
Alumni office. 

y^l, Ensign Charles B. Carroll, '41, 

is engaged to Miss Frances J. Carr 
of West Roxbury. He is stationed at 
Seattle, Washington. 
Staff Sgt. William F. Chisholm, '35, 

was married on February 21 to Miss 
Marie C. Mulvihill of Belmont. He 


For Every Occasion 



301 Harvard Street 
Dorchester, Mass. 


An effort is being made to as- 
semble for binding a complete file 
of B. C. Football Programs. Listed 
below are the missing issues- If you 
have any of these, please send them to 
John M. O'Loughlin, Boston College 
Library, Chestnut Hill. 
1930-31-32 — All issues missing. 
1933-34 — Center missing both 
1935 — New Hampshire State. 
1 936 — Temple, New Hamp- 
shire State, Providence 
Western Maryland, 

Boston University, 
Holy Cross. 
1 937 — Northeastern, West- 
ern Maryland. 
1938— Temple. 
1941 — Tulane. 

is stationed at Orlando, Florida. 
Lt. Col. Theodore P. Gahan, '35, was 

recently promoted to his present rank. 

He became the father of a third 

child recently. 

Condolences are extended to Ray 

Rourke, '38, in the death of his 


Lt. Doolin, '40, is an Assistant Field 

Director for the Red Cross, stationed 

at Fort Dix, N. J. 

Bernie Pheeny, '40, is an attorney 

for the War Department in Boston. 

Leo Swierk, '39, is a lieutenant 
(j.g.) in the Navy. He was home 
recently on leave. 

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